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We have some of the most in-depth articles about being plus-size and problems faced by people of a larger size.

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We research helpful products and services for those with a plus size so you don't have to.

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Going through life with a plus size can be challenging. We help you with the best tips to improve your behavior, mindset, fitness, and lifestyle.

Be Fearless, Brave, Bold, and Love Yourself

You're a wonderful person, no matter your size, shape, or weight

Are you plus-size? Then you also have the right to love life, embrace your body, and take full advantage of every opportunity to live a happy and satisfying life.

Living plus-size doesn't have to be complicated, frustrating, or difficult!

Do you want to feel comfortable and happy in your body? Then you've come to the right place.

Meet the people behind Plus Size Zeal

The Plus Size Zeal team comprises real-life plus-size people, nutritional experts, and technical engineering profiles from the industrial sector.

Read our About Us Page to meet our energetic and enthusiastic team of content creators.

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Megan Smith

Going through life as a person with a size more can be one of the most rewarding, exhausting, emotionally draining, and enriching experiences of your life, all at the same time.

Plus Size Zeal aims to provide you with that one place to address all your questions about plus-size living in the United States.

Megan Smith

Founder of Plus Size Zeal

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Why was Plus Size Zeal created?

Plus Size Zeal is based on the need for reliable and trustworthy information that adequately addresses the daily questions and doubts among plus-sized people.

Thus, Plus Size Zeal was born. We offer comprehensive information on ways and tips to go through life more comfortably and healthily for people of larger sizes.

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Whenever we have faced a specific question or challenge ourselves, we have found a reliable answer to our question and included it here on this website.

So when we recommend a product, we have tested it or talked extensively with plus-size people who use it or have used it.

If we suggest a solution or particular advice, we have discussed it with a professional and/or researched it extensively, and cross-checked it against the available scientific literature.

Our goal is to be the most reliable source of information for the well-being of plus-size people

What are we talking about at Plus Size Zeal?

Plus-Size Fitness Workout Training

Inspiration and advice for plus-size persons to feel physically and mentally fit and healthy. Discover exercises to get fit as a beginner and start with your personal training schedule.

Health For Plus-Sized Persons

Health tips and insights for plus-size people to get fit and energetic and to boost physical and mental well-being and health.

Comfortable Plus-Size Furniture

Advice to make the lives of plus-size women and men more comfortable with comfortable furniture suitable for larger sizes and weights.

Durable Plus-Size Outdoor Gear

Tips for keeping plus-sized adults safe with high-quality, heavy-duty outdoor equipment.

Apparel For People With Larger Sizes

Clothing and footwear advice for people of larger sizes with a focus on comfort, style, and quality.

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The Mission of Plus Size Zeal

Plus Size Zeal is here to help you with everything you need to pursue a comfortable, joyful, happy, thriving, healthy, and positive life being plus-size.

Beauty doesn't have a weight limit and comes in all sizes, so embrace your body and be happy!

Plus-size is a term used to describe someone larger than average in size.
Zeal means eagerness and ardent interest in the pursuit of something.
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What You Can Expect Here

Keep up with the most interesting topics

Fitness Workout

If you exercise a little more, you can enjoy life more and accomplish more things.

There is no question that exercise and sports provide more energy and strength.

The benefits of fitness sessions for plus-size people are not limited to the physical aspect alone.

Afro American Woman Wearing White T Shirt On Black Mat Engaged In Core Stabilization Exercises Right Leg Extended Up Left Arm Extended Up

Suppose you start exercising and stick to it? Then, you will also enjoy mental health benefits and eventually become more confident and attractive, thanks to your radiant look.

Our plus-size fitness workout page provides a fascinating overview of the benefits of becoming more active and incorporating more exercise into your life.

Plus Size Man With Beard And Mustache And Bald Head Happy And Relaxing In Pool With Arms Resting On Edge With Mosaic Tiles

We have also created a helpful overview of different possible exercises and training techniques to get fit for beginners with a size more:

Physical Activity

Black American Woman With Curves Gray Top Headphones And Yellow Drinking Bottle After Training Session On Basketball Court In Park

The first step to a healthier, slimmer, and fitter body is to exercise and move more.

Many Americans lead sedentary lifestyles that can cause many health problems.

Getting enough daily exercise is a goal for anyone who's plus size and wants to adopt a healthier lifestyle.

Plus Size Woman On Left And Heavier Man On Right Both In Jogging Suit With Sneakers On Engaged In Gymnastics Exercises On Rooftop Of Building

Physical activity has many positive effects on the human body and mind; paying attention to this daily is the first step to a healthier body.

Moving more and avoiding a sedentary lifestyle is a natural and effective way to make us feel better.

Abdominal Exercises

Middle Aged Woman Doing Abdominal Exercises On Fitness Machine That Exercises And Strengthens Entire Core

Are you currently trying to burn belly fat and dreaming of well-defined abdominal muscles?

Then it would be best if you combined the right abdominal exercises for overweight beginners with a healthy and sustainable diet (instead of a crash diet).

Besides eating the right food, you also need to focus on a mix of strength training and cardio workout sessions for beginners.

Slightly Overweight Man Lying On Exercise Mat With Legs At 90 Degree Angle On Large Ball And Performing Abdominal Exercises Under Coach'S Guidance

And remember, Rome was not built in a day. All good things take time! Depending on your current weight and health, it may take a while to get the perfect six-pack abs you want.

Cardio Workout

Man With Beard With Belly In Blue T Shirt And Pink Sports Pants Runs On Treadmill In Gym And Does Cardio Workout

Cardio training comes with an abundance of benefits for the overweight beginner.

This type of training stimulates and improves your cardiovascular system and encourages your body to convert cells faster and remove damaged cells more quickly.

Cardio training also improves your sleep. It gives you more energy, reduces stress thanks to its relaxing effect, and improves cholesterol levels.

Overweight Woman With Short Gray Hair Wears White Tshirt And Black Sweatpants And Exercises On Cross Trainer

Regular cardio training is also associated with better mental health. Of course, it also burns a mountain of calories, so it helps you to burn fat and lose weight.

Find out which techniques, strategies, and fitness equipment you can use to get the best results as a beginner on our cardio workout for plus-size beginners page.

Cycling Training

Happy Plus Size Woman With Two Pigtails Left And Right And Sweatband On Sits On Indoor Exercise Bike And Does Cardio Training

Bicycle training offers many benefits, including burning fat and losing weight, optimal joint relief for overweight people, and reducing stress.

In addition, indoor and outdoor cycling improves your fitness, digestion, and bowel movements.

Woman With Brown Hair In Ponytail With A Plus Size In White Workout Top And Sweatpants With Purple Motifs On Indoor Exercise Bike Engaged In Cardio Session

Cycling training for beginners offers many more benefits, each of which you can discover on our Cycling Training for Beginners webpage.

There, we discuss the different heart rate zones for efficient fat burning and list the 5 best tips to fully optimize your fitness using bicycle training.

So are you overweight and want to burn fat without forcing your joints? Then bicycle training could be the solution!

Trampoline Exercises

Legs Of Woman Wearing Gray Sweatpants While Jumping Up And Down On Mini Trampoline With Solid Adult Handlebar For More Safety

Trampoline exercises are excellent for burning calories and losing weight.

You can use a trampoline to conduct an effective cardio workout by applying the right exercises.

Trampoline exercises offer significant benefits, including weight loss and an improved cardiovascular system.

Calves And Athletic Shoes In Pink And White Colors Of Woman Trampolining During A Rebounding Session While Listening To Music

Trampolining allows you to target just about every muscle in your body and put all of them to work. It's fun to do with a dash of uplifting music playing in the background.

But besides the relaxing effect, you can also enjoy stimulating effects on coordination skills, agility, strength, balance, and confidence to avoid falling.

Plus Size Woman In Black Sportswear Wearing Fluorescent Athletic Shoes Does Exercise With Left Leg On Mini Trampoline And Right Leg On Ground

Read our reference article about trampoline exercises as cardio workout for weight loss and discover more in-depth information on suitable trampoline exercises for physical and mental well-being.

Vibration Plate Exercises

Woman With Brown Hair Blue Eyes And Blue Workout Top On Vibration Plate During Fitness Session Two Men In Background

Using vibrating plates is effective to move more, burn more calories, lose excess pounds, maintain and achieve target weight, and strengthen your muscles.

Moreover, the effects of vibration plate exercises have also been scientifically proven.

Vibration training has been found to improve people's fitness, health, and vitality (including seniors and plus-sized people).

Elderly Lady With Gray Hair And Excess Weight On Vibration Plate With Two Handles In Hands During A Vibration Training Session Along With Two Younger Women In Background

Regular vibration plate exercises can improve your quality of life and comfort and effectively boost your overall fitness.

On our in-depth page on vibration plate exercises for increased fitness, slimming, and health, you can read many techniques and tips to become fitter and healthier and make your body stronger using a decent heavy-duty vibration plate.


Participate in life-enriching activities, implement a healthier lifestyle and health-improving habits, enjoy more nutritious meals, and enjoy life with family and friends, all while elevating your life's comfort level.

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Cellulite in Plus-Size Women

Plus Size Woman In Pink Swimsuit Shows Cellulite On Her Right Thigh

Almost all women suffer from cellulite on the skin and will try everything to combat these stubborn dimples and orange-peel skin.

Unfortunately, almost every woman has also concluded that you can never completely eliminate it.

Cellulite treatments are not the holy grail, and many expensive treatments produce only temporary results or sometimes no results at all. But we mustn't give up hope!

Woman With Pink Painted Nails Pulls Skin Together On Her Upper Right Thigh To Show Dimples And Cellulite Skin

In the long run, healthier living combined with regular exercise produces the best results in the fight against cellulite.

Aside from fighting cellulite, it is also important to be happy with your body. Accepting your body is essential to feeling good about yourself.

You are much more than a physical body with some cellulite on the buttocks, thighs, upper arms, belly, etc.

Woman In White Underwear Shows Pits And Cellulite On Her Left Buttock With Both Hands

The majority of all women in the world are also suffering from cellulite. And yet somehow, it makes us all feel insecure...

And that is precisely why we have put together an information page with cellulite acceptance and reduction tips!

Gut Health and Obesity

Obese Man In Sofa Holding His Fat Belly With Both Hands Due To Imbalance In Intestinal System

Our gut bacteria determine our appetite, food preferences, mood, and even brain health.

In addition, our gut bacteria also influence our sense of hunger and satiety, which is essential information for anyone plus-size!

This means that the billions of bacteria in our gut significantly influence our energy regulation, fat burning, and the development of overweight and obesity!

Our gut microbiome consists of billions of bacteria that keep our bodies healthy. 

Drawing Of Different Types Of Gut Bacteria With The Words Human Microbiota On A Dark Blue Background

Scientific research has shown that insufficient diversity of this microbiota is associated with an increased risk of abdominal obesity, gut dysbiosis, and metabolic syndrome.

In other words, an imbalance in our gut microbiome can lead to obesity and other common health problems in plus-size people.

This excess body fat leads to adverse health consequences and even reduced life expectancy.

Red Highlighted Intestinal System Of An Obese Man Illustration Of Link Between Intestinal Imbalance And Obesity

Discover more in-depth info on our information page about the powerful influence of our gut health on our lives.

Sleep Hygiene and Obesity

Plus Sized Brunette Who Has Slipped Blue Sleep Mask From In Front Of Her Eyes Onto Her Forehead And Is Waking Up

Unfortunately, the importance of good sleep hygiene is vastly underestimated in our American society. Yet sleep is one of man's most essential bodily functions.

Good sleep hygiene and sufficient sleep are essential for a positive mood, memory, immunity, and the normal functioning of your metabolism. 

Proper sleep hygiene is also essential for good brain function and memory.

Blue Clock On Top Of 3D Representation Of Human Brain And Night Sky Left Blue Sky Right Conceptual Representation Of Importance Of Sleep On Memory Function

Sleep is necessary to build memory, also known as memory consolidation.

The quality of your sleep also affects your weight and vice versa: your weight also affects your sleep:

  • Firstly, there's a clear link between sleep problems and obesity. In fact, a lack of sleep increases the risk of obesity, diabetes, high blood pressure, dementia, and other cardiovascular diseases.
  • Secondly, there is also a clear link between obesity and sleep problems. For example, the most typical condition resulting from overweight or obesity is sleep apnea, with various crucial health implications.
Asian Plus Size Man In Blue Pyjamas Sleeping In Bed On Left Side And Snoring Loudly Apnea Causing Woman On Right Side Of Bed To Hold Pillow In Front Of Ears To Block Sound Waves

Sugar and Obesity Epidemic

Beige Notebook With Words Obesity Epidemic On It In Black And Red Letters On The Right Green Stethoscope

We are already facing an obesity epidemic in the United States, which is expected to worsen in the future. A large majority of all American adults are expected to be overweight by the year 2050.

The leading cause of this alarming trend is sugar consumption and carbohydrates added to processed foods.

The human body knows how to process fat and protein but has no idea what to do with all those added sugars. Fructose is simply stored as fat, for example...

Fructose Displayed In Its Molecular Structure Human Body Does Not Know How To Deal With It

In fact, added sugars, omnipresent in our American society, have no nutritional value whatsoever, unlike protein, minerals, fats, or vitamins.

Numerous scientific studies show that high sugar consumption and high blood sugar levels harm our health.

Thus, sugar causes various diseases associated with metabolic syndrome, such as high blood pressure, elevated blood sugar, elevated cholesterol, and overweight or obesity.

Skull And Bones Depicted Using White Sugar On A Wooden Background Conceptual Representation Of Sugar As A Cause Of Serious And Even Fatal Diseases

In addition, sugar has been linked to diseases such as diabetes, depression, dementia, and even cancer.

Positive Body Image

Happy White And Black Plus Size Women Who Have A Positive Body Image And Active Lifestyle

It is estimated that just over fifty percent of all American women are dissatisfied with their appearance and thus do not have a positive body image!

This is very unfortunate because a positive body image improves your relationships, professional career, self-confidence, health, and even your sex life.

Large Plus Size Woman In Purple Polka Dot Swimsuit With Lots Of Confidence Smiles At The Camera And Enjoys Swimming In The Pool Wholeheartedly

But what is the secret of people and women who feel good in their bodies? Women who are happy with their bodies are indeed characterized by specific traits.

3 Plus Size Ladies Each Holding A White Sign With Text I Am Fit I Like My Body I Am Beautiful On

Read our information page on how to develop a positive body image and discover numerous valuable tips to learn to better accept your body and become happier with your body.

Cholesterol and Obesity

Drawing Of Obese Man With Belly With Illuminated Heart And Cardiogram Symbolizing Link Between Cholesterol Plaque Formation And Heart Disease And Link Between Cholesterol And Obesity

Cholesterol is a substance in our blood and all our body's cells. 

Cholesterol per se is not necessarily bad or the devil!

On the contrary, cholesterol is an essential building block for our cell membranes and hormone production, and it also plays a role in the production of bile acids. 

There are 2 types of cholesterol: 

  • Good HDL cholesterol (high-density lipoprotein), and
  • Bad LDL cholesterol (low-density lipoprotein).
LDL cholesterol is known as bad cholesterol because, at high concentrations in our blood, it can lead to plaque deposition on the inner walls of our arteries (known as arteriosclerosis). 
Plaque Formation Along The Inside Of Artery Causing Narrowing And Making It Harder For Blood To Flow To The Heart

This plaque can lead to severe and even life-threatening cardiovascular disease in the medium to long term. 

HDL cholesterol, on the other hand, is considered good cholesterol because this type of cholesterol helps drain excess LDL cholesterol into the liver and out of our blood vessels.

Obesity is a medical condition in which a person is overweight in relation to their height. 

Silhouettes Of Man From Very Skinny On The Left With Bmi Lower Than 18.5 To Extremely Obese On The Right With Bmi Higher Than 35

A person is considered obese when that person has a Body Mass Index (BMI) of 30 or more.

Obesity can increase the risk of several health problems, including cardiovascular disease, diabetes, and some cancers.

There is a clear link between cholesterol and obesity. Obese people often have higher levels of bad LDL cholesterol and, at the same time, lower levels of good HDL cholesterol in their bodies.

Unfortunately, this can eventually lead to artery calcification, blood clot formation, and life-threatening cardiovascular diseases. 

3D Drawing Of Artery With Plaque Formation And Narrowing Causing Man To Reach For His Heart Due To Heart Attack

Moreover, obesity can also lead to changes in how the human body produces and breaks down cholesterol. And this, in turn, can also lead to a higher risk of cardiovascular disease.

However, it is crucial to emphasize that there is no causal relationship between cholesterol and obesity

In layman's terms, this means that high cholesterol does not directly lead to obesity. Conversely, obesity does not directly lead to high cholesterol concentrations in the body.

Tip: If you want to know more about this non-causal link between cholesterol and obesity, you should absolutely read our special page on cholesterol and obesity
Drawing Of People Engaged In Jogging Cycling And Drinking Fruit Juice With Icons Of Fruits And Vegetables And Heart With Cardiogram In Symbol For Impact Of Lifestyle On Weight And Cholesterol

However, several other lifestyle factors can affect a person's cholesterol levels and weight. 

Examples include diet, sleep, sports and exercise, lifestyle (such as a sedentary existence), and hereditary factors (genetics passed down from parents).

Plus-Size Outdoor Gear and Equipment

All people, including plus-size people, deserve access to nature to enjoy the outdoor activities they love.

And they also deserve to do so safely and comfortably with the help of suitable outdoor equipment, such as sturdy outdoor gear and durable outdoor clothing.

Comfortable Sturdy Camping Chair With Table With Pots On Trash Can Left Tent And Two Backpacks Right By A Peaceful Lake With A Forest In The Background

In practice, it is challenging to find plus-size outdoor gear and equipment for outdoor activities such as camping, kayaking, mountain biking, hiking, walking, swimming, and so on.

In other words, there is a gap between the needs of plus-size consumers and the offerings of outdoor industry manufacturers.

Middle Aged Man With Little Belly Wearing Red Cycling Jersey Black Shorts And White Cycling Shoes On A Black Mountain Bike On A Nature Trail In The Mountains Wide Angle View

Fortunately, some brands are catching up and now sell plus-size gear and outdoor equipment that fit a plus-size body perfectly.

So feel free to read our recommendations for the best plus-size outdoor materials and gear.

Plus Size Woman Wearing Dark Blue Top And Black Three Quarter Pants And Dark Blue Hiking Boots With 2 Trekking Poles On A Trail In The Woods

These range from the best sleeping bags, camping chairs, camp beds, and air mattresses for plus-size people to heavy-duty kayaks, sturdy swings, strong pool ladders, fishing chairs, heavy-duty beach chairs, sturdy rocking chairs, and more! 

View Of Bay As Seen From Orange Tent In Which Blue And Orange Xl Sleeping Bags Lie With Cliffs To The Left And Mountains In The Distance Adventure Event

Because we all deserve to get outside and feel comfortable doing so.

Several Yellow Kayaks With High Carrying Capacity And Orange And Blue Waterproof Bags To Carry Equipment Along The Riverside In Sunshine

Plus-Size Apparel and footwear

Exploration of Comfortable Heavy-Duty Furniture

Enhance your plus-size living experience with safe heavy-duty furniture for heavy people such as sturdy recliners, strong bed frames, heavy-duty office chairs, etc.

Plus Size Man With Blue Pyjama Pants And Light Red Top Of Pyjamas Comfortably Sleeping In Large And Comfortable Heavy Duty Couch

This practical furniture enriches your comfort and increases your safety with sufficient carrying capacity, allowing you to enjoy a happier and healthier life.

Plus Size Man With Bald Head Glasses And Long Beard With Green Shirt And Purple Suspenders Sits In Leather Office Chair With Large Carrying Capacity

Read our articles, resources and comparison guides and create a safe indoor environment with the right products and services that ease the challenges of living as a plus size person.

Man In Red Work Clothes Installing Solid Heavy Duty Bed Frame Of White Box Spring

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