Be fearless, be brave, be bold, love yourself 

You’re a wonderful person, no matter your size, shape, or weight

Are you plus-size? Then you also have the right to love life, to embrace your body and to take full advantage of every opportunity you have to live a happy and satisfying life.

Living plus-size doesn’t have to be complicated, frustrating or difficult!

Do you want to feel comfortable and happy in your body? Then you've come to the right place. 

The purpose of Plus Size Zeal

Plus-size is a term used to describe someone who is larger than average in size.
Zeal means the eagerness and ardent interest in the pursuit of something.

Plus Size Zeal is here to help you with everything you need in your pursuit of a comfortable, joyful, happy, thriving, healthy and positive life being plus-size.

Beauty doesn’t have a weight limit and comes in all sizes so embrace your body and be happy!

What you can expect here

Keep up with the most interesting topics

Home and fitness

We facilitate working out at home by presenting you equipment, tools and products which are made with plus-size people and body diversity in mind.

We’re really excited to share tips (such as sleep tips for plus-size people) and best equipment buying guides which you can use in your everyday life.

We also address commonly asked questions such as:

Plus size exercise equipment, accessories and non-weight bearing exercises are recommended for plus-size people who are confronted with very specific challenges, such as:

Work out because you love your body, not because you hate it.

Instead of losing time by figuring out how certain fitness equipment might or might not fit you or your body, we do the heavy lifting for you with overviews and lists of plus-size friendly equipment which caters to you too.

The following resources should enable you to get started on your quest for better health:

Arteriosclerosis treatment with vibration platform: Great insights

Plus-size outdoor gear and equipment

Experiencing outdoor activities as a plus-size person is not a walk in the park. 

Here we share various tips, tricks, advice and buying guides so your outdoor activities can really enrich your life. Our goal is to make your own outdoor experiences as comfortable and stress-free as possible.

Finding suitable and solid gear and equipment that comfortably fits and performs well can be a major stumbling block for most plus-size outdoor adventurers.

In fact, the majority of specialized outdoor brands just exclude people with plus-sized bodies. But there's also good news: Functional gear and equipment that fits well for plus-size individuals does exist!

If you want to enjoy outdoor activities like canyoning, trail walking, hiking a mountain, kayaking, wall climbing, white water rafting, riding a bike, paddleboarding, swinging on a swing to lose weight, etc., you need high-quality gear and equipment that protects your body and keeps you as safe as possible.

It might surprise you but the price tag of finding the appropriate equipment and technical gear is not the main issue!

 The biggest problem is finding comfortable and high-quality gear and equipment that really fits your body and can make your outdoor adventures more comfortable and safer.

Confidence will make you happier than any diet ever will!

Most outdoor adventurers are not aware of this issue and frequently state that outdoor adventure is accessible for all sizes and ages. While in reality it’s just not the case as the supply of reliable top-quality plus-size material and gear is insufficient.

In an effort to making outside adventures more accessible to you, we compiled various lists containing our favorite pieces of gear and equipment and useful advice and tips on getting ready for action, such as:

We analyze standardized, customized and creative solutions that are tailored to fit plus-size bodies.

For example, we compiled comprehensive buying guides about what kind of bike is good for a heavy person and about kayaks for big guys. We also compiled a complete mobility scooter buyers guide for plus-size people.

And we also address several frequently asked questions about the load-bearing capacity of certain material and gear. Good examples are the following questions:

We want you to be able to comfortably and safely explore and enjoy outdoor adventures and the following resources should enlighten you:

Trout Fishing Tips and How-To Techniques to Catch More Fish

Plus-size clothing and footwear

We analyze which clothes and shoes are comfortable and at the same time look fabulous on your plus-size body.

Additionally, we also share interesting plus-size style tips and practical guidance and advice on how to find plus-size clothes and footwear that make you look and feel fantastic, such as:

We cover shopping plus-size fashion on a budget as well as how to find your personal signature style.

All these tips and information articles will help you nail it down if you haven’t learned how to dress your unique and wonderful body yet.

We devote our attention to specific types of clothes that flatter a full figure (both women and men can get inspired).

It’s not about the size you wear. it’s about the way you wear your size.

And… A clothing and footwear section wouldn’t be the real thing if we wouldn’t explore brands and style trends for plus-sized individuals through product reviews, round-ups, interviews, try-on reviews, testimonials, summaries, etc.

Last but not least, we include some looks to help you build a wardrobe you adore and can be proud of. Having a great wardrobe with wonderful clothes you’re excited to wear is a great way to boost your body positivity and confidence.

The following plus-size wardrobe essentials will assist you with highlighting your greatest features and will get you started with game-changing styling tips:

(Faux) leather leggings: A must-have for every woman’s wardrobe

Exploration of comfortable furniture

We focus on furniture for plus-size and tall people because furniture should fit you perfectly. 

For people who are big and/or tall, plus-size furniture is a must to feel truly comfortable at home.

We cover topics like sleeping bags and sturdy bed frames for plus-size people, sturdy bunk beds for heavier adults, heavy duty sofas, recliners for plus-size persons, gaming chairs for plus-size individuals, heavy duty office chairs, comfortable dining chairs with high weight capacity, beautiful plus-size patio furniture, strong chair mats to protect the floor, heavy duty bar stools for big guys, strong and sturdy lounges, high-quality zero-gravity chairs, heavy-duty rocking chairs for young and old, etc.

We focus on parameters such as materials used, the frame, the length and width, the type of upholstery, available colors and the look in general, various features such as built-in USB gates, warranty, country of manufacturing, etcetera. 

We also address several frequently asked questions about the load-bearing capacity of certain furniture, such as:

By selecting and investing in the appropriate plus-size furniture, you can really improve your living conditions and reduce your body ailments such as back pain, shoulder pain, hip pain, etc.

It could take you lots of energy and time to find suitable plus-size heavy-duty furniture. That’s why we explore and discuss various furniture options and general topics which can improve your life. Examples are the following pages:

The following plus-size furniture resources can help you to focus on durable, comfortable and high-quality furniture that will stand the test of time and can give you comfort and style:

Weight stigma: What is it and how to reduce the negative effects?

Plus-size health

As a plus-size person, you definitely need to pay attention to your health.

Here we share multiple articles, resources, guides and tips so you can increase your health.

Our goal is to enable you to live a healthier and happier life. Hence, we compiled useful information, advice and tips on improving your health, such as:

  • Improving your gut health
  • Well-balanced diets
  • Safe and responsible weight loss
  • Alternative methods to get in shape

Your gut is not an insignificant organ as it’s responsible for most of our health concerns.

Your gut plays a determining role in the appearance of a number of pathologies such as migraines, overweight, obesity, stress, depression, anxiety, insomnia, skin problems, pulmonary problems, various infections, etc.

Luckily, the means to rebalance your intestine are within everyone's reach: changing your diet, choosing appropriate cooking methods, favoring protective foods, using adapted and specific micro-nutrients, and better managing stress.

In our articles and guides, we focus on these basic principles for taking care of your intestines in order to recover good health without having to resort to medical treatments.

Your belly is home to a network of neurotransmitters directly linked to the brain and your gut produces the majority of the immune cells that protect you from disease.

By healing your gut and harmonizing it with your brain, you can heal many functional disorders and also protect yourself from serious diseases.

In our resources, we focus on how to feed your gut well and how you can actually eat to take care of your gut on a daily basis.

We are all unique and different because of our genetic heritage, our food culture, our eating personality and our tastes. And this is actually very good news! The bad news is that for all these reasons, miracle diets that work for everyone do not exist (this myth had to be debunked).

Today, almost one in two American people suffers from a disorder or chronic disease (allergies, asthma, diabetes, cancers, etc.), ailments that are partly related to an inappropriate diet.

More than 50% of American women and men want to lose weight, even though some of them do not need to. On a global scale, it's even worse: the epidemic of overweight and obesity affects almost 2 billion people. How did we get here?

Well, little by little, food and lifestyles have changed. Food and beverages have become more and more chemically colored, artificially flavored, inflated with emulsifiers and additives of all kinds... At the same time, they get more and more consumed, with the help of marketing and advertising.

In our articles, resources and guides, we formulate an answer to the following questions:

The aim of our health information is to provide you with sustainable solutions for the long term.

We are going to show you that eating well and losing weight healthily is possible by adapting the right principles.

Above all, you must acquire good reflexes in your food choices, implement simple and common-sense principles and, above all, stop being trapped by multiple contradictory messages.

We also pay attention to the scientific truth about the dangers of dieting and how to achieve lasting weight loss. If you don't know how to lose weight, you can use our guides, tips and guidelines to learn how to lose weight sustainably.

Have you tried to lose weight several times without any results? Our articles and resource guides offer you valuable ideas (and recipes) where pleasure is never neglected.

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