17 Amazing facts about your nipples: Interesting facts to know

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Facts about your nipples:

17 Amazing facts about your nipples: Interesting facts to knowThey come in different colors, you may have more than 2, and some cultures actually paint them to attract partners.

Read on to find some more interesting and probably unknown nipple facts.

17 Interesting facts about your nipples: Introduction

We all have nipples but actually know quite little about this special body part.

Below you will find seventeen facts about nipples that you may be aware of.

You never know when this knowledge might come in handy.

17 Amazing facts about your nipples

There are large and small nipples

The size of your nipples means absolutely nothing.

There are all kinds of different shapes and sizes and there is nothing at all to be derived from that.

The size of your nipples also has nothing to do with your health or risk of certain diseases.

Smaller nipples are more sensitive

Several studies have shown that small breasts are more sensitive than large breasts because the nerves in the former are more concentrated.

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The same principle appears to apply to nipples.

The smaller the nipple, the closer the nerves are together and the more sensitive the nipple as a whole.

It is not abnormal to experience itching of your nipples

This can be due to several things. A change in season can cause delicate skin to dry out (the autumn season makes your skin more sensitive for example).

The damaged skin then begins to itch.

Eczema around the areola also causes dry and itchy skin. Breastfeeding women regularly suffer from eczema.

You can rub the nipples with a lotion or coconut oil to moisturize them.

Why do men have nipples? | Facts about your nipples

The reason men have nipples is pretty special.

Since men’s nipples have no biological function (after all, they don’t need to breastfeed) you may wonder why men have nipples in the first place.

The reason is that every human fetus starts out as a woman.

Only after the nipples are formed does the male Y chromosome begin to ensure that the fetus continues to develop as a man.

Nipples can be all colors of the rainbow

Nipples can be various colors, from very dark shades of brown to pale pink.

During pregnancy this color becomes darker, so the newborn, with its limited vision, canquickly locate the nipple.

After pregnancy, that dark color may remain the same.

Nipple piercings are not bad for your health

As long as a piercing is done hygienically with a sterile needle, it is not bad for your health from a medical perspective.

Indeed, when properly healed, women should still be able to breastfeed.

Make sure you do your research before taking the plunge!

Left and right nipple differences | Facts about your nipples

Just like your breasts, your left and right nipple may differ.

They are never identical but the difference can be more noticeable in some than in others.

Nipples become stiff due to temperature, emotion or touch

There are super sensitive nerves in your nipple that cause your nipple to stiffen when cold or when touched.

However, it can also come from intense emotions, such as fear.

This may not be much of a revelation, but did you know that the nipple becomes rigid because the muscles around the breast tissue contract.

Every nipple is unique

There is no normal color, shape or size for your nipples.

Everyone has a unique pair of nipples. During pregnancy, however, they can change color and often become darker.

You can be born with more than two nipples

Certain people have more than 2 nipples. There are people with 3, 4, 5 etc. nipples instead of 2.

Nipple orgasms are not a myth | Facts about your nipples

It is rather rare but some people can experience orgasm just thanks to nipple stimulation.

You can be born with retracted nipples

There are outwardly erect and retracted nipples. Although this has no implications for one’s health, some people with retracted nipples still choose to have the nipples pulled out.

In some cultures, women paint their nipples to attract potential partners

In some cultures, if a woman thinks her nipples are too light, she will tint them.

It seems that in Japan, pink nipples are very trendy.

It is normal to have hair around your nipple

Since there are hair follicles around the nipple, it is quite common for hair to grow there.

If you do prefer to remove them, it is best to do so with tweezers.

A depilatory cream can cause a burning sensation, so we don’t really recommend it.

The jogger’s nipple really exists | Facts about your nipples

If you go jogging without a bra, there’s a real chance you’ll get a jogger’s nipple.

Your nipples then become dry and painful and in some cases they may also bleed. A special sports bra is essential to prevent these issues.

Men can also suffer from this during exercise. Vaseline or taping the nipples is the best way to avoid pain.

Nipples can become inflamed

The milk ducts can become clogged when a woman is breastfeeding and too much milk accumulates here.

This is called infectious mastitis, the symptoms of which include pain when breastfeeding, leaky nipples, and a burning pain in the breast.

These symptoms can also occur when a piercing does not recover properly.

Each nipple has small bumps

Everyone has those little bumps on their nipples. These bumps are the tips of your mammary glands, similar to other glands like those on your face.

Their function is to produce an oil that protects the skin.

In the case of your nipples, the goal is to keep them soft and supple. A great reason to love those bumps!

17 Amazing facts about your nipples: Contact your doctor in the following cases

  • You have flaky skin on your nipple
  • The skin around your nipple or areola is crusty, oozing or hardened and looks like eczema
  • Your nipples turn red with no apparent cause
  • Yellow or bloody nipple discharge is coming out
  • You have any type of nipple discharge that does not resolve on its own after one menstrual cycle
  • Your nipple is retracted or flattened when it wasn’t
  • There are other changes to your breasts

17 Amazing facts about your nipples: Conclusion

I bet there’s a lot here you didn’t know. It may not necessarily be a topic of conversation for your next dinner party, but it’s good to know what’s what about this important part of our body.

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