3 Best coffee scrubs to get rid of cellulite & 1 DIY coffee cream

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Coffee scrubs to get rid of cellulite are actually a thing, and they’re quite effective too!

3 Best coffee scrubs to get rid of cellulite & 1 DIY coffee creamCellulite, what a pain! It is impossible to avoid it completely, but we can at least make an effort to reduce its appearance.

This may not be the first time you’ve heard about coffee as a possible remedy for unsightly cellulite. But have you ever tried to make a remedy yourself at home?

As a general rule, everyone has coffee at home and by choosing what to mix with coffee grounds you can have an excellent DIY skincare recipe such as a DIY anti-cellulite product which isn’t messy, is easy to make and incredibly cheap. Coffee aids lymphatic drainage and helps circulation if applied externally.

Suppose you want to try a homemade solution to reduce your orange-peel skin. Then you should read on for 3 recipes for coffee-based scrubs, which are very easy homemade body scrub recipes to prepare and use.

Bonus: We also share a homemade cream made from coffee grounds for a shock treatment just before the beach season starts!

Coffee scrubs to get rid of cellulite: Introduction

Before we look at how to use coffee against cellulite, let’s better understand what this common (and equally hated) problem among women is.

Cellulite is a skin manifestation mainly located in the pelvic and abdominal region, on the hips, buttocks and thighs. It results in what’s commonly called orange-peel skin. This unattractive appearance is mainly related to water retention, fluid accumulation and micro-formation of subcutaneous fat.

Although the causes are still not clear, cellulite seems to be the result of multiple factors, such as:

  • gender (it is indeed much more common in women than in men),
  • heredity,
  • diet,
  • microcirculation disorders, to name a few.

Cellulite is not easy to fight and you should not be ashamed of it at all.

However, it is possible to take measures to reduce it, such as using specific cosmetic products and lymphatic drainage massage, without forgetting the importance of adopting a healthy lifestyle.

What is the body’s purpose with cellulite?

You are not alone because about 95% of women experience irregularities due to cellulite on their thighs, stomach, buttocks, etc.

Round or small, there is nothing to do. The dimples invade everyone’s body, once we’ve passed adolescence.

So accepting cellulite is a mission for virtually all women on this planet, you are not an exception at all!

The culprits are hormones, and it is their fault that fat cells multiply under the skin.

In addition, there is a female propensity for poor lymph circulation, i.e., a lack of elimination of waste from the body.

Toxins and water are stored. This is what gives the skin its irregular and swollen appearance.

Need consolation? Then you should know that cellulite is not useless and you should also be aware of the various causes, types and stages of cellulite.

It is designed to store fat reserves in case of famine, which would allow feeding a baby in case of eventual pregnancy.

Coffee scrub: The benefits of caffeine against the unsightly appearance of cellulite

Caffeine is a substance that can help you reduce cellulite.

It contributes indeed to the drainage of tissues and the stimulation of circulation. It is not by chance that it is found in many products designed to deal with this imperfection.

Regarding cellulite, coffee can be used to create scrubs, a remedy that exfoliates the most superficial part of the skin.

A coffee scrub should be rubbed on the affected areas as this could help improve the appearance of this imperfection (if used regularly).

This preparation combines the properties of caffeine with those of antioxidants, not to mention the effectiveness of the scrub itself.

By removing dead cells, a coffee scrub leaves the skin smoother and more even.

The 3 best coffee scrubs to get rid of cellulite

Here are 3 quick and easy recipes to prepare, at home, coffee scrubs against cellulite.

Anti-cellulite scrub with coffee and olive oil

This scrub is made with ground coffee, hot water and olive oil, known for its emollient and soothing properties.

Here are all the necessary steps to make it and its application.


  • 0.25 cup of ground coffee
  • 3 spoonfuls of hot water
  • 2 spoonfuls of olive oil


  • First, mix the ground coffee with the hot water. Then let it sit for about 12 minutes so that the mixture becomes a paste-like consistency.
  • You can then add the olive oil to the preparation.
  • Before applying the product to the critical areas, we advise you to wet your skin with warm water.
  • After that, you can start applying the anti-cellulite scrub in circular motions, from bottom to top, for 3 to 5 minutes.
  • And after that, simply rinse the affected area with lukewarm water. Gently dab the skin dry and apply moisturizer.

Coffee, sugar and coconut oil scrub

This anti-cellulite scrub uses ground coffee, raw sugar and coconut oil, which has the ability to preserve the skin’s moisture.

Here’s how to make it.


  • 1 cup of ground coffee
  • 0.5 cups of coconut oil
  • 0.5 cups of raw sugar


Prepare the scrub by mixing coconut oil, ground coffee and raw sugar.

Then apply the mixture to the areas of the body affected by cellulite, massaging for at least 6 minutes.

Finally, cover the treated areas with a transparent film, leaving the mixture to work for 15 minutes. Rinse with warm water.

Anti-cellulite scrub with coffee grounds, avocado oil and cinnamon

This recipe is a little different from the others.

While we also used ground coffee for the other two, here we will make an anti-cellulite scrub based on coffee grounds, to which we will add cane sugar, cinnamon powder and avocado oil.


  • 1/2 glass of dry coffee grounds
  • 1 glass of cane sugar
  • 1/2 glass of avocado oil
  • 1 teaspoon of cinnamon powder


Mix all the ingredients to make the preparation.

Once ready, apply the scrub to the entire body before taking a shower or taking a bath to combat cellulite, massaging the skin in circular motions.

After showering or bathing, apply a moisturizer to the body.

Coffee grounds against cellulite

Are you looking for an ecological, economical and terribly effective remedy? Coffee grounds are your best ally.

This is what remains in the filter of your coffee maker or in the capsule you just used to make your coffee.

Most anti-cellulite creams sold in stores are full of coffee grounds. Indeed, caffeine is well known for its stimulating and draining power.

Coffee grounds are very rich in vitamins and antioxidants, and are a real fat killer.

Applied regularly, it contributes to the visible reduction of orange peel skin and cellulite.

As a bonus, your skin will be softer and softer, because the pomace is also an effective exfoliant.

Anti-cellulite cream recipe

Mix the grounds of your coffee maker with a drizzle of vegetable oil, and vary according to your preference.

Olive oil, sweet almond oil, avocado oil or argan oil is a matter of choice, depending on the scent and other benefits that suit you.

Apply on the concerned areas and massage for a long time for adequate penetration of the epidermis.

Leave on for about 10 minutes, then rinse thoroughly and shower as usual.

Do you want an express cure before the summer? Envelop the areas treated with the mixture with transparent film. After one hour, rinse with clean water.

Win the war against dimpled skin with this totally natural home care product.

And remember to rinse the affected areas with cold water to smooth and tone the tissues.

Coffee scrubs to get rid of cellulite: Conclusion

As simple as drinking a cup of coffee. That’s how easy it is to use coffee in your fight against orange peel skin.

And what’s more, you can do it in the comfort of your own home, at little to no expense. What’s not to like?

Tip: For more at-home skincare tips, check our article about how to care of your skin with a day-to-day routine.

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