9 Reasons why going outside is good for you

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Reasons why going outside is good for you? Think of your stress levels, clean air, boosting your mood and restored mental energy.

9 Reasons why going outside is good for youNo matter how young or old you are, almost everyone experiences the outdoors as pleasant and soothing.

Also, a lot of research and scientific studies have already shown that nature positively influences our physical and mental well-being.

9 Reasons why going outside is good for you

And that is precisely why we listed 9 main reasons why you should fully enjoy the outdoors and outdoor living!

Outdoor air improves your mood

Our bodies evolved to live in the outdoors. So you can assume that many processes in your body are dependent on daylight.

Not only your waking and sleeping rhythms but also, for example, your mood.

Several studies show that daylight has a substantially positive impact on our moods.

When we sit inside too much, we miss the uplifting power of natural light on the “happiness hormone” serotonin and can harbor negative thoughts.

Fresh air supports your body

By nature, we are made to live outside. Daylight is therefore essential for a number of bodily processes.

Natural light provides us with vitamin D, maintaining our immunity and supporting our calcium absorption.

Daylight also makes you concentrate better. So give your body a helping hand by getting some fresh air on a regular basis, for example by sitting in your garden for a while.

Nature has a healing power

You can fill your house with plants, but nothing will make you feel better than a walk in nature.

That your tired mind can benefit from getting some fresh air in a green environment is proven by several scientific studies on the healing power of living environments.

Healing power is the degree to which an environment contributes to psychological recovery after stress or mental fatigue.

What do these numerous studies show? Parks, forests and the beach were rated highest for recovery after a stressful period.

So above all, get outside and restore your relationship with nature. You’ll see that you’ll be refreshed from it!

Restored mental energy | Reasons why going outside is good for you

Everyone experiences it from time to time. Your head doesn’t want to go on. Your energy level is low. Researchers call this “mental fatigue.”

It can help kick your mind back into high gear by exposing it to restorative environments such as the outdoors.

Studies have shown that people get more mental energy when they are outside or even as early as looking at pictures of nature.

Outdoor air is healthier

Did you know that we spend 85% of our day indoors on average? However, the air quality in modern homes is often poor.

Homes are becoming hugely insulated and ventilation often leaves much to be desired.

Human activities such as cooking, smoking, brushing and showering also deteriorate the quality of the indoor environment.

Therefore, make sure that there is enough fresh air in your home and that polluted air is removed.

Even better, of course, is to spend a little more time of your day outside. You bring in more fresh oxygen and purify your body by doing so.

When people think of unhealthy air, they often think of polluting factories or busy highways.

Unfortunately, most people don’t realize that certain pollutants, pathogens, in everyday household objects, can also worsen indoor air quality.

Examples include cleaning supplies, plastic toys, furniture and building materials.

Many everyday activities such as grilling, cooking, cleaning, showering, drying laundry, burning candles and even printing also affect indoor air quality.

Indoor air is sometimes up to five times more unhealthy than outdoor air.

Being outside has a stress-relieving effect

Nature sounds have a beneficial effect on our well-being. This applies to both our physical and mental health.

The outdoors has a positive effect on our stress levels too.

Research shows that your heart rate, blood pressure and muscle tension drop within just three minutes in a natural environment.

If you want to reduce your stress or completely unwind, make sure to spend some extra time outdoors!

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Exposure to natural light | Reasons why going outside is good for you

Daylight plays a special role in our bodies that we cannot possibly match with indoor lighting.

It helps improve your concentration, supports fat burning and prevents depression.

In addition, the body makes vitamin D when you take in daylight, which in turn is good for your immunity.

Natural light also ensures that your biological clock is properly tuned.

The rhythm of day and night creates blue light during the day and yellower light as it begins to get darker. That color of light greatly affects your biological rhythm.

The outdoors make you happier

Being outside is good for you. In sunlight and bright daylight, we produce the happiness hormone serotonin.

If you see less daylight for a while, for example during the dark winter months, it can certainly affect your mood.

People who are predisposed to it can even develop winter depression. During the darker seasons, it is sometimes harder to step outside.

Still, you will find that the outdoors positively impacts your mood, so try to step outside for a little while.

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Nature improves your brain function

Being outside is also healthy because of its positive impact on the functioning of your brain. For starters, the fresh air can boost your creativity.

Are you looking for new inspiration? Get outside and put your brain on high gear!

Your ability to concentrate also improves in the outdoors. Your senses work better because of a fresh breeze, which makes you focus even more.

There are plenty of reasons to go outside. Yet taking that one step on cold or rainy days is not always easy.

However, you can also enjoy the outdoors with the comfort of being inside your home.

For example, with a patio cover, you can enjoy your garden and the outdoors to the max, even during autumn and winter.

Reasons why going outside is good for you: Conclusion

Going out is a natural stress reliever that doesn’t cost you a dime. Sunlight automatically makes you happier, and a healthy does of vitamin D will do wonders for your immune system.

Natural light brings your body back to basics, and the fresh air will improve brain function too.

Strap on a good pair of shoes, grab a jacket and get out there!

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