Abdominal exercise machines for overweight people to burn belly fat

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Abdominal exercise machines for overweight people are often a godsend.

Abdominal exercise machines for overweight people to burn belly fatMany athletes dream of a tight or toned belly. Abdominal trainers, ab trainers, abdominal muscle trainers, or abdominal machines can help you achieve this goal.

There are a number of abdominal exercise machines for overweight people. These exercise machines work to stimulate and strengthen the abdominal muscles. Depending on the abdominal trainer and the exercise performed, all muscles forming the abdominal area can be worked upon.

An abdominal exercise machine will help you train the lower, middle, upper, and oblique abdominal muscles.

In addition to a beautiful and tight abdomen, strong abs also help you breathe more effectively and have a more stable torso.

Well-trained abdominal muscles are also important for good overall muscle coordination and timing of the entire body.

Thus, it is crucial for all athletes to train their abdominal muscles. Read on to learn how this can be done effectively and comfortably with an abdominal muscle trainer.

Abdominal exercise machines for overweight people: Introduction

An abdominal trainer can be an excellent alternative to sit-ups. These machines train your abs and other muscle groups depending on the model.

Did you know that the cause of back pain is often too weak abdominal muscles? Regular exercises with an abdominal trainer will also positively impact your back.

In addition, you will train towards a slim and firm abdomen with regular use of such a device.

You will save yourself a visit to the gym because you can train at home with an abdominal trainer.

What is an abdominal muscle trainer?

An abdominal trainer is typically a fitness device that stimulates and strengthens the abdominal muscles through its movements.

It supports different body zones, providing an extension of abdominal training.

Abdominal trainers in various designs are suitable for training at home as well as the gym.

For example, there are the so-called abdominal benches and floor trainers that work with a roller wheel. With some abdominal trainers, you lean back on the bench or backrest and lean forward, tightening your muscles.

The roller wheels are pressed into the floor and rolled forward and backward.

During this exercise, you can clearly feel the tension in the abdominal muscles. The training effect can be individually increased with additional weights or special functions.

This intensification accelerates success because it attacks fat reserves more quickly.

Doing the exercises regularly will strengthen the abdominal muscles.

Depending on the training schedule and the frequency of exercises, the result can be a tighter abdomen and a so-called six-pack. In the end, it’s all about what is desired.

But exercising the abdominal muscles has both aesthetic and health benefits.

A toned belly not only looks beautiful, it also strengthens the back, and improves posture among other things. Tight abdominal muscles, for example, can counteract a hollow back.

Abdominal trainers also positively impact other problem areas such as hips, buttocks, and thighs.

The fun factor is very high for some abdominal trainers. For others, the focus is clearly on the training effect.

How does an abdominal muscle trainer work?

How the abdominal trainer works depends on how it’s made.

Floor trainer

Practical floor trainers are pretty simple, and their functionality is immediately apparent in practical use.

They are also called power rollers or roll bars, and consist of a U-shaped joint fitted with cushions.

They allow for different positions and train the front or lower abdominal muscles depending on the movement. The intensity of exercise is rated as moderate.

Roller wheel

The roller wheel is also a simple and small abdominal muscle trainer and works on a similar principle to pushups.

The athlete kneels in front of the roller wheel, pushes it away using the sturdy left and right handles, and pulls it back toward the body.

This movement creates more or less resistance for the muscles, depending on the rolling distance.

Because these roller wheels are equipped without mechanical assistance function, they are especially suitable for trained people without back problems.

However, there are also premium roller wheels where it was possible to adjust the training intensity.

Some of these roller wheels are not only equipped with one wheel but with two wheels to facilitate safe operation.

Ab bench

Abdominal benches are among the traditional exercise equipment, consisting of an inclined surface for the athlete to lie on his back.

Here the upper body is tilted backward. The feet are placed in a holder to provide the necessary counter pressure for sit-ups, crunches, and similar exercises.

Because of the angled position, the abdominal muscles are significantly better engaged than in regular sit-ups, and the hip flexors are not engaged as much.

This increased stress causes even short workouts to lead to good success. The ab bench is available in different designs.

The support surface can often be adjusted individually. This is especially advantageous if the abdominal trainer is used by several people of different sizes.

The incline of the reclining surface can usually be adjusted with a single handle.

Some benches can also be supplemented with additional attachments to expand training options.

Therefore, abdominal benches are considered popular all-around training devices.

As a home training bench, they are suitable for targeted training of the middle of the body and strengthening arms and legs in combination with dumbbells or other devices.

Complete ab workout station

You can also set up a complete abdominal trainer station in your own home. No additional gym equipment is needed.

If necessary, the device can be put away easily when a session is over.

The ab trainer station is an effective system for combined muscle building and endurance training. The unique design activates muscle groups using the athlete’s body weight.

Phases of relaxation and tension are alternated, intensifying the training depending on the position and direction of movement.

This equipment is suitable for advanced users and beginners.

Incorrect movements are practically impossible, thanks to the integrated mechanics. If necessary, the inclination angle is changed, which affects the intensity of the follow-up exercise.

What muscle groups do I train with an abdominal trainer?

Depending on the abdominal trainer and the exercise you perform, you can train:

  • straight abdominal muscle,
  • transverse abdominal muscle,
  • inner oblique abdominal muscle, and
  • outer oblique abdominal muscle.

To get a visible result, just training abs is not enough. A healthy and varied diet is always necessary.

In addition to strength training for your abs, it is also advisable to perform cardio workouts to burn fat as abdominal muscles only become visible when the fat percentage is low.

For example, a rowing machine is a popular piece of equipment that contributes to a tight abdominal area.

Different types of abdominal muscle trainers

There are several types of abdominal trainers on the market. All devices make the abdominal muscles tense during the workout, thus strengthening them.

However, depending on the type, different muscle groups are trained.

So that you can choose the fitness equipment that suits you, we present the individual types in more detail.

Crunch ab trainer

These abdominal trainers are one of the most famous devices for strengthening and training the abdominal muscles.

Crunches are also called abdominal presses because they strengthen your oblique, pyramidal, and straight abdominal muscles.

Especially for beginners, crunches are better suited than sit-ups because they provide basic strength for your torso and abdominal muscles.


  • The device can be stored to save space
  • Especially suitable for beginners
  • Strengthen your entire abdominal muscles


  • Train almost exclusively the abdominal muscles, but no other muscle groups

Abdominal bench

The abdominal bench is one of the classic fitness machines. You fix your feet on a device to have more strength when lifting your upper body because the footrest provides counter pressure.

In addition, because of the fixation, your feet do not slide away during exercises. Training on an abdominal bench is similar to the exercises of classic sit-ups.

The bench should be adjustable so that you can do different abdominal exercises to strengthen multiple muscle groups. Arm training is also possible on some models.

For an abdominal bench, you need enough space to store the device. You can find folding models, but these also require a certain amount of space.


  • In addition to the abdominal muscles, you also train your back muscles.
  • You can do a variety of exercises with an adjustable bench.
  • The training is particularly suitable for advanced users.


  • With folding benches, you’ll need some time to set up the machine before working out.
  • You need space to store it.

Ab roller wheel

An ab roller is a wheel with handles on the left and right.

You kneel on the floor and roll this wheel across the floor in front of your body. This will stretch your body forward. Now pull the abdominal wheel back so that you return to the starting position.

With these movements, you train your abdominal muscles. However, belly roll wheels are only suitable for you if you do not suffer from back problems.

These abdominal trainers have no mechanical assistance functions, so they are more likely to be something for trained people.

There are also two or four-wheeled ab roll wheels that are safer to use. With high-quality roller wheels, you can also adjust the training intensity.

You could also use these models as a beginner, although you shouldn’t have back problems.


  • Usually cheap purchase price
  • Easy to store because you do not need much storage space


  • Not suitable for persons with back problems.
  • Not immediately suitable for beginners.

Floor trainer

As a beginner, you would do well to use a floor trainer, which is a U-shaped tube construction.

You place your upper body in the center of the abdominal trainer and hug the handles.

Padding is usually integrated into the neck and elbow area to avoid tension.

During the workout, your back and neck remain relaxed, and lie straight on the cushions.

During the exercises, you perform the classic movement of the sit-up but are supported by the device.

You strengthen not only your abs but also your back muscles.

Training with a floor trainer is gentle on your spine.

Some models have a small computer on which you can read the exercises you have done and the workout duration.

Unlike the abdominal bench, you don’t need much storage space for the floor trainer. Instead, the U-shaped steel tube is easy to fold or disassemble.

When buying, however, you should pay attention to the size information, as not every device is suitable for all body sizes.


  • As a beginner, you will do well in using this device.
  • You need little space to store the fitness equipment.
  • The workout is gentle on your intervertebral discs and your back.
  • The operation of the floor trainer is uncomplicated and straightforward.


  • Floor trainers are usually not so suitable for very tall users.
  • The rigid shape means there isn’t much variation when training.

What are the benefits of an abdominal trainer?

Ergonomic and comfortable aid for training the abdominal muscles

The advantage to this machine is that you can train different muscles and train in a good and effective way.

Many people choose to train abdominal muscles using an abdominal trainer. This is a good choice because it actually reduces the risk of injury!

Unlike the regular crunch on a yoga mat or fitness mat, training with an ab shaper, for example, is a lot easier and more comfortable.

The ergonomic design relieves pressure on your neck and back, and is an excellent tool for building abdominal muscles quickly for novices.

The more advanced athlete can use a professional machine to make the exercises heavier by adding weight plates and a barbell.

Training can be done whenever and wherever you want

An abdominal trainer is an added value in training the abdominal muscles for any level, and by having your own, you are no longer dependent on the gym’s opening hours.

You can train at any convenient time. Whether this is 15 minutes every day or a long training session every week, you will soon have visible results!

Various abdominal trainers are small enough so you can easily find a place in your home to store and use them.

You only need a mat to start the exercises with the floor trainer or the roller wheel.

The larger workout stations can also be set up within a short period, so nothing interferes with the training of the abdominal muscles.

The different types of ab trainers also have proven health benefits.

Also good for posture and against back pain, leading to better health

Abdominal trainers are considered varied fitness equipment that can be flexibly used as part of an overall muscle-building routine.

They are also suitable for physical therapy applications and are great for good posture and fighting back pain through strengthening the muscle.

Strength training for the abdominal muscles helps stabilize the torso and tighten the body.

This has both aesthetic and health reasons. For example, you can use abdominal training to reduce your abdominal girth if you want to lose weight.

Targeted abdominal training can avoid postural damage and reduce or prevent the associated negative consequences, providing you with an upright posture.


  • the back muscles are also strengthened and trained, and
  • the internal organs are better held in place and protected thanks to the muscles surrounding them like a protective envelope

This is also beneficial in two ways: it burns fat better, making you feel fitter and healthier, and making your body leaner.

However, losing weight with the abdominal trainer can only be successful if you also pay attention to your diet.

What should you look for when you want to buy an abdominal muscle machine?

Abdominal muscle trainers come in various shapes and sizes: from small to large adjustable abdominal benches and from home to professional use.

Before buying an abdominal trainer, it is essential to know how intensively and regularly you plan to use the abdominal trainer and how developed your abdominal muscles currently are.

As a beginner, you can start by purchasing a simple and relatively inexpensive abdominal trainer until you get used to training your abs.

When your abs are more developed, you can move on to a larger and more elaborate machine.

You’ll also want to consider space restrictions.

Small abdominal trainers, for example, can be easily stored after use.

What is currently the best abdominal trainer?

What is the best abdominal trainer depends on your training goal and experience.

Do you want to work on a tight, ‘bikini-proof’ belly without too many fat rolls?

Then take a look at abdominal exercise benches of the home use or intensive home use type. Several brands offer excellent value for money.

Consider a heavy-duty abdominal trainer if you plan to take your abdominal training to the next level.

Such an abdominal trainer makes it possible to make your crunches a lot heavier. For example, you can make your exercises harder with a kettlebell or medicine ball.

Are you an experienced athlete or athlete and would like to strengthen your abdominal muscles by training with a high-quality and professional abdominal machine?

Then a professional abdominal trainer is most likely what you need.

Such abdominal trainers can be weighted with weight plates to push yourself to the limit and get the best out of yourself!

Frequently asked questions about abdominal exercise equipment

Does an abdominal trainer make sense?

An ab trainer can be an excellent alternative to sit-ups, as they train your abs and other muscle groups depending on the model.

For example, did you know that the cause of back pain is often too-weak abdominal muscles?

Can I not eat any fat at all?

Many people who want to lose weight and belly fat go on strict diets and eliminate all fat.

This is partly because many nutritionists have given fat a bad name. Fat is said to be a fattener and harmful to the cardiovascular system.

But fats have their role within our bodies, and not all fats are bad.

Good fats help you feel satiated and contain valuable substances that actually help keep your heart and blood vessels supple and healthy.

Further down, you can read more about how nutrition can help you lose belly fat.

The important thing is to make sure you do get fats in, but just the good fats. Trans fats and saturated fats are to be avoided.

What is an abdominal trainer?

An abdominal trainer is a device that strengthens your abdominal muscles. You may have already tried this with sit-ups.

The common problem is that especially beginners get back pain because of the posture during exercises. With an abdominal trainer, the risk of improper movements is significantly lower.

In addition, you train only specific muscles when doing sit-ups. In contrast, you can strengthen multiple muscle groups when you train with a high-quality abdominal trainer.

Depending on the type of fitness equipment, you strengthen your abs and extend muscle training to other parts of the body.

Abdominal training is not just about a flat stomach. Your whole muscles are responsible for the proper functioning of your musculoskeletal system.

To walk upright, you need strong back muscles that also protect your bones.

How do I get a six-pack?

A woman’s muscles are less pronounced than men’s, so it is less easy for a woman to get a six-pack.

But most women are also satisfied with just a flat stomach.

It is the straight abdominal muscle that you see in a six-pack. This is a large muscle, with tendons running across it. It is these tendons that divide the muscle into pieces.

The thicker the muscle, the deeper the tendons are pulled into the muscle. This is how the six-pack shows up.

To make sure you get your six-pack, you will need to train well on strength and ensure your fat percentage is low enough (but beware of the risks of low body fat too).

It also depends on your physique. For example, some people have trouble building enough muscle for this, especially if you are petite.

Others have naturally rounded shapes and will not be able to gain visible muscle as easily.

It is better to reach a healthy weight that suits you, choose healthy foods, and get enough exercise.

A nice flat belly and a healthy fat percentage are more important than growing a six-pack. And abdominal exercise machines for overweight people will help you get there.

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How often should an abdominal trainer be used weekly?

You should exercise with the abdominal trainer every other day when building muscle.

Between these training days, your muscles need time to recover. However, your muscles also grow during these breaks.

If your body is still untrained, you should take longer breaks between training sessions in the beginning. Therefore, it is impossible to give a general answer to this question.

The training frequency depends on your fitness level, age, and training intensity.

How long should I train to get a flat stomach?

It would be helpful if there was a ready answer to this question. However, this depends on many factors:

  • How much you weigh.
  • Whether you adjust your diet as well.
  • How often and in what way you will train.

Some of the abdominal trainers come with a training schedule, and it may be helpful to start using that.

In any case, choose a training schedule that suits your experience level.

A good start may be to train three days of the week: On 1 day, do three different abdominal exercises, do 3 sets of 10 repetitions.

Tip: A great abdominal exercise that doesn’t require any equipment is the bicycle crunch, as detailed in our other post Air cycling exercise as abdominal workout: How-to tips

Foods that help you lose belly fat

When you start doing abdominal exercises, remember that exercises alone will not achieve your goal.

You won’t get a six-pack by just exercising a lot and not changing anything about your diet. Abdominal exercise machines for overweight people won’t give you abs without the right nutrition.

Because no matter how strong your abs become, if there’s a layer of fat over them, you won’t start to see them.

So it is essential to reduce your fat percentage by sticking to healthy eating rules and especially not too much.

What you eat primarily determines how much belly fat you have. Certain foods stimulate the creation of belly fat. These actually cause fat to be stored around the abdomen.

For example, one way of eating that helps burn fat is the low-carb diet.

Buy an abdominal trainer online or in-store?

Buying from sporting goods stores or specialty stores gives you the advantage of individual advice. However, you must go to a store with professionally trained staff to do this.

These specialist suppliers can explain the individual devices in detail and recommend the abdominal trainer that suits your training status.

In larger stores, you can also try out different devices.

Although you should trust the seller’s recommendations when buying locally, you can read customer reviews online.

There you will learn how effective the devices actually are in practice. You also have a much broader comparison option for many ab trainers.

There is no need to plan trips because you can easily view the devices online at any time.

The individual models are explained in more detail using the product descriptions, so you can clearly read everything necessary.

Abdominal exercise machines for overweight people: Conclusion

If you would like to have abs, abdominal exercises are the way to get it done, but it works even better to combine it with a change in your diet.

Start working out today with one of the abdominal exercise machines for overweight people, choose a healthy diet, and train on a vibration plate and you can lose a lot of belly fat in no time.

An added benefit is that strong abdominal muscles also help you maintain good posture, prevent lower back pain, and reduce fatigue!

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