Addicted to Cola: What to Do & How to Quit My Soda Addiction?

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Being addicted to cola is something that is more common than you think.

Addicted to Cola: What to Do & How to Quit My Soda Addiction?In general, a soft drink makes everyone happy at home, at work, or at a party.

As a general rule, the combination of sugar and caffeine are highly addictive. Positive marketing also has an unconscious effect on us. Sodas are full of sugars responsible for obesity, diabetes, and unhealthy teeth. Substituting soda with water infused with fresh mint and fruit can stop cravings.

A soft drink is something that makes some kids very happy. But countless adults are also die-hard fans of fizzy drinks.

Do you drink way too much soda every day and can’t stay without it? Then this article is definitely for you! Below, you will learn all about soft drink addiction and how to get rid of it.

Addicted to cola: Introduction

You know it’s actually not good for you, but you can still enjoy a nice glass of fresh cola or lemonade.

Especially caffeine-rich drinks can have an addictive effect. But thanks to the tips below, you’ll get rid of your addiction for good.

Soft drinks are tasty, but they are not top-notch for your health.

It’s bad for your teeth (my dentist says I’m better off with beer), it bloats, and sugary sodas don’t have a good effect on your weight either.

Are you a little addicted to fizzy drinks? Does your mouth water at the thought of a tall glass of soda with ice and lemon? Do you get up at night because you are thirsty and prefer cola to a glass of water? Then it may be that you are addicted.

What makes cola addictive?

Several factors can make sodas addictive.

As with alcohol, not everyone who drinks it becomes addicted to cola, but certain factors can cause someone to become addicted to it under certain circumstances.

Image and brand awareness

Soft drink advertising usually evocates feeling of happiness, friendship and belonging. Cola commercials are so strong that you may think you’ll feel happy by drinking them.

As advertisements try to pass this belief on to your subconscious, you may unconsciously reach for fizzy drinks during less happy or stressful periods.


Sodas contains an awful lot of sugar. And sugar has an addictive effect on people in that it gives us a happy feeling and even a brief spike in energy.

In an average glass of any cola, there are easily about 6 lumps of sugar, which is a high measure.

So if you like sweet things, you can definitely get addicted to soft drinks because of the sugar it contains.

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In addition to sugar, there is also caffeine. Caffeine gives you more energy, which may explain why this soft drink is so popular at parties. A soft drink gives you a boost thanks to the caffeine and makes you feel temporarily less tired.

By itself, there isn’t very much caffeine in sodas. Regular coffee contains more caffeine.

Caffeine, combined with a large amount of sugar, can cause you an addiction. And this makes you addicted.

Causes of soda addiction

So sodas contains some ingredients that you can get addicted to.

But the fact that not everyone is addicted shows that it is not a hard drug. But some people still get addicted, and we’ll see why.

A depressive period

In life, we all experience ups and downs, and so sometimes you suffer from a dip.

You often experience fatigue, decreased interest, lower energy, and more negative feelings during an unhappy period.

A scientific study has shown that people who occasionally suffer from depressive feelings will drink more cola and become addicted to fizzy drinks

This in itself is quite logical because you can get more energy from a chilled cola (but you can do the same with coffee).

Lack of self-confidence

Cola is also often drunk when there is a lack of self-confidence. Thus, someone who lacks self-confidence is more likely to drink cola.

In fact, when people feel bad about themselves, it can make them feel better. This also applies to an addiction to food, chocolate, sugar, and even drug addictions.

Sleep deprivation

Do you want a healthy body and plenty of perseverance? Then, you need adequate sleep, as it is vital for your body!

By not getting enough sleep, you’re more likely to reach for sugar and caffeine and thus more likely to opt for a soda instead of water. Before you know it, you’re addicted.

Go to bed on time and get enough sleep!


Soft drinks and stress are inextricably linked.

Do you want to stop drinking soda? And do you want to stop those cravings for sugar and stop experiencing them?

Then the first thing to do is to address your stress level.

Tackle stress and focus on plenty of moments of relaxation. It’s crucial to find a healthy balance between effort and relaxation, both professionally and personally!

What to do about cola addiction? Tips for getting rid of your soda addiction for good

Drinking more than 0.5 liquid gallons of soda per day can cause you to have too low a level of potassium in your body.

This can leave you with weakened muscles and eventually even paralysis. Of course, this is a very extreme scenario, but it can occur in severe cases.

Before this happens, you first suffer from hypertension because your kidneys don’t have enough potassium to maintain fluid regulation in your body.

Your body then becomes like an inflated water balloon, unable to deflate properly due to a lack of potassium.

Therefore, it is crucial to do something about your cola addiction.

Drink a different version

To cut down on sodas, it is essential to drink less of it. Slowly but surely reduce your daily intake.

Decaffeinated cola for less caffeine

In any case, drinking cola without caffeine will not give you your energy boost anymore.

This can already make cola a lot less attractive and addictive.

Chances are you’ll sleep better anyway because the caffeine won’t keep you awake, giving you more energy from the deeper and extra sleep.

Therefore, you are more likely to switch to a healthier drink than cola to get energy. For example, having a tea or coffee now and then won’t hurt.

Cola with stevia or aspartame

Because it is generally the sugar that makes cola so addictive, it is important to drink a version of cola that contains less sugar.

One particular brand is known to have a version that contains more stevia as a sweetener, which leaves “only” 2 lumps of sugar per glass in the drink.

Now you may think that diet sodas are healthier, but they have contain aspartame

Unfortunately, aspartame is also addictive and not so healthy either. So consider opting for the version with stevia, which is less unhealthy.

Switch to water or tea

Drinking too many sodas is very unhealthy, so you may decide to switch to something else immediately. You really are doing your body a favor when you switch to water or tea.

Do you find it difficult to quit? Try reducing your usage gradually.

For example, if you drink 0.8 liquid gallons of cola per day, start by consuming only 0.5 liquid gallons per day in the first week.

In the second week, you drink only 0.25 liquid gallons per day, and in the third week, 0.15 liquid gallons per day. Then, in the fourth week, you attempt to stop drinking cola altogether.

To still get enough fluids, replace the cola with water or tea (or a combination).

This also allows your kidneys to do their job better and may help you suffer less from high blood pressure.

Does your day start in the morning only after you finish a cup of coffee and then drink a few glasses of soda? Then there is a very good chance that you are addicted to caffeine.

It may seem like it gives you more energy, but you create a peak for a moment, and then the inevitable dip follows. If so, choose tea instead.

Don’t like tea? Then discover which flavor suits you. There are many different types and flavors, and there is a very good chance that you can find a tea variety that you really like!

Hypnosis to reduce urges

Cognitive therapy is often used to kick an addiction to soft drinks. Several scientific studies show that this works better when done while under hypnosis.

Various hypnosis techniques can be used to reduce and completely stop soda cravings.

Feelings that lead to the consumption of soda and sugar can then be examined, for example.

For example, do you feel guilt and open a soda bottle seeking comfort? Or are you stressed, and cola provides you with a brief moment of relaxation and recovery?

During hypnosis, you can find out why you are suffering from those feelings and how you can deal with the cause of those feelings differently.

In doing so, hypnotic suggestions, visualizations, and other techniques can help you reduce cravings. This allows you to get back to living a normal life without panicking when the last bottle runs out.

Build slowly

Of course, you can go “cold turkey” and decide to eliminate all soda from your life at once.

But just like a crash diet, there is a real chance that you will relapse.

If you drink several sodas a day, start drinking only one a day. After two weeks, you will drink only three soft drinks a week. And so on.

By tapering off slowly, you give yourself time to get used to it.

Don’t feel like drinking plain water? Then try a delicious infused water drink.

Read the labels of your drinks

It’s very confrontational, but a can of soda is high in calories and a bomb of sugar.

Not to mention all the ingredients that we don’t even really know what exactly they are.

Read the labels of soft drinks, and you will immediately be less inclined to drink them.

A light soft drink may not contain calories, but it’s not very healthy either.

Keep a drink diary and note how many sodas you drank, how many calories, and what ingredients it corresponds to. You’ll get more understanding of how harmful it is.

By the way, did you know that drinking more water burns more calories than drinking soda?

Start with a glass of water

Put yourself in the habit of drinking a large glass of water before having your soda.

In other words, are you in the mood for soda? First, take a big glass of water and down it entirely.

Are you thirsty afterward? Then first, ask yourself if you really still feel like drinking soda and if it’s really worth it.

Make sure you always have a water bottle in your pocket.

Pimp your glass of water with a natural flavor. A few slices of cucumber or a slice of orange or lemon can already improve the taste of your water in a low-calorie way.

Frozen berries or fresh mint leaves also make drinking a fresh glass of water more enjoyable.

Special occasions

Never drinking soda again is unrealistic and unnecessary. Stay realistic.

But make it a habit to drink water by default and keep the soft drinks for special occasions, just like alcohol or junk food, in other words.

Replacing your soda with water has many benefits for your body. You may sin once in a while, but keep these moments limited and reserve them for special occasions.

Set achievable goals

For many, it is difficult to completely stop drinking soft drinks in one sitting. That’s okay.

Set achievable goals for yourself, this way, you will have more success in the long run.

Do you drink a lot of soda in a day? Then limit yourself to one a day at first, and then you can continue to scale back.

Choose good replacements

Replace soda with other drinks. Water, of course, is the best option and you can spruce it up with some fruit or mint and cucumber.

Giving in to sugar now and then is allowed

Once you’re weaning yourself off soft drinks, there’s a real chance that you’ll experience withdrawal symptoms.

Chances are you’ll suffer from headaches, and your hands will shake. There is also a chance that you will become cranky and bad-tempered.

At times, you won’t even be able to resist sugar. That is not a problem but choose a healthier option than soda.

Think berries, apples, dates, or even a piece of dark chocolate. These items do not disrupt your blood sugar as sugary sodas do.

Why drinking too much soda is so bad

You know that soda has a negative reputation with every nutrition expert by now. But why is that, really?

Well, soda is actually a sugar bomb in your body. Those sugars can cause diseases such as dementia, diabetes, depression, cancer, metabolic syndrome, obesity, and unhealthy teeth. Moreover, they are very addictive and thus not a good idea.

The light and zero soft drinks that contain little or no sugar are also a bad idea as these include sugar substitutes that are bad for you.

A study published in The American Hearts Association magazine found that if you drink even one can of diet soda a day, you are up to 3 times more likely to have a stroke or dementia later in life.

Moreover, such sugar substitutes and the sweet taste will fool your brain! After all, your brain thinks it ingests real sugar, so even these fake sugars become a dangerous addiction.

Your body then starts craving sweet flavors and ingredients again. And so you can no longer resist that chocolate, candy, cookies, or those sugary cereals.

Some facts about Coca-Cola

Of course, the world famous soda Coca-Cola has also acquired negative connotations in some areas over the years. Obesity has become a significant problem in the United States, and sugary soft drinks are the enemy in this context.

One can of Coca-Cola equals more than 7 teaspoons of sugar. Officially, that is about what is recommended per day maximum for an adult.

According to the guidelines, drinking one can of Coca-Cola means that you should not consume any additional sugar for the rest of the day.

Therefore, as an alternative to the real thing, a “diet version” came on the market in 1982. Coca-Cola Light was born and became a sugar-free variant (the drink did have its own distinct flavor).

Since 2006, there has also been Coca-Cola Zero on the market. Unlike the “light” version, the taste of this drink better approximates that of the original.

Actually, there are not many differences between the two low-calorie versions. Zero might even have been primarily a marketing stunt to appeal to men since the Light version was more likely to be associated with women anyway.

The inventor of the drink, John Pemberton, was an American physician and pharmacist. In 1869, he also began selling liquor.

Pemberton’s French Wine Coca was based on a European drink developed from wine and extract from the leaves of the coca plant. This means cocaine was originally incorporated into Coca-Cola.

After all, cocaine was still a widespread ingredient in drugs at that time. For example, the drink was served to promote sexual drive and treat digestive problems.

In 1885, his hometown of Atlanta banned the sale of alcohol, after which Pemberton decided to replace wine with sugar syrup.

Cocaine would remain in the soft drink as an ingredient until 1905, immediately explaining its current name although cocaine has thus long ceased to be an ingredient in Coca-Cola.

Addicted to cola: Conclusion

Breaking habits is not easy. Drinking a soft drink every now and then should be okay.

But if you drink several glasses of it a day, you’d better cut back. Soft drinks have a more negative effect on our bodies than eating a high-calorie dessert.

They may contain fewer calories than desserts and other sweets but those liquid calories do not register optimally in the brain. Therefore the liver may store them as fat.

In the long run, drinking excessive soda can damage your liver.

Drinking some now and then is not a problem in itself. But are you noticing signs of addiction? Then it’s urgent time to act and drastically reduce your cola consumption!

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