Anticellulite massage: How to do it, 3 custom options and DIY tips

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An anticellulite massage you can do at home? In your own time? Cheaply? Absolutely.

Anticellulite massage: How to do it, 3 custom options and DIY tipsThe trick is to know how and when to massage in order to get rid of that horrible orange peel

As a general rule, anticellulite massages need a professional, but that’s not to say it can’t be done at home. With the right technique and knowledge, you can make treatments part of your everyday life. Essential oils and technique are easy to acquire and produce incredible results.

Cellulite likes to settle on five specific areas: thighs, stomach, hips, buttocks and knees, which may seem overwhelming to anyone who is starting out.

The reality is that it is really quite simple once you know how.

The 3 anticellulite massage techniques

Good news, you can learn three perfect anticellulite massage techniques:

  • Kneading
  • The palpate-roll
  • Sliding pressure

For maximum effect, you could combine all three. Each technique contributes to dislodging dimpled skin and acts in depth on the skin. Just be patient.

After one week of daily exercise, you will already see a change. Your skin will be more toned and less lumpy.

Kneading to sculpt your figure

It improves venous circulation and sculpts the silhouette.

The movement allows you to work in-depth on the body areas where fat is lodged and relax the muscles to break and melt the fat cells.

The right frequency? 20 to 25 minutes a day for 2 weeks, then 3 times a week for maintenance.

The palpate-roll that improves microcirculation

The palpate-roll promotes microcirculation. The targeted areas, especially the thighs and belly, are immediately firmed up.

Aim for 20 to 25 minutes a day for 14 days as a shock treatment, before continuing your efforts 4 times a week.

Sliding pressure to eliminate toxins

Thanks to a tonic effleurage, this technique helps to eliminate toxins and to firm up the epidermis.

The ideal technique for fewer firm areas, such as the stomach or thighs.

20 to 25 min per day for 2 weeks before spacing out to 3 times per week in maintenance session should do it.

Some anticellulite massage tips

  • Insisting on a specific area is good, but the slimming massage must be taken as a whole for maximum effectiveness. For example, if your cellulite is located on the thighs, you should massage the whole of your legs, starting from the feet and working up to the waist.
  • By kneading and kneading, the fat cells are more quickly dislodged.
  • Best anticellulite essential oils
    • Essential oil of cedar of the Atlas (Cedrus atlantica). It has a lipolytic action (melts fat) and helps to remove cellulite. Mix 3 drops with 20 drops of macadamia vegetable oil.
    • Essential oil of thyme with linalool (Thymus vulgaris L. linaloliferum). It firms the tissues and helps to melt fat. Mix 3 drops with 20 drops of macadamia vegetable oil.
  • No cheating on time! The massage should last at least 25 minutes (ideally 30 minutes) to be effective.
  • Before massaging, wake up your circulation with a tonic friction by using a horsehair glove or a washcloth in which you put some coarse salt and a mixture of macadamia oil. This mixture is known for its restructuring and nourishing properties and tonic lymphatic action that reduces cellulite. Also add some drops of essential oil of cypress and lemon. This is a technique that will stimulate blood circulation and accentuate the effects of the massage.
  • The key to success? Consistency. 3 sessions of 25 to 30 minutes per week are necessary to obtain quick results.

A roadmap for anticellulite massage

  • Nothing prevents you from massaging yourself without cream or oil, but the effects are increased tenfold with the right product. Look for an anticellulite massage device to help.
  • Alternate the three movements for more efficiency and to avoid getting tired too quickly during massage time.
  • Start from the ankle and gradually work your way up to the hips to stimulate blood circulation to eliminate fat cells.

Self-massage to fight cellulite

Self-massages have an infinite number of variations and combinations, depending on your desires and your tactile creativity.

Day after day, create your own well-being bubble with feel-good rituals, send good vibes to your body and enjoy all the benefits of massage.

Pampering yourself will become a way of life, and is conducive to a better quality of life.

Healthy food, soft methods, nice smells and a whole relaxing lifestyle to cultivate that will have a great effect all over.

The benefits of self-massage

  • You have the freedom to try out different movements and change your routine to vary the fun.
  • It’s free, so why deprive yourself of true happiness when it is within reach?
  • You can customize your massage and stay on an area for as long as you like, with no time constraints or protocols to follow.
  • You are in the best position to feel exactly where your hands need to go to relax quickly.

How to self-massage for cellulite

Not everyone has a masseur on call.

Self-massage is the solution. A tête-à-tête with your body can help you better understand its limits and regulate its tensions.

Every part of the body can be massaged. The most important thing is to find a comfortable position that doesn’t hurt.

Some important keys to self-massage:

Check the pressure you put on

Often, beginners don’t dare to go too hard for fear of hurting themselves.

We assure you that as your sensory experiences progress, you will increase the pressure.

With better control of the movements, you have more confidence and the more relaxed you are, the more daring you are!

It’s a virtuous circle, if you like.

It is wiser to start with low pressure and gradually increase it. This is the best way to avoid rushing your body and test your sensitivity, which can vary from day to day.

A journey of self-discovery

During these sessions, you explore the map of your body, its sensitive areas and tensions, but also its favorite relaxation areas.

You will discover new territories. At first, you may hate to dwell on your neck, which is painful due to tension.

And then, little by little, you’ll love this instantly soothing ritual. So be patient and listen carefully to your body, you could be in for a nice surprise.

Adopt the massage to your mood

Are you in a good mood? Give yourself more time.

Not in a good mood? Go for a short massage if you are completely down by targeting just a few points, but without tiring yourself further.

Trust your gut feeling

Above all, a massage is a sequence of movements; the keyword is fluidity.

Don’t focus on learning sequences by heart, which would block the given rhythm. Instead, a good masseur goes by his or her feeling.

OK, the theory is important but it’s just as good to quickly detach from it and know how to improvise!

And why not invent your own techniques and sequences that suit your sensitivity?

A massage is a space of freedom for the body, trust your hands and intuition!

Tip: Speaking of following your gut feeling, massages can also help relieve constipation, more on that in our other article: Abdominal massage to stimulate bowel movements: Tips & techniques to relieve constipation

Anticellulite massage: Conclusion

The liberty of a self made anticellulite massage is not to be under estimated.

It’s another way of getting to know your body, and at the same time, reap the mental and physical benefits. And best of all? It’s free and you’re not bound by time!

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