Are air beds good for heavy people?

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Are air beds good for heavy people?

Are air beds good for heavy people?Actually, some do prefer them for the simple reason that they provide extra cushioning and more support around the abdomen and hips, allowing for a more comfortable night’s rest.

Are air beds good for heavy people? Introduction

Some plus-size folks worry that inflatable mattresses will hurt their back. If it does, it’s unlikely that it is due to the mattress since an inflatable can trouble heavy and slim folks alike.

Try your best to match the level of softness of your standard bed mattress to avoid any pain.

If a soft mattress currently works best, then think about inflating the blow-up mattress to just 85% of its maximum capacity, so it will be softer.

Alternatively, if a firm bed is best for you, add a little additional air or consider a double pump air mattress to keep things level all night.

In many cases, a blow-up mattress can, in fact, enhance back pain, and we know of cases where it’s happened.

What makes an air bed good for heavy people?

Here are some of the features and characteristics that add to a fantastic, durable air mattress.

The top finish of the air bed

Whatever the top material is, it should satisfy two criteria: it should be comfortable while not making the user sweaty, and it should hold your sheets in place.

Many good-quality air mattresses have a suede top that performs both functions well.

Whatever you choose, avoid any all-rubber bed mattresses like the plague.

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Electric pump is usually included

Do you want to just unwind or perhaps fit in a workout right before going to bed? Then you’ll enjoy the benefit of having a pump compatible with the air bed.

As plus-size folks, we require thicker mattresses, which means a lot of air volume! Having an electrical pump or an integrated one is not an unnecessary luxury.

We strongly suggest that when choosing an air bed, make sure it includes an electrical pump that can do the trick in a matter of minutes.

Tip: If you plan on using the air bed instead of a camping bed on camping trips, it might be a good idea to check if it’s also possible to inflate the blow-up mattress with a foot pump, just in case there’s no electricity.

Also, you may have to top up your air mattress during your trip. For more information, check our other article Why do air mattresses deflate overnight?

Ensure the air mattress has an internal structure of air pillars

To really get the most out of it, your heavy-duty air mattress must have an internal support system.

These air coils are also called air pillars or air columns and give your body the support it needs. Not all air mattresses have this.

The more affordable choices usually have horizontally running air chambers, which aren’t ideal, particularly for a heavy individual.

These inflatables are usually seen with a substantial bubble in the middle. This is the air trying to escape due to the bed not having internal air coils.

With an air coils system, the air travels up and down these coils, which serve as support beams underneath your body.

They contour to your shape and offer even support. The horizontal chambers on the more affordable models do not.

Even when you rest on the edge of a premium blow-up mattress with an internal air coil system, the bed won’t collapse.

You have enough support to sit on the edge of the airbed, even as a much heavier individual.

We think that is among the very best features of a heavy-duty air mattress. It certainly makes it easier getting in and out of bed.

High weight capacity

When buying plus-size items, always look for an item that can take more than you need.

Consider how, when setting yourself down, you’re putting extra weight (and pressure) on your bed mattress.

Play it safe and get an inflatable mattress that is ranked for at least 600 pounds or 15 to 20% more than the weight of whoever will be on it, whichever is greater.

We must mention that not all manufacturers give out the mattress’s weight capacity.

Some may be suitable for heavy individuals, but that does not mean you should be the guinea pig!

That’s why when picking an air mattress, make sure that it features a specific weight capability from the manufacturer that’s supported by online reviews.

The height of the air mattress

If the air mattress is too near the floor, it will be more challenging to get up in the morning, whatever your weight.

Plus-size people, in particular, will benefit from picking an air mattress that is high and thick, making it much easier to get on and off.

Are air beds good for heavy people? Conclusion

Are air beds good for heavy people? Air mattresses can be great for heavy people.

Just make sure you get a sturdy air mattress that is thicker and deeper to ensure you have a great experience throughout the night.

Even plus-size individuals can find suitable air mattresses to change your sleep for the better.

When initially using your brand new air bed, inflate it and leave it for 24 hours without sleeping on it.

During these 24 hours, the mattress may become a little soft, after which you can add more air to broaden and stretch the material as much as possible.

This will enhance its firmness, and laying on it for the first night will further stretch and boost its firmness even more if you are a much heavier person like we are.

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