Are electric bikes better than normal bikes for a cycling holiday?

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Are electric bikes better than normal bikes for a cycling holiday? The truth is that it depends on your journey.

Are electric bikes better than normal bikes for a cycling holiday?If you intend to go on a long journey, an electric bike is much more restrictive.

You’ll have to make sure that you can plug in and charge.

There’s no way to use an electric bike with a dead battery, unless you enjoy pedaling a dead weight around.

Are electric bikes better than normal bikes for a cycling holiday? Introduction

Choosing for a traditional bike trip or an electric bike trip?

This is a question which can pose something of a dilemma, because it will affect the whole trip.

So we thought that we’d do the research and give you some tips.

Tip: Regardless of your choice of bike, make sure to choose a comfortable bike seat as it will make all the difference after a couple of hours in the saddle, check out our top bike seats guide for heavy folks.

Are electric bikes better than normal bikes for a cycling holiday? Advantages of traveling by electric bicycle

More difficult routes are possible

With an electric bike, you can take on a route that is beyond your own physical limits.

It’s great to get to places that you might not have been able to see easily or appreciate properly because physical limitations.

The electric bike adds a real plus to the trip.

Not only enthusiasts start to travel by bike

What’s great about the arrival of the electric bike is that it makes bicycle touring possible for newbies, who didn’t think it was possible.

For example, it is a great opportunity for untrained retirees to hit the road without too many issues.

The electric bike allows you not to suffer on the way up.

Weight won’t be a burden, and therefore, it changes braking necessities.

It has been proven that electric cycling keeps people in good shape and is good for the breath and the heart.

Seeing people having fun on their electrically-assisted bicycles is great!

And that’s always one less person in a car and one more person on a bike, which is always positive.

Transport of heavier loads

The electric bike opens up possibilities for families or single parents with small children.

It is true that the added weight to carry children makes a massive difference. for the children are often heavy.

Added to that are other bags, also called panniers.

Traveling by electric bike makes it easier to carry all that load. And there has been no shortage of development in this area in recent years.

Trekking bikes are developing and improving.

There are dozens of reasons why we recommend an electric bike. And we are not here to judge anyone, quite the contrary.

But before you pull out your credit card, we need to consider some significant disadvantages.

Are electric bikes better than normal bikes for a cycling holiday? The disadvantages of an electric bike trip

The ecological impact of the electric bicycle

There is an underlying issue with this increasing presence of electrically assisted bicycles in our neighborhoods: ecology.

Even if the manufacturing processes of traditional travel bikes aren’t perfect, the bike can last almost a lifetime.

They also have a limited impact on the environment.

Electric bicycles make us pay much more for a bike that in 10 years will no longer have any value on the market.

For example, if the battery has a problem and the bike switches off every 5 minutes.

And that’s without counting the problems of extraction linked to the rare materials used in the battery, the problems of recycling these batteries, the need for electrical energy that is not always clean.

In short, it’s not pretty. But it’s still better than other means of transportation, that’s for sure.

A journey to the rhythm of the battery autonomy

With a battery, it’s no longer a question of allowing our body dictate the ride.

Even at a minimum, the electric bike uses its battery because it has to be turned on to ride and react like a traditional bike.

It feels like pushing an old pedal moped with added luggage when the battery runs out.

In the middle of a pass, the ascent becomes complicated.

In the middle of a bike path the bike can be faster than you’d like.

Dependence on electricity

The need to recharge the battery is the biggest drawback of traveling by electric bicycle.

Bicycle touring is popular because it offers a certain freedom of movement.

You have complete autonomy and the possibility to go far without depending on anyone.

If the autonomy of electric bikes increases over the years, it still corresponds to about a good day of cycling.

With this, electric bike trips involving camping take a whole new form and become complicated (preparations for a tent camping trip should not be underestimated).

That effectively puts an end to wilderness trips.

You will have to look for an electrical outlet at some point to recharge the batteries.

The dependence on electricity hooks us into the modern world.

In addition, there is the cost that accompanies the need for electricity: housing, campgrounds, etc.

Limited access to transportation

Electric bicycles are often prohibited on planes and buses, though this may get better in future.

It’s already complicated with a normal bike, but now it’s very complicated.

The bus is a good (or even the only) alternative to a train.

But in case of emergency, a plane trip is sometimes necessary.

You also have to factor in the weight of the bike. That will add expense and complicate matters further.

Choosing for a traditional bike trip or an electric bike trip? Conclusion

Both types of bikes can take you a long way. The choice will be made according to your trip.

If you don’t want to adhere to a particular itinerary, or be bothered by finding charging points, then you have to go with a traditional bike.

On the other hand, electric bikes will help those who are less physically fit, and are great if you’re carrying some bags around.

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