Are gaming chairs more comfortable than office chairs?

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Are gaming chairs more comfortable than office chairs and is there a substantial difference between the two in terms of ergonomics and posture?

are gaming chairs more comfortable than office chairsIt makes no difference if you’re a skilled gamer or just a workaholic…

You know you’re spending an excessive amount of time every day sitting down.

If you’re into gaming, you’ve probably wondered whether you should pick out a video gaming chair or just go for a basic office one.

On the other hand, if you’re not a gamer but looking for the right seat for you, we’re sure you’ve been tempted by some fantastic gaming chairs on the market.

Are gaming chairs more comfortable than office chairs? Introduction

We understand the dilemma you might be facing.

So we decided to showcase the differences between a gaming chair and the more common, ergonomic office chair.

We want to make sure that you have a complete understanding of your options to choose the very best in terms of health, comfort and budget.

In all honesty, there is much more at play than meets the eye.

So before pulling out your credit card, keep searching to determine just which design is best suited to you.

What is the definition of a gaming chair?

There isn’t a definitive guide to what actually determines what makes a chair a, well, a gaming chair.

As is true of many things, its definition is continuously evolving as consumer tastes and expectations change.

But don’t despair. We’ve compiled a list of key style features often found in gaming chairs.

These will help you make the distinction between a gaming chair and an office one:

  • Non-adjustable headrest
  • Eye-catching colors
  • Winged backrest
  • Bucket seat
  • Seat edge, which is frequently raised
  • Backrest with a high degree of recline
  • Removable pillows for back support
  • Typically 3D or armrests that are higher than those found on office chairs

Keep these in mind, and you’ll sniff out a video gaming chair from a mile away.

If you compare gaming chairs and office chairs by using this list, you’ll find that those meant for an office are a lot softer in colors and style, with seats and backrests being more practical than anything else.

And this brings us neatly to the million-dollar 💵 question:

If you’re a gamer, which type of chair should you go for?

To help you decide, let’s analyze each part of a typical gaming chair to see how it compares to a standard workplace chair in terms of what really matters: Ergonomics.

Ergonomic distinctions between gaming and office chairs

Ergonomically speaking, a top-of-the-range office chair for heavy people will beat the same level gaming chair when sitting down.

A regular office chair will support a broader range of sitting positions because of its raised sides. While a gaming chair restricts these same motions.

Likewise, a good office chair with a waterfall edge seat will beat a gaming chair with a raised edge hands down.

A significant amount of evidence, backed by studies, shows the importance of external lumbar pillows for good posture and convenience.

Since these pillows are detachable and often height adjustable, gaming chairs are more versatile than standard office chairs that usually have a fixed lumbar pillow.

It is, however, pertinent to point that higher-end office chairs are still superior to their gaming counterparts in providing back and neck support, since they adapt to the user’s back movements.

A winged backrest can significantly add to the video gaming experience. However, from an ergonomic point of view, gaming chair somewhat restrict the user’s upper body.

For example, larger people might also feel more cramped in a chair with wings. Read Are gaming chairs wide? for more interesting insights and tips on this particular topic.

Instead, plus-size people should look for larger video gaming chairs that better accommodate their weight and body (specific furniture for plus-size individuals is the solution!).

Headrests are usually a good idea if you tend to lean back and gaming chairs do have the advantage of allowing a reasonable range for that.

A high reclining backrest will also lessen the back and neck pain in both the short and long term.

Video gaming chairs usually come with more adjustable armrests than basic workplace chairs, which is good news.

Read our related article Do gaming chairs cause bad posture? to learn more about gaming chairs and their effect on your posture.

Gaming chairs versus office chairs: Conclusion

What’s the final verdict? Should you buy a gaming or a standard workplace chair?

Naturally, we understand that everyone has their own particular preferences.

You can draw your own conclusions based on the above analysis, but here’s our takeaway from a strictly ergonomic standpoint:

The container seats and winged backrests typical to gaming chairs may not be your best bet.

Keep in mind, however, that you can negate this by getting a premium large gaming chair for big men.

If you’re not keen on spending too much, remember gaming chairs are more ergonomic than budget office chairs.

Even the most inexpensive ones boast the fundamentals of a good ergonomic chair, with lumbar pillows, full reclining, backrest, and 2D or 3D armrests.

On the other hand, with a more generous budget, you’ll come to realize that ergonomic office chairs compare very favorably to others.

There’s a broader range of styles compared to gaming chairs. They can prove to be somewhat innovative, with 3D headrests, dynamic back assistance, and more.

In any case, we hope that the details we’ve given you will help you choose your next chair.

And remember, think of the long-term benefits as well as your pocket.

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