Are gaming chairs wide? And are they suitable for wide hips?

Megan Smith
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Are gaming chairs wide? Are there any models for people with wider hips?

If you happen to have wide hips, we understand that shopping for a gaming chair can be somewhat intimidating.

are gaming chairs wideIt’s most likely that if you’re reading this, the chair you’re sitting on has no side cushioning.

And you’re condemned to sitting on a chair with thin cushioning for hours on end…

So we’ve heard you and gone on a quest to find you some tips to take the pain out of your subsequent pleasure. Read on!

Are gaming chairs wide? Introduction

We discovered that most gaming chairs with wide seats have a minimum seat height series of around 18 or 19 inches.

This is not ideal for plus-size individuals with short legs. And we’re not happy about this so here’s something to help!

Consider gaming chairs for broad hips!

Gaming chairs for wide hips are wide enough to adequately accommodate hips that typically can’t fit into traditional gaming chairs.

Features of wide video gaming chairs

We’re all different. We come in all shapes and sizes, and for that reason alone, we need different chairs.

Gaming chairs for large hips have broad seats to fit wider hips, accommodate larger bodies, and have higher weight limitations.

Some seats may have extra cushioning for comfort. Gaming chairs can rotate, move up and down, and recline.

In short, ergonomic gaming chairs work to lessen the impact on your body and fit your body’s shape and posture.

Physical video gaming chair advantages for heavy users

The spine carries the bulk of your weight. The spinal column handles your weight distribution during both rest and more active moments.

With excess weight, the spine needs to bear a greater burden.

The typical result is bad posture and slouching, which compresses the ribs. That compression adds more pressure on the curve in the lower spinal column.

At the same time, it weakens your abdominal muscle, and damaged stomach muscles force the pelvis to tilt forward.

This all serves to aggravate an already bad posture.

The result? Debilitating neck and back pain and restricted movement is the outcome.

Being in a video gaming chair can reverse this process.

It makes you sit in a better position, giving you a better posture and lessening your back and neck pressure.

It also strengthens your core muscles.

Gradually, the simple use of a gaming chair will yield many advantages such as deeper breathing, better blood circulation, looser limbs, and increased vigor.

Key physical advantages

Lower pressure on the hips

Video gaming chair seats come with additional thick cushioning which decreases pressure on the hips, buttocks, and thighs.

Alleviate neck discomfort

Are gaming chairs more comfortable than office chairs? In terms of neck support for sure!

Standard office chairs do not offer neck support so sitting in such an office chair throughout the whole day is bad for your body and posture.

In contrast, gaming chairs come with adjustable neck pillows that take the pressure off your neck while in a sedentary position.

Avoid back pain

Sitting improperly for prolonged hours puts strain on your spine, leading to back discomfort, fatigue, and facilitating slouching.

Conversely, gaming chairs support the back by using an industry-standard backrest system that keeps the spine in a correct alignment.

Lean back in a gaming chair’s backrest to lock into the best ergonomic positioning.

Tips to choose a wide gaming chair

What should a gaming chair have and what are really important features?

You must undoubtedly start off by making sure that you fit in your new chair.

Measure your hips and weigh yourself, and proceed to choose a chair that can accommodate you.

After that, look for convenience. Seek a chair with excellent cushioning, and look for adjustable height if you’re shorter or taller than average.

Ergonomic video gaming chairs are optimal for your body, but you must ensure that the chair serves your measurements.

The best gaming chair for plus-size users is subjective

Whether you’re on a strict budget or splashing your cash, make sure that you go for a model that is spacious, durable and comfortable.

We do ask you to seriously consider paying more for comfort and some of the functions. Don’t pay through the nose for something basic.

Chairs for the bigger person, whatever the cost, must always offer excellent comfort and posture over a prolonged period.

Most basic video gaming chairs have a maximum weight capability between 240 to 320 pounds.

Heavier users with wider proportions can purchase a bigger gaming chair with more pronounced backrests and seats.

Such chairs also feature heavy-duty, extra-reinforced parts to support heavier loads over more extended periods.

Finding the very best gaming chair for big guys and your plus-size body depends on your requirements.

For extreme full-time computing, we feel that you should pay more for a model that offers premium cushioning and ergonomic functions.

A cheaper model will work fine if you only need it for a few hours a week.

Are gaming chairs wide? Conclusion

To recapitulate: The first thing to search for is a gaming chair that fits you properly.

Measure your hips and compare that measurement to a new video gaming chair.

Weigh yourself and make sure your new chair can hold your weight.

The next thing to look for is convenience and ergonomics. The more flexible options offered on your chair, the better.

You may wish to have a customized chair to satisfy your requirements.

Everyone has various needs for a gaming chair. Don’t worry if you have broader hips or are taller or shorter than usual.

We encourage you to keep searching for the right one because you really deserve it!

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