Are reclining sofas bad for your back?

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We often hear about the harmful effects of sitting for too long. So the question “Are reclining sofas bad for your back?” regularly pops up among our plus-size readers!

are reclining sofas bad for your backExperts have already warned us that a sedentary lifestyle increases the risk of cardiovascular disease and diabetes.

Many studies have shown that an inactive lifestyle could increase the likelihood of experiencing several health problems, including insomnia, musculoskeletal disorders, cognitive impairment, and cardiovascular problems.

Are reclining sofas bad for your back? Introduction

What about recliner chairs, those easy chairs that seduce folks into putting their feet up?

Can reclining couches help to relieve pain and back issues?

The last time we looked, they lessened the tension from our backs, eased neck pain, and offered a quick way to relax…

When is a recliner chair good for your back?

Reclining chairs are convenient if you’re recovering from surgical treatment.

Anyone who had shoulder surgery, for example, might feel better while relaxing in a reclining chair. The reclining chair keeps the shoulder raised.

Reclining chairs are also great for those who spend a lot of time on their feet. Excessive standing puts stress on the back.

Think of a busy day on your feet and then coming home to sink gratefully on your recliner. I bet you can already feel that back pain leaving you.

But a word of warning: Your recliner, just like a pair of trainers, has to fit you properly.

If it doesn’t support your lower back, you could end up doing yourself more harm.

If you’re buying a brand-new recliner, take note of how your lower back feels while you’re trying it out.

For more interesting buying tips we like to refer to our related article what to know before buying a recliner?

It’s most likely going to worsen your back problems if there’s too little support in your lumbar region.

You might even start suffering from niggling pains in places where you didn’t have them before.

When can a reclining sofa be bad for your back?

Recliners have their benefits, but they’re just not useful for individuals who sit for excessively long periods.

Imagine lolling all day on a reclining chair, in front of the tv, spending hours and hours on it daily.

It’s certainly not good for you, and it’s not the recliner’s fault either.

Intense use also causes the recliner to wear out more quickly. Read Do recliners last long? for more in-depth info on this.

One drawback to having a great recliner is the temptation to use it constantly, and some of us really don’t need that sort of encouragement.

We need to increase our activity levels and improve our nutrition.

Some of us opt for surgery, but that is not going to treat the root of the problem.

Altering your lifestyle, however, will improve your body mass index and general health.

Are reclining sofas bad for your back? Conclusion

Firstly, you need to read our Best recliners guide for large guys if you are plus-size or very large.

Secondly, you need to understand that the problem often lies with the user himself.

The fact is that if you sit too much, the problem is going to stay the same whichever chair you’re using.

We weren’t made to just sit down all day.

So make sure that your recliner moments are cherished moments in a busy lifestyle.

Don’t overdo it with relaxing and avoid a sedentary lifestyle.

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