Heather Campbell

About Heather


  • Husband: Will
  • Children: Jack, Timothy, Claire
  • Hobbies: running, writing, sewing
  • Oregon, USA

I’m the proud mother of 3 children: Jack, Timothy and Claire. Thanks to my supportive husband Will, I’m able to combine work with family and hobbies!

With my hobbies 🏃‍♀️ running, writing, and sewing, 3 children, social obligations, and my work as nutritionist for young children in Oregon, I know from personal experience it is no easy task to put healthy meals on the table at the same time.

I contribute to the Plus Size Zeal website as I want to guide several plus-size readers and want to help them overcome typical difficulties (practical and emotional) while focusing on body positivity and positive thinking.

My field of specialization is science-based nutritional advice but more importantly, it is my goal to share capturing and inspiring stories, examples and solutions which can help plus-size individuals overcome their specific difficulties.

To summarize: I want to make plus-size individuals feel better by communicating hope and positive vibes.