Megan Smith

About Megan

Founder &
Chief Editor

  • Husband: Andrew
  • Children: Charlotte, James, Jacob
  • Dog: Dakota
  • Pennsylvania, USA

Megan has been fighting overweight and her plus size since her teenage years.

She has tried all types of remedies including weight loss programs, medication, drugs, probiotics, anti-cellulite creams, fat burners, diet programs, diet pills, herbal weight loss supplements, fitness machines, motivational podcasts, audio programs, etc. and nothing helped to really live her life to the fullest.

She started doing thorough research through various research journal papers from top-tier universities and research centers and realized one’s mindset, diet and a positive lifestyle have the highest impact on being overweight and its consequences.

Megan founded Plus Size Zeal to share her findings. She also developed various detailed buying guides for plus-size people in order to make their lives easier and more comfortable. 

According to Megan, changing your mindset from within is the way to ensure you embrace and accept your body and focus on self-love and a happy plus-size life.

Megan lives near Philadelphia (Pennsylvania) with her husband Andrew, their three young children Charlotte, James, and Jacob and Dakota, their lovely Golden Retriever who prefers wet food to dry food. 😋

Megan runs this website part-time and works as a freelance editor for several local and national media outlets.