Benefits of mini trampoline exercise: Reasons to start rebounding

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The benefits of mini trampoline exercise are as amazing as the fun you can have by using one.

Benefits of mini trampoline exercise: Reasons to start reboundingWith the mini trampoline, you can quickly build up your muscles and, above all, have fun.

As a whole, the benefits of mini trampoline exercise are becoming more evident. It’s a stress-buster, muscle toner, fat burner and a full-body workout that releases endorphins. It is also increasingly recommended for the older generation to work on the abdomen and back for better stability.

The mini trampoline is being retailed at increasingly affordable prices, a sign that the accessory is becoming more popular.

Read on to learn why jumping around on a piece of fabric is so popular and you’ll be pleasantly surprised!

Benefits of mini trampoline exercise: Introduction

The mini trampoline has a great fan base, of all ages, who choose to jump on springs or elastics, in the gym, in the garden, or in the living room.

Many fitness clubs offer rebounding, trampoline, jump tonic, or jumping based on the same principle: bouncing on a jumping mat.

The sessions are pretty intense and composed of various movements choreographed to music most of the time.

Scissors, jumping jacks, knee raises, squats, side jumps, balance moves… The combinations can be a challenge, but at the end of a session, everyone agrees on the same result! It makes you sweat and it feels great.

If you have never tasted the joys of bouncing about, explore the virtues of the “rebound” effect.

Good reasons to adopt the mini trampoline

To let off steam

There’s nothing like a little mini trampoline session to get the day’s tensions out of the air.

In 30 or 45 minutes, you forget about the hassles of the office and concentrate on your movements.

The stress is gone and the good endorphins (pleasure hormones) are released with a soothing effect. Perfect at lunchtime to return to work relaxed.

It makes you slim gently

Thanks to the flexibility of the elastics, the effort is done gently and deeply. This makes it easier to extend the exercise.

The movements performed on the elastic fabric solicit all the muscles simultaneously, which accelerates fat burning.

You don’t necessarily burn more calories, but you burn them better and longer without feeling like you’re making a significant effort.

A daily 10 minutes session is recommended.

By focusing on exercises on the mini trampoline you will reshape your whole body.

Limiting injuries

On the canvas of a mini trampoline, you can jump, run on the spot, and swing. All this without impacting the joints that you can have on a hard floor during a running session, for example.

This reduces the risk of injury to the joints, which in turn become more mobile as a result of the aerial movements.

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It has anti-stress effects

In the morning, as a body wake-up call or in the evening to discharge the batteries, whatever the time of day, the mini trampoline contributes to the well-being of the body and mind.

The simple fact of swinging or hopping on the canvas provides a feeling of weightlessness that facilitates muscle relaxation.

The mini trampoline offers a relaxing action during the air phase and a contracting action during the landing phase. In the end, the body relaxes and regains energy.

Working on the balance

The execution of the movements on the jumping mat creates constant instability.

And it’s a key element to working on your balance!

The sessions proposed in class often mix fast sequences and slow and fast movements that will solicit your deep and stabilizing muscles (back and abdominal).

The mini trampoline is fun

Synonymous with games and fun, the mini trampoline awakens in adults the excited child who can’t stand still.

Its bouncy fabric and its pretty colored elastics invite us irresistibly to jump on it.

The result is that we find ourselves doing sports without looking like it and with a smile.

Everyone can do it

The mini trampoline adapts to every situation: whether you want to get back into the sport after an extended period, keep fit at any age, for health reasons, or intensive high-level practice.

For example, some elderly people come to work on their balance in the classes.

As we age, we lose muscle and bone mass and, therefore, flexibility and balance.

Regular gentle exercises on a mini trampoline can help renew them (while remembering to always consult a doctor for medical advice).

It’s convenient

Unlike most trampolines equipped with metal springs, some models are offered with elastic bands in 4 or 5 levels of resistance.

Depending on your choice, the legs of the mini trampoline can be unscrewed or folded. Folded, it slips under the bed or behind a sturdy piece of furniture.

Jumping into childhood

Using a mini trampoline has the effect of catapulting you back to your childhood.

Those nostalgic for this period in our life will find this exercise much more fun than the elastic band used in an ab session or the jump rope, which is challenging to maintain over time.

Physical activity adapted for seniors

Several physiotherapists offer mini trampoline sessions to encourage senior patients to do sports and thus maintain their autonomy.

Physical activity is essential to maintain the independence of older adults.

Seniors jumping on trampolines, the idea may surprise. But, more than just playing, it’s about stimulating the elderly.

Often, there is a lack of activity that allows seniors to express their full potential.

That’s why several physiotherapists have the idea of putting them on a trampoline and proposing an adapted physical activity program on a trampoline for seniors.

The sessions mix exercises inspired by physiotherapy and psychomotricity.

The ambition is to stimulate senior citizens on cognitive and motor levels.

For seniors, the trampoline also complements the gentle gym classes given by a psychomotrician.

Trampolining is a sport that has often been questioned for its consequences on the urinary system.

As it is usually considered with intense jumps, it seems harmful for the elderly population, especially if there are incontinence problems, organ descent, or prolapse.

But in a program that that is less intense, gentler, and especially supervised by health professionals, this practice does can be offered without significant risk.

The trampolines used do not have springs but simple rubber bands. The cushioning is thus more important and allows to relieve the joints.

Finally, workshops for seniors often end with a relaxation session.

Its benefits are numerous

Beyond its playful side, it’s a great fitness tool.

When practiced regularly, the mini trampoline strengthens all the stabilizing muscles of the skeleton and improves flexibility.

Muscles, tendons, ligaments, and joints are also gently solicited without having to produce enormous physical efforts that can be traumatic.

Its benefits are also felt at the level of circulation and metabolism in general.

It works the upper muscles and the deep muscles. Just a few minutes of gentle bouncing is all it takes to stimulate the entire metabolism.

Tone up and burn fat

The mini trampoline is a high-flying cardio discipline. The different levels of intensity drive the heart rate to stimulate energy expenditure.

You burn calories quickly in a short period and, at the same time, strengthen your lower limbs (such as legs and glutes).

Your core (abdominal) muscles are also part of the game because the practice requires having a perfectly engaged posture (your core muscles in particular).

Work on endurance

As a session progresses, breathing becomes more difficult. This is normal, as it is an aerobic activity, demanding more oxygen.

With regular practice, you improve your cardiovascular and respiratory capacities with trampoline activities.

Where to practice mini trampoline?

At home

Different brands and models (with or without a stabilization or balance bar) are available at different prices on the Internet or in sports shops, allowing you to do your sessions at home.

Running out of exercises? YouTube is full of ideas to inspire you, but you can also find DVDs with ready-made workouts.

Don’t hesitate to practice a few sessions in a club to gain the correct posture.

Club sessions

Many clubs across America offer “jumper” in a group class under different names (rebounding, U Bound, trampoline, body jump, jumping, etc.).

Find out more near you, and go for a trial session.

Benefits of mini trampoline exercise: Conclusion

There is really no age limit to reap all the benefits of mini trampoline exercise.

It burns fat and works all your muscles, especially those needed for stability.

Above all, it’s just good fun, which automatically puts you in a better mood!

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