Benefits of traveling by bicycle: 10 Great advantages

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Benefits of traveling by bicycle? Benefits of traveling by bicycle: 10 Great advantagesFreedom! Ah, the freedom to do what you want, to travel as far as you like or to stay put!

Contrary to popular belief, traveling by bike is accessible to almost everyone. You don’t have to be super trained or a long-time cyclist to be able to go.

The only thing you’ll need is the desire to do it. So hop on to new adventures!

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Benefits of traveling by bicycle: Introduction

Many of us take to the road every year, without knowing anything about it!

It would make sense to ride out a few times before the actual trip.

Still hesitant?

Here are 10 good reasons to take your bikes and ride off!

Self awareness

This is the essential point of the bicycle trip.

Perhaps traveling does not impact us immediately, but traveling by bike gives us a lot of time to think and reflect about the future.

At the beginning, you may find yourself constantly thinking.

But, at some point, the loop is broken. You will become more calm and collected.

You will find that traveling by bike is almost hypnotic and definitely addictive.

Of course, traveling by bike is not perfect.

There are disadvantages to traveling by bike too. But that’s nothing compared to what it brings!

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Benefits of traveling by bicycle: Traveling by bike is economical

Once you have purchased your bike, panniers, bivouac equipment and technical clothing, the costs on the road are very low.

Especially since, unlike an airline ticket, your investment is not lost.

We can always resell our bikes once back home.

You can do a mix of camping and sleeping in guest houses if you don’t want to deprive yourself of all comfort (tip: choose the right sleeping bag size to get the most out of your night’s sleep).

Benefits of traveling by bicycle: It allows you to travel while helping the planet

Of course, traveling by bike is not perfect.

For example, the manufacturing components and transportation of the bicycle are not necessarily eco-friendly.

Even more so if you travel with an electric bicycle, as the battery components are made of rare materials.

Still, a traveling still produces much lower greenhouse gas emissions than the person who takes even a bus for the same trip.

It remains a slow, sustainable and respectful way to travel.

Because of the lack of storage, one also tends to buy local rather than stock up at a supermarket

And that supports the local economy as much as we can.

We have time to see what’s going on around us

I can’t count the number of times I’ve seen a beautiful place through the window of a train or car.

But I never have the time to savor it. It’s totally different on a bike.

Is it beautiful? Well, we stop to admire. Yes, it’s that simple

I have to admit that sometimes I find the speed more exciting than the landscape. But still, you have a choice.

We see a lot of animals that we don’t usually see!

Traveling by bike pushes us to take the small roads, especially for safety reasons.

In any case, there is a high probability that you prefer to stay away from cars.

As a result, we come across wild animals on a regular basis.

Deer, squirrels, deer, coypu, rabbits, herons, cormorants, turtles, foxes, snakes, I’ve seen them all.

And if you’re in a car or bus, you may miss them.

Benefits of traveling by bicycle: Traveling by bike is good for your body

Of course, when you cycle every day, your body says thank you.

As the journey goes on, we feel that our endurance is getting better and you’ll be able to go to amazing lengths.

Actually, traveling by bike is not a sporting event in itself.

Unless you decide that it is, the pace can be relaxed. But every day you ride a little longer.

The body also changes, it’s surprising, but it’s great to see it evolve.

It’s easier to meet other people

This is the advantage of not being locked up in a vehicle or train. People can easily talk to us and exchange a few words.

The bicycle is also an object of curiosity and often cyclists stop to chat about their bikes.

It also encourages people to come and talk to us, which is really appreciated.

In short, if you want to meet the locals, it is really an ice breaker.

Similarly, the bicycle traveler is perceived to be less threatening. So it’s easy enough to ask for hospitality if you feel like it.

One more opportunity to meet new people!

We travel off the beaten track

Cycling brings a dose of fun. It takes you to a city, but it can go through the back roads.

And on these small roads, many beautiful things happen.

The frequented places seem stressful and unbearable when compared to less traveled paths.

Freedom of movement

Traveling by heavy-duty bike offers a tremendous sense of freedom.

When you travel this way, you are free of time, movement and to sleep where you want.

The days have a different rhythm. They follow the rhythm that our body gives us.

In the morning, you never really know where you will sleep at night.

And just because we have something planned, it doesn’t mean we’ll necessarily stop there.

But that’s not all, this freedom is also in the head, in what we develop.

The freedom to stop at any moment, to live from day to day, to free oneself from a life commanded by schedules.

We are totally autonomous

Road trips are freedom! We take the car,  we drive, we stop, we take a photo and we fill up with.

Traveling by plane or train means we have a strict schedule which only adds stress.

We always arrive much too early to go through passport controls and check in.

On a bicycle, if you take what you need to be autonomous, you are really easygoing.

Life unfolds differently, at the speed we choose. We put the tent when the need arises, we eat when we want.

There are no conflicting schedules, unless you impose them on yourself.

On the other hand, you should not forget to stop for fuel on the road (eating is an important thing when you are on a bike).

Benefits of traveling by bicycle: Conclusion

Bike riding gives you a healthy mind and body (and less belly fat), it frees you from the thoughts and schedules of a modern world, and allows you to enjoy yourself.

It’s accessible to all, and apart from the necessary equipment you need (and which you can sell on) is a cheap and cheerful way to travel!

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