As one of the plus size people, I must admit that it’s really draining to find anything that perfectly fits my body size. Well, in this case, finding the best bike seats for big bottoms that will offer me comfort is quite tasking.

But I have seen it all!

After an extensive research on how to qualify a bike seat as the most comfortable bike seat for overweight riders with big bottoms, I want to share some of my references which might help you sort out this pain and enjoy your biking hobby despite your size.

What Are Bike Seats for Large Bottoms?

Undoubtedly, this question is one that we should familiarise ourselves most with.

Bike seats for large bottoms are those that are wide, extra padded and with a large surface area, enough to accommodate our weights and the pressure we exert on the seats.

This is Why You Should Get One of The Best Bike Seats for Large Bottoms

When it comes to choosing the best big butt bike seat, I suggest you really think it through before bustling to get the saddle that only attracts you with its appearance.

Most people are influenced by how ‘cool’ that specific wide bicycle saddle appears on the stalls. As they also get convinced that a pricey bike seat should ultimately be of high quality.

Some, are even lured by their friends’ choice of a saddle that they would opt to get the same one. Blindly deciding, not taking into considerations the factors in accordance to your body size.

These are the advantages of getting the best bike seats for big guys;

  • Comfortable

Admittedly, cycling is a great exercise especially for us with that extra weight on.

Henceforth, while exercising, we want to enjoy and delve in the fun while riding our bicycles.

So, this comes without saying that, for the large bicycle seat to be better than others, it should be able to provide comfort on our large bottoms.

  • Durable

In as much as we seek the most comfortable bicycle seat, you should as well take into account its long-lasting capability.

The saddle should be of high quality for it to sustain you a long while offering you the best service. No one wants to keep purchasing a bike saddle on a regular.

  • Easy On Installation

You might take this lightly but finding that Big Butt Bicycle Seat that gives you an easy time to fix, should be considered a priority.

Therefore, that extra-large bicycle seat should be designed to make it simple when removing or replacing it.

  • Easy to access

Most bicycle manufacturers have embraced the idea of making a variety of saddles depending on the cyclists’ body size.

Hence, it’s easy to access and purchase the most comfortable bike seat for overweight in most shops around you.

  • Variety Of Sizes And Width

Granted, we differ in terms of our overweight bodies. Our bottoms might be large but different kinds of large as do our bodies in general.

Consequently, getting the best bike seats for big bottoms should entail the saddle being wide enough for you, but not too wide to avoid chafing.

What Type of Saddle Should I Get for My Big Butt?

Deciding on what type of saddle you should get shouldn’t be obvious just because you have a ‘big butt’.

Small or petite cyclists aren’t the only ones who should take the time to measure their saddle seat sizes.

Once you’ve taken the measuring tape and evaluated your super wide saddle seat size, it will make it easier for you to decide on the type of saddle you should get.

The main difference between an extra-large bicycle seats for a woman, as opposed to a man, is that;

For women, and quoted, ‘generally, saddles have a cut groove at the center and the ladies’ saddles have a wider groove towards the front, while the men’s groove is of uniform width.’

When it comes to a woman looking for an extra-large bicycle seat, she should consider the fact that as women, our sit bones are further apart than men’s.

Overweight women rest a lot of pressure on the two small sit bones, thus, should opt for a much wider saddle than that of overweight men.

This in return helps prevent exerting too much pressure on a very small surface area which causes numbness and sores around the butt.

An extra padded saddle is also recommended but not too padded since it causes pressure to be placed on very sensitive parts. That is, the butt and groin.

Recommended Bicycle Saddles Available for Overweight Cyclists;

1.   Bikeroo Most Comfortable Bike Seats. Bikeroo Oversized Comfort Bike Seat Most Comfortable Replacement Bicycle Saddle - Universal Fit for Exercise Bike and Outdoor Bikes Suspension Wide Soft Padded Bike Saddle for Women and Men

  • Extra wide and excessively comfortable
  • Available waterproof seat covers and mounting tools in times of replacing.
  • Offers e-book guide and video mounting instructions
  • Shock absorbing saddles
  • Money Back Guarantee for the first 12months

2.   Ushake Wide Bike Saddle Seat UShake Wide Bike Saddle Seat, Bike Seat Cushion for Indoor or Outdoor Cycle, Most Comfort Foam Padded Breathable Big Bicycle Saddles for Men or Women

  • Comfortable seat, with an extra padded cushion to aid in longer distances
  • Easy installation and a perfect toolkit for easy mounting.
  • Great suspension and noise free from normal steel coil design
  • 100% Money Back Guarantee

Additional types of saddles that you may want to consider.

  • Cruiser saddles which provide extensive cushioning best on offering support.
  • Comfort saddles designed for long-distance and aids easy pedaling.

Must Know Before Buying Best Bike Seats for Big Bottoms

There are number of factors as a big guy that you should take time and consider, before buying that bike seat you’ve been eyeing for a while now.

But first, think about what kind of a rider you would want to be, especially, as a first-time cycler. This step will help you decide better before buying the best bike seat.

Factors to Consider When Buying a Good Bike Saddle for Big Bottoms and Over-weight People

  • Extra Padded Seat Covers.

Should not be too thick to avoid the elevated pressure between the sit bones. Preferably real leathered seat cover.

For comfort riders, gel cushioning is preferred

And, for the road racers foam padding is advisable

  • Foam Saddles Vs Leather Saddles

The foam saddles aren’t as durable as leather saddles since they quickly wear out as opposed to leather seats which after a considerable amount of time, takes on the shape of your physique.

Plastic saddles are a no-no since they give discomfort and lack covering.

  • Saddle Width

Should be wide enough to perfectly fit your big bottom but also, take keen attention on how wide the saddle is, since excessively wide seats cause more friction.

  • Mounting

Your wide bicycle saddle should easily be installed when removing or replacing. Especially if, and when considering replacing the previously heavy saddle.

  • Waterproof Covers

These type of saddle covers have a more sense of durability.

  • Adjustment

Find an easily adjusted bike seat to support your ideal cycling position.

  • Guides And Video Instructions

Getting saddles that come with video instructions and e-books, are mostly suitable since you get to become self-reliant when mounting or removing the saddle for replacement purposes.

Additional Tip on How to Get an Overall Comfortable Bike.

When it comes to cycling, discomfort breeds the lack of enthusiasm to enjoy riding. Henceforth, making wise decisions on choosing the best bikes should be a priority.

To enhance comfort, here are some tips you should use;

  • Change your saddle

Could be, your present saddle is causing you too much discomfort probably because it’s worn out or doesn’t fit for your body type.

Note that, choosing the correct saddle will help you avoid the physical pain that is, the saddle sores and butt pain.

Visit the many shop outlets around and find your perfect fit.

  • Switch Your Handlebar

If you’re having troubles with your present handlebar maybe it’s not padded or could be it’s not fastened enough, it might cause you a series of pain.

This might be due to the contact you make on your handlebar and if it lacks the right amount of padding, you might end up getting sores on your hands.

Also, and I quote, handlebars not fastened securely, might slip under pressure.

You might want to consider changing it into a perfect handlebar.

  • Consider Having A Bike Fit

Ensure you’ve auditioned for that perfectly fit bike. Take keen notice of some of your preferred contenders and can narrow it down to that one that best fulfills your needs.

  • Padded Shorts Or Gloves

For road bikers or riders, in general, getting both padded shorts and gloves before you begin cycling, helps absorb road vibration which in return aids in protecting against chafing.

  • Lubricants As An Added Precaution

One can never be too careful when it comes to preventing sores and pain on the butt or groin. Hence, finding that lubricant that works for you is important.

In this case, chamois cream is advisable.


The more comfortable a bike saddle is, especially for overweight, the longer and faster your ride will be.

Also, the longer the rides, the thinner the bike seat for big bottoms should be. But, just not too thin as it brings too much discomfort.

Saddles should have just the right amount of padding.

A heavy saddle isn’t recommended. So, you might want to go for a less heavy saddle.

By improving cycling comfort, we get to enjoy cycling mostly as a way of exercising for the overweight people.

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