Best Camp Chair for Big Guys in 2023: Reviews & Top Tips

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Camping is fun for big guys as long as you have the best camp chair for big guys.

Best Camp Chair for Big Guys: Reviews & Top TipsAs a big person, you don’t want to be the only one feeling out of place while the rest enjoy every single moment.

Fast forward. You must not be repeating last outing’s mistake when you hauled along just any regular camping chair.

You probably thought that the run-in in the wild would still be fun.

So you got yourself a decent camping chair from a reputable brand. All the time you sat in the chair, maybe it was terrible, tiresome, hurting, and all sorts of things.

Quick question. You wouldn’t love that repeating, would you?

Well, someone correctly said: ‘cut the coat according to your size.’ Which is the reason why I put together this guide about the best big and tall camping chairs.

Timber Ridge Zero Gravity Locking Lounge Chair Oversize XL Adjustable Recliner with Headrest for Outdoor Beach Patio Pool Support 350lbs, Blue-PaddedThese camping chairs are purely meant to cater to the tall and big man’s needs.

As the guide reveals the best possible models available on the market, it will also help you locate the perfect model that will suit your needs.

As such, you’ll once again be able to enjoy camping again, as detailed in our other post Fun reasons why you should go camping: Benefits

In a hurry? Then see our most recommended heavy duty camping chairs on the hotlist below!

Best Camp Chair for Big Guys: Top 5

  1. ALPS Mountaineering King Kong: 800lb Capacity

  2. Coleman Big-N-Tall Quad: 400lb Capacity

  3. KingCamp Camping Chair: 300lb Capacity

  4. ALPS Mountaineering Camp Chair: 425lb Capacity

  5. Timber Ridge Camping Chair: 350lb Capacity

Why Would You Need the Best Camp Chair for Big Guys?

You Want Comfort

As others enjoy the moments of the outing, you too should be cherishing along. You want to sit in a chair that provides you the perfect place for rest and even a nap.

The big man’s chair is constructed with enough seating space. The backrest is also wide to take good care of the upper you. Usually, armrests are also wide and well padded.

Which means that you won’t be cramped in some strained chair. And the chair allows you to turn around, enter or exit quite comfortably.

All these features are geared toward making you important and comfortable. KingCamp Heavy Duty Camping Folding Director Chair Oversize Padded Seat with Side Table and Side Pockets, Supports 396 lbs (Black/Royal Blue)

For Your Safety

Any regular chair is not safe for you. It may be advertised as one of the best in the market.

Nevertheless, if it does not have the required capacity, the potential of putting you down to the ground is immense.

You don’t want to get hurt. That’s why you need to choose a large camping chair that comes with the assurance that guarantees that your safety is intact.

The build of these chairs is stable and robust. They are constructed with high-quality materials to support the extra weight just fine.

It Is Durable

This is very important to every camping enthusiast. Because it isn’t just a chair, but in the deeper economic sense, an investment worth paying attention.

Luckily, most of the big man chairs for camping are designed with the durability aspect in the mix. Usually, stainless steel is used in the frame construction and top-quality fabric material is also included.

Different Types of the Best Camp Chair for Big Guys

The market is awash with plenty of models which you can buy. The different types of camping chairs are based on style and design that a given camp chair is built on.

Big and Tall Folding Camping Chair

The big and tall folding camping chair is a common type on the market. It is designed with the folding function.

Most of these chairs come with a lightweight footprint, desirable compactness, and they are very portable.

what is the best camping chair

Big and Tall Camping Chairs with Canopy

Another category of the heavy-duty camping chairs encompasses those equipped with canopies or the overhead shades.

Hence, the person sitting in this type of chair is protected from elements of weather, especially the hot sun.

These canopies usually are built-in. So, even in the face of rain or intense sunlight, campers with these chairs are going to love it outdoors.

The only downside to the inclusion of canopies is that extra cost attached. Which means you are likely going to pay more for such comforts.

what is the best folding camping chair

Rocking Camp Chair for Big and Tall

This category features the rocking chairs for big guys. As a heavy person, rocking chairs embed plenty of benefits that could be useful for your wellbeing.

For instance, they provide the therapy you need for falling asleep or clear any stress you might be having.

camping chairs for heavy person

Camping Loveseats for Big and Tall

Loveseats come as a unique representation of the camping chairs for the big and tall people. They are designed to be occupied by two individuals at one go rather than just one person.

Camping loveseats are built on extremely strong and sturdy frames. They will be supporting weight two times the ordinary heavy-duty camping chair.
what are the most comfortable camping chairs

Best Camp Chair for Big Guys: Reviews

ALPS Mountaineering King Kong Chair 800 Lbs

The ALPS Mountaineering King Kong Chair boasts one of the most dependable and robust builds among the camping chairs on the market.

The chair features a powder-coated steel frame that does well when it comes to resisting elements of weather.

The steel frame is solid and supports persons with weight up to 800 lbs.

Besides, this steel frame’s durable functionality makes it a top choice for many campers as it offers excellent value for money.
best camp chair for heavy person

Plus, the seat and backrest are covered in a high-quality 600 denier polyester fabric. This is an industry-grade material with proven resistance to wear and tear.

The chair is not the best in terms of being lightweight.

It weighs about 13 lbs., which is not kind in terms of portability. However, this is not extremely heavy for transportation anyway.

The chair features some significant additions. You get two sturdy and yet wide adjustable armrests for a restful placement of elbows

There are two cup holders – each one featured on the separate armrests. Use them to keep your favorite drink closer to you for convenience.

King Kong is an extra-large camping chair with very generous seat measurements. So, the big person will feel at home in it.

Once you are done with the chair, simply fold it back. It folds compactly, and you can tuck it away in the included shoulder carry bag.


  • Durable and strong
  • Adjustable armrest for comfort
  • Accommodates a lot of weight


  • A bit bulky
  • Not great for sunny weather

Overall, this is a great heavy-duty camping chair. It is a popular choice on Amazon, and you can see why.

Coleman Big-N-Tall Quad Camping Chair 600 lbs

There are a few big and tall camping chairs that sell cheaply. Yet they also give you a run for your money with the kind of performances you get out of them.

That’s the story of the Coleman Big-N-Tall Quad. Although this chair is relatively low priced, it seems to have taken the market by surprise.

Build to last for long; the Big-N-Tall Quad features a durable steel frame. This is not just a solid construction, but it is also poised to stay for long.
best camping chair for tall person

The chair’s maximum weight capacity is 600 lbs. – great for many overweight guys.

Even more, it offers a lot of comfort in terms of seat and back dimensions, which are oversized and allow free movement.

The chair comes with excellent stability because the feet are large. And the bottoms are capped to assure users further that all is well.

You can enjoy a host of accessories featured on this chair. For instance, the CellPort water-resistant cell phone sleeve will keep your phone among other small personal items well protected.

The Seat Drain system allows water to drain down the seat in case there was water collecting on your seat.

There is an insulated cup holder for your drinks, a side media pocket for storing small effects, and the seat and backrest are well cushioned for a comfortable seating experience.


  • Well-cushioned
  • Spacious design
  • Strong and durable build


  • No head support

Overall, this chair is your option if you don’t want to spend a lot. Nevertheless, it will do more than you can imagine.

KingCamp Heavy Duty Folding Camping Chair 300 lbs

KingCamp Heavy Duty Folding Camping Chair is a case of elegance, modern design, and unrivaled functionality fusing into a single unit.

What’s more, the chair’s uniqueness is also sealed with the included side tray and carry handle.

Onto the framework, its construction sits on a heavy-duty steel frame.

The unit is capable of supporting 300 lbs. person without any fuss thanks to the sturdy, durable build.
best camping chair for large person

As you would see, the fabric featured on the seat and back of the chair is a 600 denier Oxford fabric with a mesh patch. Thus, it dries fast, and it offers excellent breathability and comfort.

The chair folds quite fast. And it does fold twice into a reasonably compact structure that can be loaded into the car with ease.

The armrests are solid and padded for your easy going in and out of the chair.

The side table included has an integrated cup holder that offers the space for keeping your drinks for later use.

Moreover, the chair comes as one of the very few models that can be used on any type of terrain without feeling nervous about sinking, falling, or something.


  • Elegant design
  • Side table
  • Folds compactly
  • Affordable


  • Not a heavy-duty chair

Overall, this chair is your perfect choice if you love class and uniqueness. All thanks to its elegant design.

ALPS Mountaineering Camp Chair 425 lbs

The ALPS Mountaineering Camping Chair for heavy person stands in front of the pecking order when it comes to durable functionality.

Thanks to its solid armrests, which are ergonomically designed to offer exceptional comfort, this chair is the ultimate solution for the older generation.
camping chairs for big man

Taking a closer look into the design, the chair is a folding type.

Although it folds like a book, and after removing the back, the chair doesn’t reduce into a compact size but somewhat remains the same.

The frame construction is a mix of aluminum metal on the main poles.

Then the support tubes are crafted from steel – making for a strong, durable, and relatively lightweight footprint. Its carry capacity is 425 lbs.

Padded armrests will give your elbows the much-needed rest.

Plus, the fabric that’s covered on the seat and back is the industry-standard 600D polyester, which is always long-lasting and soft to the body.


  • Durable
  • Easy to use
  • Sturdy and stable


  • A bit expensive
  • Doesn’t pack compactly

Overall, this plus size camping chair’sdurability aspect is not in question. Courtesy to the mixed-use of the aluminum and steel in the frame construction.

Timber Ridge Zero Gravity Oversized Camping Chair 350 lbs

Timber Ridge Zero Gravity Oversized appears on the list as the heaviest model of all. First, this is why it is the best choice for big and tall people.

Second, it packs some exciting features in it. And the main highlight that sets this model from the rest is the reclining function.

With the adjustable backrest, you can switch into different angles until you even lie down. This is sweet, relaxing, and comforting.
heavyweight camping chairs
Granted the bungee-cord suspension set up of the chair is in perfect state, there will be nothing to stop your enjoyment.

Plus, the armrests are also adjustable.

Increase comfort by laying your head on the padded headrest, and there’s lumbar support for your feet as you make use of the sliding table to keep your items and drinks within reach.

Because the frame is entirely crafted from steel, this chair is very heavy. It weighs in at 23 lbs. but can support up to 350 lbs. of weight quite comfortably.

The polyester fabric used on the seat and back is not only durable but also offers a comfortable seating experience.

The chair is big enough for the big and tall person but can fold compactly as well.


  • Reclining function
  • Heavy-duty chair
  • Plenty of features


  • Very heavy

Overall, among all the big man camping chairs on this list, this one packs a lot useful features that would be of great interest to you.

Considerations When Buying the Best Camp Chair for Big Guys

In all honesty, the market for camping chairs is packed to the brim. That’s a fact.

However, while plenty of options means variety, without prior experience in purchasing a camping chair, it might prove a bit hard for you.

But during this time, you can look out for the following factors to guide you in the selection process:

Build Quality

Ensure that you only consider the sturdy camping chairs. Quality in terms of the frame, and the fabric used on the chair cannot be compromised.
folding camping chair for large person

That’s why you need to check for steel and aluminum frames. This is because these two metals are extremely strong and durable.

Make sure the fabric is heavy-duty and resistant to wear and tear and can hold your weight just fine for seasons.

Weight Capacity

Check for the rating of the weight capacity to know where you fall. The chair you settle on must be able to support your weight without a doubt comfortably.


Make sure that the chair comes with enough seat area and backrest. This enables you to sit and turn comfortably in it without squeezing on the sides.

Look for chairs with headrests, footrests, back support, cup holders: all these extra features keep your comfort a notch higher.

Best Camp Chair for Big Guys: Concluding Thoughts

I think up to this far you should be able to have the best big and tall camping chairs of choice already wrapped up in your mind. If not, just take your time through the reviews again.

The simple guide right at the end should also reveal some insights your way. The best chair must provide comfort, durability, and hold your weight just fine.

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