Best camping beds for tents: Types and selection criteria

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Not sure about the best camping beds for tents?

Best camping beds for tents: Types and selection criteriaThe main types are camp bed, or camping bed or folding (picot) bed.

They are all an essential camping equipment for campers or outdoor sports enthusiasts.

They allow you to make the most of your nights under the stars.

Best camping beds for tents: Introduction

Camping is fun and unique because of the contact with nature.

Yet sleeping outside without any protection is not recommended.

Depending on where you camp, the floor may be uneven and you may have unwanted insect visits.

You may also be subject to cold and damp conditions.

With a camping bed, you have the opportunity to overcome these problems.

This type of bed allows you to sleep higher up and to be in the comfort of a fabric bed.

It was originally called a military camp bed as it was meant for military use.

Practical and easy to transport, this type of bed is also known for its great durability.

Thanks to amateur camping, the camp bed has become the most popular camping furniture today.

Generally, a camping bed consists of an aluminum, steel, wood or plastic frame and a polyester fabric.

Best camping beds for tents: Set up

The camping bed offers several advantages, hence its popularity.

However, it should be noted that the camping bed must be used correctly in order to enjoy all its benefits.

It is usually very popular with those who occasional campers.

It allows you to enjoy a comfortable and safe sleeping environment while camping.

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It can also be used for humanitarian missions, in times of war or in hospitals, as it allows patients to rest in great comfort.

In addition, the camping bed can be used as an extra bed when you have unexpected guests.

It can be stored and unfolded in a few minutes. Once folded, it takes up very little space.

So your guests will be able to rest comfortably.

In order to use your camping bed properly, it is essential to start with the assembly.

Place it vertically on the floor, making sure that the feet are on both sides.

Next, raise the outer legs so you can extend the canvas.

Once the picot bed is unfolded, all you have to do is put the steel crossbars in place.

Making sure to pass them correctly through the fabric at the head and foot of the bed.

Best camping beds for tents: The different models

It is important to be able to distinguish between camping beds to find the best one for your particular needs.

Indeed, you have the choice between 4 main types of camping bed on the market today.

The foam mat

It is better known as a floor mat or foam mattress.

It is very practical if your stays are only very short, from 1 to 2 nights.

The occasional camper may find that a foam mat suffices.

However, although cheap, you’re compromising on comfort.

The air bed, inflatable bed or air mattress

Ideally designed for short stays, the air mattress can be used as an extra bed in case you have guests.

Note that it allows an optimal comfort.

This camping mattress offers almost the same advantages as the mattress you have at home.

However, it can be quite heavy to carry and does not offer perfect thermal insulation.

To use it, you will need a pump in case the model is not self-inflating.

There are several well-known brands in this field.

The folding bed, picot bed or camping bed

These camping beds are solid and robust because they are usually made of metal, steel or an alloy of aluminum and iron.

It is one of the most popular pieces of equipment for hikers, campers and outdoor sports enthusiasts.

It is elevated, just like the electric air mattress, so you don’t sleep on the ground and will avoid nocturnal visits from unwanted insects.

It also insulates you from the cold and humidity of the ground.

On the other hand, you may be uncomfortable if the fabric is not well stretched.

It is therefore recommended to add a down sleeping bag that you can easily wash without damaging it or install an air mattress on it for better comfort before going to bed.

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Heavier than an electric inflatable bed, the camp bed is more difficult to transport.

The camp bed in kit

As this type of camping bed is sold as a kit, it is very easy to transport.

In fact, once properly stored, all the elements that make it up take up very little space.

In addition, you should take a few extra minutes to get the hang of the model.

Warning: If you lose some parts, you have a problem with this type of bed.

What are the important criteria before buying?

Choosing a camping bed is not an easy task, especially considering the number of models available on the market.

It’s no different from an inflatable tent, a camping chair for heavy people, pillow, folding table, lights, and other camping accessories.

It is essential to define some important criteria that would influence your choice.

In addition to the price which varies depending on the materials used, quality and the type of model, you should refer to:

The brand

In order to have quality equipment, it is recommended to choose a well known brand.

Type of camping bed

Each type of camping bed has its advantages and disadvantages.

Choose according to your needs and how you plan to use your material.

Both practical and easy to set up, the camping bed saves you time in setting up and folding.

If the folding bed takes only a few minutes, the kit bed, although easily dismantled and light, is however quite complex.

In addition, the inflatable bed can be an excellent alternative if you have the right pump.

The foam mattress is not suitable for long stays.

The dimensions

The dimensions will depend on your comfort. To get the right dimensions, compare the bed’s dimensions with your own.

Make sure the bed measurements are larger than your height and width.

Also, take into consideration the space it will occupy while in use.

The materials

A camping bed should be sturdy, practical and durable.

So, prefer steel models, more resistant, or aluminum, lighter.

As for the fabric, it is advisable to choose a model with a polyester or mesh fabric, with a good thickness and increased resistance.

Again, the intended use comes into play when choosing the right model.

Best camping beds for tents: Conclusion

Whether you are camping, bivouacking, on a survival course, with family or friends, or visiting the Grand Canyon, it is always important to be well equipped and to sleep well.

The camping bed is an ideal solution for an excellent night’s sleep.

Thanks to this buying guide, you will know everything about this versatile and transportable bed.

It is essential to make the right choice according to your budget and your needs.

In addition, don’t forget to bring along all the necessary survival equipment.

A water supply, a fitted sheet, an inflatable tent, a first aid kit, a bed barrier in case you take your baby with you, are some of the few.

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