Best home remedies to tighten sagging skin naturally

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Best home remedies to tighten sagging skin naturally are easier than you would think.

Best home remedies to tighten sagging skin naturallyExpression lines, a less-than-fresh complexion in the morning, we could do without them but we have to deal with them.

As a general rule, we tend to panic when we see our jawline becoming blurred and less defined. Yet there is no need to immediately rush to a plastic surgeon. With the right habits and a little bit of facial exercise, keeping your youthful looks doesn’t have to be impossibly expensive.

On the other hand, those sagging features, that perpetually tired look even after 9 hours of sleep is a totally different story. For sure, when the firmness of the epidermis goes out the window, it’s a blow to morale. What to do?

Rest assured that all skin types gradually lose their firmness as part of the aging process of the skin. Two physical laws are the cause here, namely time and gravity (and a little genetics, too).

Read on for some helpful home remedies to tighten your sagging skin in a natural way.

Best home remedies to tighten sagging skin naturally: Introduction

With time, our skin ages. Sometimes much faster if we don’t take care of it!

The activity of the cells, which in themselves become less and less numerous, slows down with hormonal changes.

Where are our collagen and elastin reserves? How to keep skin tissue firm and elastic?

What about the cells in charge of hyaluronic acid for the cohesion of skin cells and the tone of the epidermis?

Unfortunately, you don’t have to reach a great age to see these essential elements of skin firmness lacking. We live on our stocks of elastin from puberty onwards, and collagen renews itself at a slower pace from the age of 25.

Cellular renewal, vascularization, melanocytes and sebum also mark time.

An explosive cocktail that weakens our epidermis, particularly in the face of free radicals, which are devastating to lipids and proteins, including collagen and elastin.

The skin, already less toned, has less and less means to defend itself from attacks against its firmness. Stretches and aggressions all take their toll.

On top of that, there is the inevitable loss of muscle tone and volume, shifting fat masses, some weight variations. Gravity doesn’t help either.

Sagging features means loss of face shape, and the eyelids drop and the cheeks go slack.

Sooner or later, more or less quickly we all go through it.

So all that’s left to do is to watch ourselves become blurred in the mirror, is it? Absolutely not!

Of course, fighting against gravity, time, genetics is a waste of time, at least without surgery or injections. But delaying and limiting their effects is possible.

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A solid action plan for firm skin

It’s not even that complicated. All it takes is a little rigor, perseverance… and following our advice.

Excess or firmness, you have to choose

Start by identifying your habits that are detrimental to the firmness of your skin. And especially the sources of free radicals.

Avoiding pollution is complicated, but we can protect ourselves from the number one enemy of collagen and elastin: the sun’s UV rays.

The first secret of firmness is maximum protection and moderate exposure. Of course, ban tanning booths.

Secondly: stress and its cortisol hormone are harmful to elastin.

The solutions? Above all, get enough sleep. Yoga, meditation, and sophrology are excellent in this regard.

Dance, run, sing, draw, walk, get a massage… and sport? Yes, in moderation: it boosts collagen. Not to excessive as it can increase cortisone levels that are usually associated with stress.

In short, find your own way to tame your stress.

But above all, not one of those bad habits that make your face look as thin as much as smoking, the great enemy of fibroblasts, and alcohol, which oxidizes and destroys the vitamin C that collagen synthesis needs.

Excessive refined sugars and flours stiffen collagen and elastin fibers, caffeine and theine are friends of cortisol.

Also avoid prolonged hot showers and baths, scrubs and overly aggressive cleansers (sulfated agents, preservatives and synthetic perfumes) that make our skin vulnerable.

Eat up and firm up

A firm skin is above all due to a diversified and balanced diet.

Rich in vitamin A, copper and sulfur for collagen. And vitamin E, polyphenols, lycopene, beta-carotene, selenium, zinc, copper, manganese, contain super antioxidants that are great for synthesizing hyaluronic acid. Without forgetting the vitamin C which cumulates all these benefits.

To find them, put color on your plate as the colorful plants of each season.

On another note, good chocolate, rich in cocoa and not very sweet, is an excellent source of antioxidants.

Seafood, offal, cod liver oil revitalize skin fibers.

For muscle tone: iron and protein from eggs, lean meats, fish, and ursolic acid from apples.

And eat (good) fat: various vegetable oils, oilseeds, fatty fish protect against oxidation, reinforce elasticity and hydrolipidic film.

Finally, drink water, herbal teas and antioxidant green tea which all preserve your elastin fibers.

Firmness boosting treatments

To maintain or regain its firmness in the bathroom, your skin needs protective antioxidants and good fatty acids for its elasticity and hydrolipidic film.

Add some nutrients capable of boosting collagen, elastin and hyaluronic acid. The answer to all these requirements? Vegetable oils!

The best allies for skin firmness? The anti-free radical champions: Green tea, borage and Sacha Inchi.

Phytosterols from cherry or sesame strengthen tissue elasticity and the hydrolipidic film.

Ultra-antioxidant squalenes (acyclic hydrocarbon), plumping retinol and procollagen fatty acids: rosehip is at the top of the list, along with daisy macerate, which tones blood vessels and tissue.

Finally, linoleic acid compensates for the loss of our hyaluronic acid much better than its synthetic (or animal) imitations. Evening primrose, argan, kukui nut and grape firm your features.

Our extra tip: apply your natural care products with light, prolonged circular massages. You will improve your microcirculation and stimulate your collagen while toning your facial muscles.

Facial gymnastics

Why? Because face and neck together hosue a third of our muscles.

And just as a slack belly can be firmed up with physical exercise, the firmness of the face can be maintained by putting it to work.

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The good news is that facial gymnastics are within everyone’s reach. And there’s no need to go to the gym or get equipped.

The principle is to make the muscles of the face work by alternating tension and relaxation by a series of 8, as for the abs-glutes.

With less perspiration, but a regained muscle tone, activated microcirculation, boosted elastin and collagen.

There are a lot of exercises but you should not be too ambitious. Select 2 or 3 to do regularly, that’s the key.

At first every day, then space out the sessions. Have you reached your desired firmness? Keep at least one maintenance session per week.

Hectic lifestyle, winter, overindulging on the alchohol, vacations in the sun, etc.? Go back to the steady pace as soon as your reflection suggests it.

Most of the exercises work on the same principle:

  • Stretching
  • Hold for 5 to 10 seconds
  • Release

Selection of facial gymnastics exercises

  • To reshape your face, work on your digastric muscle, from ear to ear under the mandibles:
    • Pull the tongue as far forward as possible (not down),
    • Press the tip of your tongue against the roof of your mouth, behind your teeth,
    • Sitting, elbow on the table, fist under the chin: Push back your fist by opening your mouth.
  • Also activate the masseter muscle that connects the jaws: lower jaw open to the maximum, try to raise it while pressing on your lower molars with your index fingers.
  • To raise cheekbones and cheeks, use zygomatic and orbicular muscles of the mouth with funny exercises. Force very exaggerated smiles, lift your upper lip with closed jaws to show your fangs like a dog.
  • Against sagging eyelids? Blink very hard for 5 seconds with each eye alternating and then widen your eyes as much as possible.
  • Don’t forget the neck and its large muscle, the platysma. Pronounce the letters I, A, E, Y, U, O with exaggerated articulation. Or move the lower jaw forward while stretching the mouth to the maximum.
  • The best, most complete exercise? It’s is excellent for the muscles of the face but also for tension, abs, against stress, to evacuate toxins. Laughing heartily, out loud, is definitely the best way to age well.

Best home remedies to tighten sagging skin naturally: Conclusion

As time passes, we discover the treatments our grandparents used, and let’s face it: these homemade skin care products can be much cheaper than and just as effective as expensive skincare products.

As in everything, it’s not perfection. It’s consistency in their application that will make the difference in the end.

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