Best Jeans for Men with Big Thighs in 2023 (Athletic Fit)

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Every big guy deserves the best jeans for men with big thighs and you are no exception!

Best Jeans for Men with Big Thighs (Athletic Fit)Are you tired of buying jeans that end up too tight at the thigh section? Or jeans that are way too baggy making you look older and so out of fashion?

Do you constantly curse and wish you could shrink your thighs so that you can easily find a pair that fits you without any hassle?

Trust me you are not alone. A larger percentage of men with muscular or fat thighs share the same sentiments….

In fact, every person has a hard time getting it right with jeans from the design, style, and fitting. It’s a real hassle people.

Yet owning a couple of jeans is a must for any sane person. I am yet to meet a person who has never worn jeans let alone own a single pair. They are undeniably versatile and can be worn to just about anywhere and with anything.

what are the best jeans for guys with big thighsThe best jeans for men with big thighs have more room at the thigh section and the butt area and fit perfectly from the waist down.

If you are in a hurry, check out our most recommended fitting jeans for big thighs:

Best Jeans for Men with Big Thighs

  1. Levi’s Men’s 559: Best Relaxed Jeans for Big Thighs

  2. Levi’s Men’s 513: Best Straight Fit Jeans for Big Thighs

  3. Nautica Men’s Fit 5: Best Baggy Jeans for Big Thighs

  4. LONGBIDA Jeans: Best Tapered Jeans for Big Thighs

This Is Why You Should Go for Jeans For Men with Big Thighs


Are your jeans too tight at the thighs? Do you find it uncomfortable to sit?  Jeans are ideally meant to be the most comfortable in your wardrobe. So ditch those tight fitting jeans and buy yourself the best jeans for guys with big thighs.

This will give you comfort all day long. You won’t have to think twice before sitting down or doing any physical activity. DanTile Men's Loose Fit Denim Jeans Baggy Jeans: The Best Fitting Jeans For Guys With Big Thighs.

Cost Saving

If there is one loss that men with thick thighs go through is how fast their jeans wear out in the under thighs.

The constant friction and rubbing east up the jeans and you end up with torn jeans every so often. You can imagine what this does to your wallet if you have to keep buying jeans every few couple of months.

HOWEVER, with a well-fitting jeans, this will be a thing of the past. Once you get the right fit with enough thigh room you are sorted for a long time. Jeans are one of the most durable attires even if they are worn every day.

Compliments Your Body Shape

For fear of discomfort, most men with thick thighs go up several sizes and end up with oversized jeans. This, in turn, makes them look so big and heavy and not to mention unattractive.

Clothes are mean to compliment our bodies and bring out the best of our body shapes. So for a jeans to be functional and accentuate your body, buy a well fitting jeans for men with big thighs.

Good Health

Your health may not seem as a priority when choosing clothes. After all what we know is we are what we eat and not what we wear. Unfortunately, what we wear and how we wear has an impact on health.

Very tight fitting jeans can cause twisted testicles, low sperm count as well as Urinary Tract Infections and fungal infections.

I bet this is alarming enough for you to head straight to the store and get yourself a pair of best men’s jeans for big thighs. They will keep your crotch healthy.

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What Are Different Types of Jeans for Men with Big Thighs

If you are constantly hitting the gym, chances are your thighs are pretty muscular. While that may be great for your appearance, the problem comes in trying to find a pair of jeans that will comfortably and perfectly fit you.

Even worse if your thighs and seat area is big but your waist is small.  You will find the right fit for your thighs and seat but the waist will always be a size or two bigger. But don’t worry, you can always get a way around a bigger waist.

The best fit for men with big thighs is jeans that have the same leg width from the hips all the way to the hem. A high rise jean also sits well for men with big thighs as it makes the body look more streamlined.

There are 5 basic types of jeans for men

  • Skinny jeans
  • Slim fit
  • Relaxed jeans
  • Straight fit
  • Baggy jeans

Let’s look at what types of jeans are the best fitting jeans for guys with big thighs

Relaxed Jeans For Big Thighsbest jeans for guys with big thighs

With the relaxed jeans, you have more room to accommodate your thighs right from the zipper to the hem.

They will guarantee you comfort and you don’t have to worry about your jeans looking floppy or being tight.

The trick with relaxed jeans is going a size up on the waist so long as the thighs fit well. You can always take in the waist at the tailor’s or belt up and no one will notice.

A decent recommendation is the Levi’s Men’s 559 Relaxed Jean.

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Straight Fit Jeans for Men with Big Thighs

As the name suggests, their design is basically straight, they have no flares. They have an equal circumference from the zipper down to the hem.

A good recommendation is the Levi’s Men’s 513 Slim Straight Jean.

Alternatively, you can click here for More Straight Fit Jeans.

Baggy Jeans for Men with Muscular Thighs

These are wider and bigger than the straight fit jeans and the relaxed jeans. They have plenty of room for your big thighs as well as the seat.

A decent recommendation is the Nautica Men’s Loose Fit 5 Pocket Jean Pant.

Not quite what you’re after? Check out these other baggy jeans for more inspiration.

Tapered Jeans for Men with Thick Thighsbest men's jeans for big thighs

These types of jeans are also the best jeans for men with thick thighs and bigger waist because they are roomy at the waist and thigh area.

Their design is basically tapered from the ankles to the waist. That is they are narrower from the knee to the ankle but wider from the ankle to the waist.

A decent recommendation is the LONGBIDA Men’s Ripped Tapered Leg Jeans.

Or, click here to see More of the Tapered Jeans Collection

What to Avoid

Bootcut Jeans: Their bottom flare will make your thighs look bigger and heavier

Skinny Jeans: This is a no-brainer really. This will leave you with nothing more to show the world. They will make your big thighs very conspicuous.

Another factor that can help you find the best jeans for people with muscular thighs is the rise. This is the distance between the crotch areas of jeans to the top of the waistband. We have high rise, low rise, mid rise and low crotch.

  • High rise are ideal for bigger people. They are worn above to the belly button
  • Mid rise are ideal for men who like to tuck in their shirt
  • Low rise give a more casual relaxed look and are worn below the belly button
  • Low crotch are saggy jeans and are worn low on the waistband

How to Know If Jeans Fit Perfectly

Now that you know what the best fitting jeans for guys with big thighs are. Let’s look at how to determine if jeans is fitting:

The waist

Your jeans should fit your waist such that you don’t need a belt and you can easily button or zip up. You should also be able to comfortably sit down without you nearly passing out because the waist is too tight.
best fitting jeans for big thighs


The jeans should hug your butt comfortably. Try squatting, lifting your legs or sitting and If you are having trouble with either of these continue fitting other sizes.

It should not be low or baggy either unless you are planning to shoot a 90’s hip-hop music video.


This is where the mother of problems starts with your fitting. The best way to tell if it fits right is do the pinch test. Just pinch the jeans around your thigh horizontally.

You should be able to pinch about a finger tip of the fabric. Any more is baggy and any less is tight.


This will be a matter of preference but should not be too long. By long I mean at the sole of your shoe.

Critical Factors to Consider when Buying the Best Jeans for Men with Big Thighs


The design will be determined by your preference but most of all by your body shape. In this case, your thick thighs.

You will want to go for either the straight fit jeans, baggy jeans, tapered jeans or the relaxed fit jeans. Either of these is good for men with thick thighs.


Blue jeans have really evolved from the 1950s when they first became popular. The most popular is the wash treatment jeans which can be either acid wash, stone wash or the vintage wash.

These treatments are used to produce the different patterns and hues on jeans.

The most ideal for men with thick thighs is the dark wash. However, too many patterns will make your big thighs pop out.

The rise

If you are looking for jeans for the office and you want to dress it up with an official shirt, a high rise jeans would be boyfriend jeans look good on big thighs

If looking for a weekend jeans, a mid-rise level would be ideal. Keep off the low rise. They are not the best for jeans for big thighs.


The first jeans that hit the market were the hard kind of jeans, very stiff and heavy. Nowadays we have so many fabrics that vary in terms of softness and stretch.

So what are the best jeans for guys with big thighs in terms of fabric? Medium soft is ideal. It is comfortable to wear and maintains the shape of the jeans.

You definitely want to avoid any hugging jeans or very stretchy jeans.


This should be the number one factor when choosing jeans. It’s sad that most of you guys with thick thighs compromise on comfort to look trendy.

Jeans in itself is trendy and fashionable and the best part of it is they are here to stay for a very long time.  A pair of Jeans is timeless and what’s more is you can wear it up or down to suit any occasion.

So, you need to be buy a pair that is very comfortable for it to be a functional piece in your wardrobe…


Weight of the jeans fabric will affect how jeans will drape your body. It will also affect the breathability of the jeans which is important especially for your crotch. The ideal range of weight is between 8 to 20 ounces.


With thick thighs, you might go a size up and that would mean your jeans might be longer.

Don’t fret, you can always do alterations on the length. Just talk to your tailor. Also, most designer brands will offer free length alternations upon purchase.


Q: Whenever I shop, I find jeans that fit me on the thighs but the waist is big. What can I do?

A: This means that you have a smaller waist to thigh ratio. Buy the jeans and get a tailor to take in the extra waist size so that it fits you perfectly.

Q: I love the skinny jeans, how can I pull them off?

A: Totally avoid skinny jeans, look for slim fit jeans instead. Skinny jeans will make you look very big and heavy.

Q: I am young and I want to rock trendy jeans but my thighs won’t allow me

A: Any style of jeans is trendy. It depends on how you dress it. Once you get the right fit on the thigh, you can rock the faded jeans, rugged jeans and every other trend but ensure your thighs are not the center of attention.

Q: What are the best colors of jeans for fat guys?

A: Dark blues, black and dark grays

Best Jeans for Men with Big Thighs: Final Words

Really, it shouldn’t be that much of rocket science to find the best fitting jeans for guys with big thighs.

The secret is in knowing what works for you and what doesn’t work for you. The starting point is getting the right waist size, thigh size and butt size…

All other things are secondary from there henceforth and will be a matter of preference and whether or not it compliments your body shape. Follow the above recommendations are you will be home and dry!

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