Best natural remedies for cellulite in thighs: 12 Tips & tricks

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Best natural remedies for cellulite in thighs? Our grannies knew what they were doing!

There are so many expensive treatments, oils, creams, and whatnot marketed to us to get rid of our cellulite.

Luckily, not all treatments are expensive or require high-end technology. There are still those little-known, old-school ways we can use to attack our cellulite in a natural way.

Best natural remedies for cellulite in thighs: 12 Tips & tricksIn total, there are 12 natural remedies to reduce cellulite in your thighs, all made with everyday ingredients and budget-friendly: honey-avocado cream, cucumber or egg white firming care, cider vinegar, quack grass, nettle, lemon water, massage oils with avocado, ivy, lemon, or jojoba.

Read on to learn more about each of these natural ways to fight thigh cellulite and how you can make these yourself.

The 12 best natural remedies for cellulite in thighs

A honey-avocado cream

For ultra-soft, firmer skin on a daily basis, mix a quarter of an avocado, 1 heaping tablespoon of honey and 3 tablespoons of moisturizer (made from sweet almond or shea butter).

You’ll get a smooth purée that you can apply to the areas affected by cellulite. Leave on for half an hour, then rinse with cool water for a fresh new look!

Anti-cellulite massage oil with avocado

You will need 4 avocado pits cut into small pieces (or better, grated).

Place this ingredient in a clean jar, then top up with sweet almond oil.

Let it macerate for 3 days.

Apply a generous amount of this mixture to the skin, massage lightly, then rinse with cold water after a few minutes.

Keep the jars refrigerated after opening.

Cucumber firming care

Enjoy the benefits of cucumber and honey for this firming and anti-slackening treatment.

Simply mix half a grated cucumber with a teaspoon of honey (preferably dark).

Apply the mixture to the skin and leave it on for 20 minutes. Rinse with fresh water. Your skin will be toned, softer and firmer.

Ivy leaves to reduce dimples

This plant is ideal for reducing dimples and regaining a beautiful skin. You can use it in infusion, in compresses or in massage oil.

For the oil, macerate 1 handful of leaves in wheat germ oil for two weeks, then add 3 drops of rosemary essential oil.

For compresses, boil water with 2 handfuls of ivy leaves for two minutes.

Strain, soak a cloth and apply your compress for 20 minutes on the areas affected by cellulite.

Tonic massage oil with lemon

Lemon is an excellent fat burner that allows you to naturally fight against dimples.

To prepare your massage oil:

  1. Add 8 drops of lemon essential oil to 5 oz of sweet almond oil to nourish the skin.
  2. Apply in circular motions, starting from the ankles and working up to the waist.
  3. Do not expose yourself to the sun after application.

Quack grass infusion

If this plant was the nightmare of our grandmothers in the garden, it was certainly their anti-cellulite ally!

The quack grass has a detox power, ideal against cellulite and water retention.

Simply prepare an infusion by immersing a handful of quack grass roots in water. Let it boil for 15 minutes, then strain it.

Drinking 2 or 3 cups of this infusion daily.

Egg whites for simple lifting care

Opt for egg white to tone tissue and obtain a smoother skin with great texture!

This amazing grandmother’s remedy has a remarkable firming effect.

Simply beat four egg whites to a frothy consistency.

Then spread this preparation on the areas to be treated. Once your skin has absorbed the egg white, rinse with cool water to boost circulation!

Cider vinegar as natural anti-cellulite ally

Cider vinegar is a grandmother’s remedy with incredible virtues!

It is very effective against cellulite: mix 3 tablespoons of vinegar with 1 tablespoon of an oil of your choice, then apply the mixture to the skin by massaging firmly.

You can also drink a large glass of water with two tablespoons of cider vinegar every morning.

Nettle to eradicate cellulite

This plant will allow you to eliminate toxins: it promotes drainage, fights water retention and helps eradicate cellulite.

For this, prepare an infusion with fresh nettle leaves in hot water and drink 3 cups a day.

You can also combine it with cider vinegar: marinate ten nettle leaves in a bowl filled with cider vinegar, then pour a tablespoon of this preparation into a glass of water.

Drink a glass on an empty stomach each morning. Detox and anti-cellulite effect guaranteed!

Lemon water to detox

Water and lemon are a great team to eliminate cellulite, and our grandmothers knew it!

They naturally release the toxins that accumulate in our body and are therefore excellent to detox and fight water retention.

Lemon also stimulates the metabolism and thus promotes fat-burning to help us keep our figure and eradicate dimples on a daily basis.

Fill a bottle with fresh water, squeeze a whole organic lemon to pour the juice into the bottle, then cut it up and add the slices to the bottle and let them infuse.

You have your drink for the day!

It is best to drink the equivalent of one glass first thing in the morning on an empty stomach, then throughout the day.

Moisturizing massage oil with jojoba

Simply add 3 drops of lemon essential oil to 4 tablespoons of jojoba oil for a moisturizing and anti-cellulite massage oil.

Apply the oil to the skin in circular motions, from the bottom to the top of the body. No need to rinse afterwards.

Anti-cellulite massage oil with lemon

For this first preparation, you just need to collect the peel of several lemons, place them in a clean jar and fill it with olive oil.

Close the jar and let macerate for a week. Strain it, and it’s ready!

Use this care in the evening, because lemon is photo sensitizing.

Apply the mixture to the skin, leave it on for a few minutes, then rinse with cold water to boost circulation.

Thanks to olive oil, your skin will be nourished and radiant with health. As for lemon, it is an excellent fat burner that can effectively treat cellulite.

Best natural remedies for cellulite in thighs: Conclusion

With some natural ingredients and a little bit of patience you can work wonders on those dimples.These skin care products are great for eliminating cellulite.

However, used alone, they are not enough to say goodbye to orange-peel skin!

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In addition, combine these with a balanced diet, regular physical activity and, above all, daily palpate-roll massages.

Only the proper massages can destroy the fatty deposits responsible for cellulite in depth, and are therefore essential in the fight against dimpling.

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