Heavy Duty Office Chairs For Large Person.

Office chairs for large person are made to make you comfortable, productive, and more efficient.  They are big, cozy, heavy-duty, and importantly, created for us, plus size guys.

Some are ergonomic and adapt perfectly to your unique body frame while others support your back- reducing tension and pain there.

We even have executive office chairs for fat guys coming with a recline feature. Big and Tall 500 pounds body weight support, Executive brown office chair, Heavy duty shiny bonded leather, Swivel and tilt, Chrome arms with extra thick padding, height adjustment.

But for one problem: getting a gold standard office chair for heavy weight takes more digging! That’s because not many manufacturers make office chair 300 lb. capacity and above.

Luckily, as we are wont to, we’ve been surveying heavy duty office chairs specifically looking for the best office chair for heavy person in pursuit of our mission to make life bearable for overweight dudes.

In this post, I will be showing you what’s special with high weight capacity office chair and how to choose chairs for fat people.

I will also be revealing the best office chair for 300 lbs and above- just in case you may be budgeting for one.

What Is Heavy Duty Office Chairs For Heavy People?

Big and tall chairs 500lbs (and generally all other heavy weight chairs) are chairs designed purposely to help an overweight person to remain comfortable and fully-supported while working.

They are specially engineered and feature heavy duty constructions with stronger bases, frames, and cylinders.

They often have larger proportioned seats, backrest cushions (for greater comfort), adjustable lumbar support, and have an assortment of easy adjustments

Why Does A Large Person Need A Special Office Chair?

If there is one factor that can make spending 8 hours of your day in the office easier, it is your office chair.

In fact, there is evidence proving what we have all along known-that remaining stuck in your chair for too many hours increases the risk of heart disease. It could also worsen your back pain.

Also, office workers may develop problems such as spinal misalignment, numbness, herniated discs, joint pain, and neck pain—because of sitting for far too long on poor quality, constrained chairs without support.

And so, a high-quality heavy-duty, ergonomic chair could be an investment in better health, comfort, prosperity, and productivity.

Buying Guide For The Best Office Chairs For Large Person

For office chairs for large person, you want a chair that is going to be fully supportive, comfortable, easy to get in/out, durable, wide enough, and of course, a chair with the capacity to hold your weight.

Here’s what else you check; AmazonBasics Big & Tall Executive Chair - Adjustable with Armrest, 350-Pound Capacity - Brown with Pewter Finish

  1. Breathable

You want your 400 lb office chair to reduce sweat build up and if possible, help in circulating air.

Mesh office chairs are great in this respect

  1. Capacity

It needs to be up to the challenge of supporting your weight. For example, if you are 400 lbs., you need at least an office chair 400 lb weight capacity.

And if you are 500 lbs., you will be looking at minimum big and tall office chair 500 lbs capacity

And so forth.

  1. Back Support

I have already mentioned about lumbar support. Certainly, this is one of the must-haves in the best office chairs for overweight

  1. Rolls Smoothly

If you move around a lot, you should go for office chairs for large person with wheels which rolls along nicely.

The convenience such chairs bring is priceless.

  1. Customization

I would love my 500 lb office chair to be fully adjustable. I like adjustable arms, adjustable heights…everything adjustable.

You’re always guaranteed maximum comfort with such chairs.

  1. Straightforward Assembly

I abhor complications.

So, why should I pick an office chair 300 lb weight capacity that forces me to hire an expert just to put it together?

For me, if it’s super easy to assemble, then it’s a good bet.

Best Big And Tall Office Chairs For Large Person: Reviews

Out of the over 30 different office chairs for large person that we considered, only the following five we left standing.

1.     Boss Office Products Heavy Duty Office Chairs 350lbs.

With curved contours and lots of adjustable settings, this Boss Office Products Heavy Duty Office Chair should keep your back fully supported and your whole body properly aligned- important especially if you usually sit for long periods continuously.

And with this chair’s built-in lumbar going even further to provide additional support for your lower back, then we can say this could be magical health wise.

Even better, its ergonomic tilt technology has an infinite locking adjustment. This allows you to set the chair to sit at your most comfortable angle.

The seat’s cushions have 2 layers of deep plush padding.

It also has black curved armrests, padded comfortably with customized leatherplus upholstery.

All these help to ensure superior sitting comfort throughout.

Finally, unlike many of its peers which rely on standard 25″ bases and casters, this executive chair raises the bar.

It comes with a magnificent 27″ 5-Star base plus 3″ dual wheel casters.

This means whenever you want to slide back, swivel for multi-tasking or may be move from one part of your office perhaps to a meeting next door, you will do so easily.

Features Boss Office Products B991-CP Heavy Duty Double Plush LeatherPlus Chair with 350lbs Weight Capacity in Black

  • Capacity: 350lbs
  • Heavy-duty spring tilt mechanism
  • Seat height:19.5 inch – 22 inch
  • Seat height adjustment: pneumatic gas lift
  • 27-inch five star base
  • 3-inch double wheel casters
  • Upholstery: black caressoftplus


  • The chair rolls super easily on various surfaces
  • Its padding is extremely firm and thick
  • The chair reclines back easily and also goes up /down
  • Its top quality and very sturdy
  • This chair is very supportive and has lots of space.


  • The chair doesn’t lean forward.


Designed for heavy and tall users, the boss heavy duty executive chair provides a sleek, professional style, and sophisticated support for your all-day comfort.

And its heavy-duty spring tilt mechanism puts it up there with the best.

2.     Modway Edge Mesh Back Office Chair 330lbs.

The idea of mesh office chairs started way back in 1990s.

Radically different from some of the then heavy duty office chairs 500lbs, it came with the first generation open mesh upholstery named pellicle.

The main benefit of this type of upholstery was in that it allowed maximum air circulation around user’s body keeping them cool during hot summer days.

This quickly spawned competition and today we have first grade mesh being used in leading mesh office chairs such as this Modway Edge Back Office Chair 330 lbs.

Indeed, this is a well-rounded ergonomic heavy duty office chair.

It not only has the popular breathable mesh back, it also offers excellent lumbar support, and has a thickly cushioned waterfall leatherette seat.

This means you will be sitting relaxed in a well thought out designer office chair which adjusts accordingly to match your needs.

You will also love its 5 dual-wheeled casters for the way they glide around easily on any flooring

And it looks sleek and stylish!

Features Modway Edge Mesh Back and Tan Vinyl Seat Office Chair With Flip-Up Arms - Ergonomic Desk And Computer Chair

  • Two tone 5-star nylon base
  • Armrests rotate up
  • Breathable mesh back
  • Lumbar support
  • Five dual-wheeled casters
  • Synchro tilt & tension control
  • One-touch height adjustment.
  • Capacity: 330 lbs


  • This chair is built with cutting edge ergonomics
  • It offers excellent air circulation
  • The chair looks stylish and sleek
  • The armrests flip up and their covering feels nice
  • It keeps your back straightened and supported


  • It may not be the easiest to put together


A breathing mesh back, excellent lumbar support, and a thickly cushioned waterfall leatherette seat makes this a premier heavy-duty designer chair.

Considering that everything else adjusts accordingly, this should deliver the support you need to be productive every day.

3.     La-Z-Boy Delano Big And Tall Office Chair 400lbs

With one of the most advanced memory foam layering system, this La-Z-Boy Delano Heavy Duty Office Chair 400lbs stands out due to its plush cushioning, optimal firmness, and elaborate comfort.

Its faux leather looks original enough and is quite attractive for an office chair.

The wood is undoubtedly brilliant – solid, heavy, and with a very nice finishing.

The chair is very sturdy and super heavy-duty with rollers which swivel easily and remains stable even when changing direction meaning movement is very easy and fun.

As I said earlier, this is an extremely comfortable chair- the 5 foam layering system is not something you see everyday anyway.

Just to highlight, the top layer has fiber material that won’t wear down quickly, while remaining flexible. It’s also resistant to shrinking and wrinkles.

It’s followed by a memory foam layer, then an additional third layer -both offering extra support. The fourth layer is basically a soft buffer and is in front of the cushion.

Lastly, you get additional support layer at the back which fortifies the seat to ensure it doesn’t contract when sat on.

You can also adjust the height so as to sit at your most comfortable angle.

Its back support is more than sufficient even when reclining and it also has superb lumbar support.

The headrest is also very comfortable and will support your neck perfectly.

Features La-Z-Boy Delano Big & Tall Executive Bonded Leather Office Chair - Chestnut (Brown)

  • Advanced Memory Foam layering
  • Generous seating area
  • Capacity: 400lbs
  • Ergonomic controls
  • Layered body pillows
  • Padded head rest
  • Bonded leather upholstery (Chestnut/brown)
  • Walnut (brown) wood components /finish


  • This is top quality and very comfortable
  • This is very well made for heavier people
  • It has a wonderful finishing
  • Comes with clear assembly directions
  • It has a useful lock function whenever you need upright sitting


  • Its recline doesn’t extend that far
  • Its height adjustment starts pretty high


This big and tall office chairs 400 lbs combines a super generous design with superior performance, exceptional support and accomplished luxury.

And with a personalized fit, this is a heavy-duty chair you can count on for all your daily chores.

4.     SPACE Seating Big And Tall Office Chair 400 Lb Weight Capacity.

Fabric sofas are generally more comfortable as compared to leather chairs for several reasons; chief among them being that fabric is on the whole softer.

It also has a warmer finish.

Also, most fabric chairs are treated with some stain-resistant finish. So, when spills happen, they clean easily especially if you use a steam cleaner.

Fabric will also not get scratched – like leather does- so it retains form for longer.

Crucially, quality fabric is inexpensive, so you usually get much more bang (compared to leather chairs) for your hard-earned buck.

Now, this Space Seating Big And Tall Office Chair is a deluxe fabric Seat- and one of the best for that matter.

Sample the following:

Adjustable lumbar support, one touch height adjustment, 2-way heavily-padded adjustable arms, gunmetal finish base (with dual wheel casters), breathable double airgrid back, oversize seat…….i wonder if there’s anything else you would ask for!

Features SPACE Seating Big and Tall AirGrid Back and Padded Mesh Seat, Adjustable Arms, Gunmetal Finish Base Ergonomic Managers Chair, Black

  • Double airgrid back (breathable)
  • Fabric seat
  • Adjustable lumbar support
  • One touch height adjustment (pneumatic)
  • 2-way adjustable arms
  • Gunmetal finish base
  • Dual wheel casters
  • Capacity: 400 lbs.
  • Padded mesh seat.


  • The seat is very wide
  • It’s very sturdy.
  • Mesh is super strong and very comfortable.
  • The seat can adjust pretty high so it can be fantastic for taller folks
  • Feels very durable
  • Its casters are super strong and quiet.


  • The arms are a bit low


Cool and contemporary, this thickly padded mesh chair is built for the modern office.

It’s also fully customizable, very well made, and super sturdy.

In a nutshell, it could be the dream chair for bulky guys.

5.     Flash Furniture Big And Tall Office Chair 500 Lbs Capacity.

Thanks to a very heavy duty metal bottom, this Flash Furniture Big And Tall Office Chair can support as much as 500 lbs. and was designed for people who need a comfortable chair for intensive office work.

With a high back design ( with a headrest), this could be awesome with heavy and tall people working in nurses’ Stations, 911 dispatch offices, control rooms, and call centers.

The high back goes all the way to its upper back giving this oversized chair greater lumbar support.

It’s tall making it also great for even taller disc jockeys and state workers.

It also scores handsomely on its broader seat plus extended back width- 2 features which make it to easily fit tall and heavy people.

Its tilt lock mechanism guarantees a soothing rocking/reclining motion making it particularly relaxing.

Then, it’s one of the few office chairs for large person with free range motion. It thus comes in handy when you want to dash from your computer to the phone.

The double padding and contours dissipate pressure from sensitive points ensuring even more comfort.

Further, this chair will easily swivel 360 degrees so it enables you to utilize your office space to the maximum.

Its pneumatic adjustment lever allows you to adjust it to your perfect height in a moment.

Features Flash Furniture HERCULES Series 24/7 Intensive Use Big & Tall 500 lb. Rated Black Leather Executive Swivel Chair with Loop Arms

  • Weight capacity: 500 lb.
  • High back design
  • Headrest
  • Built-in lumbar support
  • Tilt lock mechanism (with a tilt tension adjusting knob)
  • 4-inch thick foam-padded seat


  • It has more padding hence very Comfortable
  • Height adjusts easily
  • The seat is quite large
  • It’s very strong and resilient
  • Its leather material is top class and looks potentially durable


  • The stitching could have been better


With a very heavy duty metal bottom, high back design (with a headrest), built-in lumbar support, and a thick foam-padded seat, this was designed for busy office workers.

It should meet the demands of intensive office workers expertly.

6.     Office Star Mesh Back Lumbar Support Executive Office Chair 250lbs.

This Office Star Mesh Back Lumbar Support Executive Office Chair is simple yet super comfortable.

Cream of the crop is the highly breathable back which offers exceptional neck and back support.

A smartly built nylon frame also braces the mesh screen back and delicately cradles the contours of your spinal column with its built-in lumbar support.

You’ll also be fully in charge of your chair thanks to its accommodating range of 2:1 synchro lock tilt control which has been made further customizable by the adjustable tilt tension.

More ergonomic customization is availed by the one-touch pneumatic height adjustment for the seat and the padded flipping arms.

Plus, its materials are GreenGuard certified for their low chemical emissions and it thus promotes healthy indoor air quality for your home/office.

The heavy-duty base (with silver accents) and its dual wheel carpet type casters complete what I would say is a sleek office or home addition.

Features Office Star Mesh Back & Seat, 2-to-1 Synchro & Lumbar Support Managers Chair, Black

  • Breathable mesh
  • One-touch pneumatic height adjustment
  • Adjustable synchro tilt
  • Lumbar cushioning
  • Padded flip arms
  • Heavy-duty silver accents
  • Dual-wheel carpet casters
  • GreenGuard® certified
  • Capacity: 250 lbs.


  • It offers one of the best back support.
  • Assembly is a straightforward affair.
  • The dual casters move smoothly and quietly.
  • This is a very well cushioned seat.
  • The seat is very comfortable for a big arse.


  • Supports just 250 lbs.
  • Arm rests shake a bit


Lumbar cushioning, adjustable synchro tilt and one-touch seat height adjustment are some of the outstanding features of this ergonomic chair.

And thanks to it up-to-the-minute technology, this could prove to be an accomplished and stylish addition to your office or home.


Office chairs for large person are made to make you comfortable, productive, and more efficient.

Diversity, support, comfort, durability, and style are some of the factors you should check on when hunting for the best big and tall office chair.

Yes, they may be a bit expensive- compared with standard chairs- but I believe they are good value for your money.

And now you know the best so choosing the best office chairs for overweight person should be easy peasy.

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