Best Recliner For Heavy Person and Tall Men.

This is a quest for the best recliner for heavy person ever!

A recliner chair has many benefits. From helping to relieve back/joint pains, to inducing you to catch sleep quickly…and even massaging your muscles after a hard day’s job…indeed, a recliner can be an amazing addition to your house.

And if you are a big man like me, you should go for the best recliner for heavy person if you want to experience the best.

In this article, I will be discussing recliners for large people into deeper details.

I will also be revealing the results of my extensive research into the very best recliners for plus sizes guys and also name the top 5 here- just in case you might be budgeting for one.

But first things first;

What’s A Recliner Chair?

Flash Furniture Brown Leather Rocker Recliner Recliners are in simple language ordinary chairs but which have greatly improved to make them more comfortable.

Most are generously padded and cushioned. And of course, they recline to various angles.

They, therefore, support your whole body while maximizing comfort.

Modern recliners for heavy weight are comfier and very beautiful.

Best rated Recliners For Heavy Person and Tall Men.

1.     Flash Furniture Brown Leather Rocker Recliner.

A rocker recliner usually reclines on its arched tracks. This allows you to keep rocking back and forth.

So, in essence, The Flash Furniture Brown Leather Rocker Recliner is a 2-in-1 chair;

A rocker built into a recliner…It, therefore, goes beyond providing comfort;

First, you can calm your nerves from its soothing back-and-forth motion.

Secondly, it provides fantastic support around your neck and lumbar area; making it great for heavy guys with back problems.

Thirdly, by reclining, it will take off stress from your back, further resting your spine.

You can also expect its generously padded arms to combine with the bustle back cushions to cradle you in even more comfort.Flash Furniture Brown Leather Rocker Recliner



  • Contemporary Design
  • Plush Upholstered Arms
  • Bustle Back Cushions
  • Rocker Feature
  • Lever Recliner
  • Brown LeatherSoft Upholstery
  • CA117 Foam (Fire Retardant)


  • It’s easier to clean – just use a damp cloth
  • It survives fire while retaining its high-end look – thanks to the CA117 Foam
  • It’s comfortable beyond imagination
  • It reclines easily
  • Assembly this is a straightforward affair
  • Its leather is plush and top quality


  • The footrest may sometimes jam


This rocker recliner goes beyond comfort. It will soothe your tired nerves with its rocking motion or let you recline to a well-deserved nap.

No wonder it’s rated as one of the best big man recliner ever!

2.     Ashley Furniture Signature Design – Hogan Oversized Recliner.

Looking at Ashley Furniture Signature Design – Hogan Recliner lavish size and general construction, this represents everything good about heavy duty recliners.            

With an overstuffed back, heavily cushioned seat and plush arms, you might think you are in a small leather paradise the moment you pull the tab to recline.

I also have to salute the innovative ‘zero wall’ mechanism.

Well, if you are yet to meet it, it enables your chair to totally recline even if placed right against your living room wall.

Such a design offers a sense of sophistication and ultimately economizes on the available floor space.

The designer didn’t stop there. He has gone ahead to make a fashion statement with this most comfortable recliner.

Purely contemporary is the used soft mocha beige…

He must be a firm believer in soft neutral tones which, by the way, combined with a cozy feel will always remain in vogue.

And as if he needed to be sure every plus size person is left in complete awe, he built this wonder with a super sturdy corner-blocked frame. And went further to reinforce the seat with metallic bars!

So what you have is one rugged recliner- tough as nails!

Ashley Furniture Signature Design - Hogan Oversized Recliner - MochaCLICK HERE FOR UPDATED PRICE ON AMAZON


  • Corner blocked frames
  • Metal reinforced seats &  footrests
  • Nailhead trim & tufting
  • Microfiber upholstery
  • Pillow top armrests
  • Bustle backs (for lumbar support)
  • Oversized


  • It is one of the extremely roomy recliners for large man
  • It delivers Ultimate comfort
  • It also provides lumbar support
  • The recliner works so well.
  •  It is also very long and perfect for taller people
  • It’s a very sturdy


  • A bit tough to clean


A supremely padded back, plush seat, and cushy arm cushions, pushes this oversized recliner in a league of its own.

It’s a rare gold standard among heavy duty recliners for big men.

3.     BONZY Recliner Chair Contemporary Leather Chairs for Modern Living room.

The BONZY Contemporary Recliner Chair Reclines to my favorite “full relined” position with its foot rest up top.

In full-recline, this most comfortable reclining chair is the same length as a king-size mattress meaning it wonderful even for the tallest folks.

It also offers 3 different recline positions so you are spoilt for choice as you chase your most relaxing posture.

Away from the recline, its hardwood frame is constructed with expertise using mortise-and-tenon making it sturdy enough to support giant men.

In fact, it holds a respectable 300 lbs. so comfortably even at full recline.
Aiming to deliver an unforgettable theater experience right in your house, the layout includes 2 built-in cup holders.

And it’s wrapped in stain-resisting PU leather upholstery.

“So, why should you bother your local movie theater while you can relive your most memorable cinematic experience conveniently at home?” …it seems to pose!

In short, this big man’s recliner is one of my favorite recliners for big and tall man

BONZY Recliner Contemporary Theater Seating Two Cup Holder Brown Leather Chairs for Modern Living Room Durable Framework Chocolate



  • Casual styling
  • Durable hardwood construction
  • Stain-resisting PU leather upholstery
  • 2 built-in cup holders
  • 300 lbs. Capacity
  • 3 recliner positions
  • Comfortable/thick cushions
  • Fits through doors 30-inch or wider
  • Excellent workmanship


  • Takes very little effort to assemble
  • It looks very modern
  • It comes at a fair price
  • It’s made with eco-friendly materials
  • Its casual styling matches well with various interior decors


  • The arms are not very well built


The BONZY Contemporary Recliner Chair is an environmentally friendly, safe and super comfortable Theater style seat.

Its excellent workmanship Vis-à-vis other recliners for big and tall men makes it a handsome choice.

4.     Infinite Position Lift Chair Recliner.

If you are you hunting for recliners for large people that provide unlimited reclining positions, then you would be better off with this deluxe Infinite Position Lift Chair Recliner.

It lets you relax at whatever ago- from sitting to watch TV, to reading, relaxing, napping…you’ll enjoy unlimited reclining positions.

The other thing with these types of recliners is that they allow your legs and feet to rest above your heart or at the same level with your heart for the “zero-gravity” position.

This takes the stress away from the spine.

You can still lie in a more relaxing “S” position.

As a power recliner, this features an ambidextrous remote attached to it and works from a standard electrical connection or the built-in battery power pack.

Now, considering that this chair is padded everywhere, people who are fond of sleeping in their chairs will find it irresistible.

Besides, those recovering from some injury or with back problems will also be very proud of its quality.Infinite Position Lift Chair Recliner LC-100 (navy) with Inside Delivery & Assembly



  • Infinite position
  • All-electric power lift & recline lounger
  • Furniture grade hardwood/plywood frame
  • Heavy-duty steel lift system
  • 325lb maximum weight.
  • Integrated battery backup.


  • The chair is able to move different directions and is really convenient
  • The heavy-duty lift mechanism works beautifully
  • Its looks sleek when placed in your living room
  • It is super quiet
  • This can recline practically flat.


  • The seat is a bit hard and uncomfortable
  • It requires a day or two to learn its controls


This feature 3 recline positions and is all electric (and comes with a battery backup)

Its heavy-duty steel lift mechanism pushes it to rank among the best recliners for large men.

5.     Mega Motion Easy Comfort Superior 3 Position Heavy Duty Lift Chair 500 lb capacity Recliner.

Remaining with powered big and tall recliners, we now look at the Mega Motion Easy Comfort Superior Heavy Duty Lift Chair.

It comes with a superior powered lift, back recliner, and an accomplished leg lift mechanism.

You can also use it with a battery backup so you don’t have to stop your fan abruptly just because power has failed.

The remote control comes with 2 buttons- up and down- and can be connected on the left or on its right side- making it a tremendous for left-handed people!

It also has lit buttons so you can easily operate it even in darkness.

Moving now to its other features, its fabric is pure polyester, is non- staining and absorbs zero fluids.

This makes it a super easy to wash big man recliner 500 lb.

This fabric and its color options also make it to easily blend in with your home style saving you from spending more money modifying your local décor to make it match with your prevailing taste.

Equally important are its comfort qualities:

These are its split back design plus the chaise seat. They are purposed at ensuring that you experience all round comfort.

And that’s exactly what they do.

Lastly, the convenient side pockets located on both sides will let you store your magazines, newspapers, and your remote control.

In summary, this is so well made.

I would be surprised to see it sweep all the awards in the category for the best recliner for large person this year.Mega Motion Easy Comfort Superior 3 Position Heavy Duty Big Lift Chair 500 lb Capacity Chaise Lounge Recliner - Walnut Brown Fabric



  • Heavy-duty power electric lift
  • Reclines 3 positions
  • Capacity: 500 lbs.
  • Furniture grade/quality hardwood/plywood construction
  • Counter-balanced recliner mechanism
  • Chaise pad & heavy-duty polyester fabric
  • Integrated battery backup


  • It’s super easy to assemble
  • Its fabric is non-staining and remains spotless
  • You can connect the remote on either side (left/right) making it ideal even for left-handed guys
  • It’s not that big as to waste on floor space
  • Its remote is easy to learn and very well made
  • You can use it even when power fails- thanks to the battery backup


  • It doesn’t recline fully
  • The seat is a slightly small compared with other recliners for heavy weight


The Mega Motion Easy Comfort Superior 3 Position powered chair is made with highest grade materials and heavy-duty steel mechanisms.

Its control buttons and non-staining fabric are also distinct pluses.

Overall, it should hold its own against the best 500 lb. capacity recliner.

Types Of Recliner Chairs.

Recliners for large people come in various shapes. Here they are.

1.     Two-Position Recliners

You guessed it right!

Two-position heavy duty recliners big man has 2 recline positions: fully reclined or upright.

Typically you release the footrest using the installed lever to recline.

These heavy duty recliners big man are the cheapest types. They are however limited in function and they occupy more space especially when fully reclined.

2.     Rockers

Another candidate for the best recliner for heavy person is a rocker recliner.

These offer a number of reclining angles.

The footrest can typically be set up without having to go entirely back just to do so, as it happens with two-position recliners.

Rocker recliners will hence be more suitable for small spaces now that you can position them closer to walls.

They, however, cost slightly more than their predecessors.

3.     Push-Back (Flex-Back Recliner)

In your search for the best recliner for tall person, you may also come across push-back recliners.

These lack an integrated footrest.

And they are quite simple- you just push back the seat to make them recline.

Only the back moves, so they save more space than even rocker recliners.

4.     Riser Recliners (Lift Chairs)

The best recliner for tall person can also be a rise/lift chair.

These are, in essence, motorized (powered) reclining chairs.

They can recline and also lift upward and so you require little effort to get in/out. For this reason, individuals with physical injuries or disabilities love them.

They are extremely versatile but also the most costly.

You have to plug in the fitted electric motor into a wall outlet. Some even come with a backup battery and you operate them using control pads or a remote.

5.     Wall-Hugger Recliners

Wall-huggers also take up minimal space and are excellent for smaller rooms.

Most recliners have both a wall-hugger and rocker recliner version.

In a wall-hugger, you can sit up straight making it easier to get out off.

Some wall-huggers can even be adjusted to sit at a higher position. This way, you find them much easier to out even if you have a bad knee.

6.     Massage Recliners

Your best recliner for big man could be a massage recliner. These may or may not come with a heating function

They will massage your back and soothe your muscles.  And they easily lift or recline. On top, they are extremely cozy.

Message recliners are generally more costly than rocker and wall-hugger recliners.

Benefits Of Using Big And Tall Recliners.

Your 500 lb. capacity recliner, recliners for over 400 lbs. and all other plus size recliners for that matter offer more than just comfort.

Here are some of their outstanding benefits:

  • They Offer Support:These are made to remain firm under the pounds. They don’t creek and seem happy to support your extra-large body.
  • Very Comfortable:plus size recliners are very generous in comfort. As you will note, they seem to adopt a comfort-first approach.
  • Peace of Mind:Thanks to their study frame, you get peace of mind knowing that you are safe since heavy capacity recliners rarely collapse due to weight.
  • Style and Sophistication:Most of these heavy man recliners are sleek and bring a sense of style and sophistication to your living room.
  • They Facilitate Quick Recovery and Rehabilitation: If you are recovering from a bad injury, relaxing in a riser recliner could help you heal quickly. This is because they are very soft and are optimized to support the injured parts.

Buying Guide For The Best Recliner For Heavy Person.

You should pay close attention to the following factors when looking for the best recliner for heavy person.

  • Capacity

How many pounds can it hold? You need a recliner that can comfortably accommodate you.

So, start by checking its maximum load.

  • Style/Type

Should you go for a rocker recliner? Or a wall-hugging recliner? Or a lift chair?

Now, this will depend on where you will be placing it and your unique needs.

Wall-huggers are the best for smaller spaces.

On the other hand, lift chairs are superb when you are recovering from a bad injury.

  • Comfort

The best recliner for heavy person should have sufficient padding, a footrest, and also an armrest.

Also, recliners that recline fully are more comfortable.

After all, recliners are for relaxation and leisure.

  • Construction And Design BONZY Recliner Contemporary Theater Seating Two Cup Holder Brown Leather Chairs for Modern Living Room Durable Framework Chocolate

Recliner frames can be wooden, metallic or made from hardwood.

Whatever the make, it should be very sturdy for it to offer the required support.

Obviously, metallic frames last the longest.

On the same note, hardwood is much better than other wood variants.

  • Bonus Features

Some of these chairs have some useful value-adding features. For instance, the mega motion easy comfort superior 3 position recliner has useful side pockets for storing your magazines, remote, and cellphone.

It also has a battery backup – very beneficial during blackouts



The best recliner for heavy person will enable you to relax your body, release stress, and even nap.

With the proliferation of recliners for large menbig and tall recliners, you need to do more work to get the very best recliner for large person.

This should be well-made, sturdy, durable, big enough to accommodate you, and with a superior recline mechanism.

Get it and let the fun begin.

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