Best Rollaway Beds for Heavy People in 2023: Top Comfort Solutions

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Having the best rollaway beds for heavy people at your home is a game changer…

Best Rollaway Beds for Heavy People: Top Comfort SolutionsWith the perfect portable bed, comfort is guaranteed and your guests will definitely love it.

In this post, we’ll review the most comfortable portable bed for adults ranging from; Folding beds, Fold away beds,  Blow up mattresses among other exquisite portable beds…

In a hurry? Check out our most recommended travel beds for adults below:

Top 6 Best Rollaway Beds for Heavy People

  1. Zinus Folding Guest Bed: Most Luxurious Portable Bed

  2. iBed Folding Guest Bed: Best 275lb Portable Bed

  3. Intex Pull-Out Inflatable: Best Inflatable Portable Bed

  4. Simmons Beauty Guest Bed: Best Budget Portable Bed

  5. Coleman Airbed Cot : Best Twin Portable Airbed

  6. Disc-O-Bed Cam-O-Bunk Cot: Best 500lb Portable Bed

Buying Guide for the Best Rollaway Beds for Heavy People

VECELO 14 Inch Metal Bed Frame, Tool Assembly/Quiet Noise Free/Box...Buying the best rollaway beds for heavy people can be a daunting task because there are so many choices in the industry.

However, you can narrow down the choice by knowing the purpose of the bed and who will be using it regularly.

University students living on their own would prefer a couch bed because of versatility while some one more mature may prefer a real bed with a frame.

Here are some of the things you should look out for;


Milliard Folding Bed Ottoman Single Cot Size with Grey Suede Cover,...Before everything else, the bed must be comfortable to sleep on so you can get a good night sleep and rest well.

The most comfortable folding bed for adults must have a thick cushioning for the back, be firm but not hard and have a soft top even if you will use bed sheets.

The construction must also be good such that your body will not sag or sink in the middle so an ergonomic design will be great.


With so many options out there, anyone can afford a portable bed for their house. Your pocket will of course determine whether you will buy the best portable mattress or a roll away bed.

However, you can still get what you prefer at your price range because some brands do sell very affordable foldable beds.

Available Space

Always consider the space you have available to put the portable bed when it’s open and when folded. The space will determine the size and type of a portable bed you will get for your guests.

Ease of Use

Whether you are buying an inflatable camping mattress or a foldable bed, you must choose one that is easy to use and set up when it comes time for sleeping.

The assembling process should be easy and mattresses should have built in pumps that are easy to operate.

Reviews of the Best Rollaway Beds for Heavy People

Zinus Memory Foam Resort Folding Guest Bed

Zinus Memory Foam Resort Folding Guest Bed with Wheels, Standard TwinSleep Master has taken the number one slot because this is the best portable guest bed in the market.

It is a luxurious bed used mostly in hotels and resorts because it’s comfortable, stylish and durable.

This Zinus Memory Foam Resort Folding Guest Bed  features a solid frame that matches with the best portable mattress for guests

This bed looks like a box spring and it can open up to a twin size bed in case you have extra guests.

The mattress is 5 inches thick made of 4 inches high density foam base and 1 inch of memory foam for extra comfort.

This bed is extremely easy to fold and unfold even by one person and it comes with a strap and hook to ensure it stays in place when folded.


It doesn’t come with a cover to but in when folded.

iBed Folding Hideaway Guest Bed Guest Bed- 275 lbs

SpaceMaster iBED Cot Size Hideaway Folding Cot Camping Bed with 2 Inch...The reason this bed is one of the best folding beds for adults is because of its simple design and ease to use.

iBed Folding Hideaway Guest Bed comes ready to use so you don’t need to assemble anything and you can just unfold it in seconds.

Though the mattress is only 2 inches thick, the bed is still very comfortable because it’s pure foam. When folded, this bed can fit in a closet or under your actual bed because it folds down to a really small size.

iBed Hideaway portable bed for adults has a very durable bed sturdy frame made of tubular steel.

The flexible mesh is supported with spring so your body can sink comfortably instead of lying on hard bars. It’s a really strong bed which can fit tall people because its 6inches long.


The frame is all steel so it’s prone to rust and you have to be careful not to pinch your fingers when folding.

Intex Pull-out Sofa Inflatable Bed, 76″ X 87″ X 26″, Queen.

Intex Pull-out Sofa Inflatable Bed, 76' X 87' X 26', QueenIf you live in a small single room, this pull-out sofa is your cup of tea because it’s versatile and comfortable.

Intex Pull-out Sofa Inflatable Bed is a sofa by day and a bed by night which can sit and sleep two or three people comfortably.

This pull-out sofa is made with high quality vinyl and it inflates within minutes to a firm and comfortable place.

Two inflation valves are included to make inflation faster and convenient.

On top of being a couch and a bed, you can also go with it camping or to the beach on a great sunny day in the water.

The backrest and arm rests are very comfortable whether you are sitting or lying down.


It’s common for this air bed to lose air but if you find the leak it’s easy to patch it.

Simmons Beauty Sleep Foldaway Guest Bed- 300lbs

Simmons Beauty Sleep Foldaway Guest Bed (Twin), BlackWhat makes this Simmons Beauty Sleep Foldaway Guest Bed one of the best rollaway beds for heavy people is that it’s the cheapest foldable bed you can find in the market thanks to its simple and compact design.

However, don’t let the looks fool you because this bed is so strong, it can handle more than 300 pounds courtesy of the perimeter spring suspension.

Apart from being strong the spring suspension also provide a firm sleeping surface without sagging and this is enhanced more by the 3 inch memory foam that has an ultra-plush honeycomb cover.

You will find this bed in many dorms, guest rooms and vacation homes but it’s a great addition to your home and camping because it’s compact and portable especially when folded.


Its cot size so only one person can sleep on it comfortably.

Coleman Airbed Cot – Twin – 300lbs

Coleman Twin Airbed Folding Cot with Side Table and 4D Battery Pump,...Dorms, camping trips and guest rooms require beds that are durable but easy to use because no one has time for complicated assemblies.

This Coleman Airbed Cot – Twin is one of the most popular fold up beds for adults because of its simple design and it’s made of high quality material making it very durable.

Using this bed is a matter of just opening it up and it’s a very compact package when it’s folded so it can fit under another bed or even in the trunk.

Coleman Airbed Cot has a very sturdy frame which makes it ideal for campers who are afraid of sleeping on the ground.

The thick mattress ensures superior comfort while the spring coil suspension makes sure your body doesn’t sag while you sleep.

Furthermore, what makes it the most comfortable inflatable bed is the side table with cup holders and a 4D battery pump.


There is no flat surface for the mattress so it tends to sink in the middle while you sleep.

Disc-O-Bed Cam-O-Bunk Cot – 500lbs Portable Bed for Adults

Disc-O-Bed Large Cam-O-Bunk 79 x 28 Inch Portable Versatile Folding...If you have two adults or children who don’t want to sleep in the same bed, this Bunkable cot system is a great alternative because it comes with two travel beds for adults and children.

Disc-O-Bed Cam-O-Bunk Cot is ideal for camping and dorm rooms because it’s easy to put together even by one person.

Disc-O-Bed Cam-O-Bunk Cot is 11 inches off the ground so you can put another mattress or your luggage below there and the space between cots is 21 inches to give enough air and space to the person sleeping on lower bed.

This is a very strong bed made of rust resistant steel which is powder coated and can handle up to 500 pounds.

Though it says it’s a cot size bed, adults are able to sleep on these bunkable camping beds for adults very comfortably and they come with side organizers attached on the side for storage.


They are heavy and expensive but it’s worth it.

Best Rollaway Beds for Heavy People: Conclusion

While all the above features are great to look at when purchasing the best rollaway beds for heavy people, one must also consider the warranty and customer service of the company.

That’ll help you decide whether to return it, repair it, or replace it in case it’s faulty.

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