Best sleep position to lose weight: Analysis

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What is the best sleep position to lose weight? The secrets to losing weight aren’t just tiring workouts and a strict diet.

Best sleep position to lose weight: Analysis

Did you know that you can also lose a few pounds in your sleep?

“Of course not! How is that even possible?!”

To answer this question, you should know a few things about the way you sleep.

It’s not actually so much about losing weight, it’s about avoiding to put on weight, though in the end this both comes down to a lower reading on the weighing scale.

Best sleep position to lose weight: Analysis

The main thing you should learn is which sleeping position is best. So that’s exactly what this article is all about!

Don’t sleep on your stomach

The worst possible sleeping position is flat on your belly since it affects your body by:

  • disturbing your breathing
  • slowing down the digestion of your meals
  • causing fat to be stored
  • creating lumbar tensions
  • overloading your cervical and thoracic joints

This last item could lead to neck pain and severe migraines when you wake up.

If you like to sleep on your stomach, it’s time for some change! This sleeping position causes many complications, especially excessive pressure on the muscles.

The result? You wake up every morning with the feeling you’ve been crushed. Your body feels numb, your back pain is worse, and you’re tired!

All these physical issues could increase your stress level during the day. And to cope with this stress, your body will produce cortisol.

So what happens when this hormone is continuously released in your body? It speeds aging and causes fat to build up in the abdomen.

Instead, try sleeping on your back for a peaceful night and a refreshed body in the morning.

Sleep on your back, a natural position

No problem, you think, I sleep on my back anyway.

Sleeping on your back is very effective in relieving back pain because it allows you to prevent neck pain. Sleeping on your back also helps with gastric reflux since it limits digestion issues.

For aesthetic enthusiasts: sleeping on your back also reduces facial wrinkles! A soft pillow with a little bit of padding to raise your head, some essential oils on a tissue, and you are ready to sleep!

This sleeping position is so effective for a good night’s sleep because it respects the head and spine.

Are you unhappy with the support you’re getting from your current bed? Check out our reviews of top bed frames for obese people.

This sleeping position is one of the healthiest to wake up refreshed.

Sleep on your side instead

Many specialists agree that sleeping on your side is the best position to;

  • sleep well
  • relieve back pain
  • lose weight

The fetal position is the most recommended. You allow your muscles to relax when you sleep folded in on yourself, knees up and chin down.

But what is the best side to sleep on? When you sleep on your right side, you avoid possible pressure on your heart. As a result, your blood circulation is more fluid, and you avoid swelling in the legs, buttocks, and thighs.

However, it is recommended that pregnant women don’t sleep on this side. This could result in decreased blood flow to the uterus.

Best sleep position to lose weight: Sleeping on your left side boosts your health

Sleeping on your left side is the most recommended position because of its many benefits.

First of all, this position is good for the digestive system. You put your stomach and your pancreas in their natural position by lying down on your left. This allows them to function optimally.

While you are resting, the stomach continues to contract normally to digest the food you ate during the evening.

The pancreas efficiently secretes the necessary enzymes to help the digestive process. This way, you avoid fat storage by absorbing most of the nutrients in your food. But that’s not all.

Your lymphatic system will also thank you for sleeping on your left side. This is because most of your drainage organs are on that side.

Toxins and waste gathered in your body are more easily eliminated this way.

As a result, this sleeping position will help to:

  • refine your figure
  • tone your legs
  • reduce orange peel skin
  • deflate your ankles and calves
  • make your thighs more energetic

Every morning you will feel great in your body without a bloated stomach.

Change position from time to time

However, it is recommended not to always sleep on the same side since it could tire your arm. Therefore, you can, from time to time, switch to sleeping on your back.

This will allow you to wake up without a crumpled face. If you are pregnant, place a pillow between your thighs to rest your belly.

In short: it’s possible to maximize the effects of your diet and physical activity by sleeping on the left side.

Switching to a different sleeping position can be challenging at first, but with a bit of determination, you’ll surely succeed.

If you don’t sleep by yourself, you could also switch places with your partner from time to time to force yourself to change sleeping positions.

Best sleep position to lose weight: Conclusion

Though you cannot actually lose existing weight in your sleep, you can surely avoid putting on more weight by optimizing your sleeping position.

We’ve discussed how different sleeping positions affect your body, from your digestive system to back pain and blood circulation, all having an impact on your body storing fat.

Basically, sleeping on your back or side is better than sleeping on your stomach, while sleeping on your left side seems to offer the most health benefits.

By optimizing your sleeping position, you can avoid fat storage and avoid weight gain as a result.


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