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I once heard from a friend about this guest who broke two toilet seats in 4 months in his guestroom. How funny! He was a great family friend – and blessed with the big stature – about 6 feet tall and fat to cause such damage.

You will hear incredible stories about toilet seat breakage incidents. It’s absurd and super disgusting. But a toilet seat for heavy person is not the regular size or shape that small and medium-sized people use.

Gladly, you are going to find great toilet seats on the market that are produced to ensure that the heavy individual is not only comfortable but also safe.

And before you find the search hard already, you may want to read through this guide for some help.

The guide reviews some of the best heavy-duty toilet seat options on the market. It breaks down the most important details you want to know about the specific products included here.

If you don’t want to risk your wellbeing or that of your heavy, loved ones, read along. The recommended toilet seats will do the magic as they come with comfort, security, and ruggedness just for you.

Heavy Duty Toilet Seat For Heavy Person Compared.

Why Big People Need the Best Toilet Seat for Heavy Person.

As expected, using the right toilet seat is super-important for large guys. There are many benefits to the toilet seats for massive guys.

Let’s round them up right next.

  • Comfort is king

While relieving yourself, your rear end shouldn’t be missing the balance off the seat. Let me be open; this is extremely dangerous.

Which is the reason why a heavy-duty seat comes in. Designed with a spacious area, your butt can rest in absolute comfort.

Other than being large, toilet seats for fat people are designed ergonomically. Thus, they are incredibly user-friendly – making your time in the toilet a breeze at the seaside.

  • Safety and security 

Large, stable and sturdy is what the seats are. Also, depending on the style of the toilet seat, you get to see different features that enhance your security while on them.

Features like the hinges and bumpers do secure the fitment in its place. With the bowl well fitted and secured, the seat will remain in the place as it won’t be shifting from place to place.

  • For Guests 

You never know when the guest will be knocking on the door. And even worse, you may not have a hint as to what kind of guest you would be receiving.

This happens a lot when you have parties or events to celebrate anniversaries, birthdays, etc. However, knowing that the toilet seat in place is a tough, heavy-duty type, it cools your nerves.

You can rest assured of no potential embarrassment. And ultimately, have that peace that’s evasive when things aren’t flowing in the right manner.

Different Types of Toilet Seats for Heavy Person.

There are various types of toilet seats for heavy persons. Different toilet seats can be classified based on the shape and material used in their craft.

1.   Round Toilet Seat for Heavy Person

Perhaps the round toilet seat is the most common type popular in many homes. It is what we could say, the traditional seat.

Usually, the round seat is about 16 -17 inches if the distance between the center of the bolt holes to the front rim is measured. That’s the best way to determine if the seat is round or not.

Round seats take up less space during installation. Which means if you are strained in terms of space, this is the perfect seat to have in the toilet.

Also, it easier to clean up this type of toilet seat.

2.   Open Toilet Seat or U-Seats for Heavy Person

Just as seen from the name, the seat takes the shape of letter U. This type of seats is common with public restrooms, especially in the U.S., where it is a legal plumbing requirement there.

The seats have an opening in the front. And the significance of this u-shape style is purely for hygiene reasons.

First, the u-seat is designed to help you avoid any contact (of your genitals) with the toilet. Then there is no chance of urine splashing as men urinate.

Plus, you can comfortably wipe your parts without accidentally touching the bowl. In a nutshell, the open-front seats keep you safe from diseases, which is why public health experts recommend them.


3.   Oval or Elongated Toilet Seat for Heavy Person

Oval toilet seats are mostly seen in the commercial space. So you expect the oval plus size toilet seat in the restaurants, offices, etc.

To be sure whether your seat is the elongated style, measure to find out the length of the bowl. As always, this should be from the center front of the bowl to the center of the hinge post holes.

If the value is approximately 18.5 inches, then that’s it – the elongated toilet seat. From the measurements, this seat comes with extra space in the front, which is essential for improved hygiene.

5 Best Toilet Seat for Heavy Person.

1.     Big John 6-W Oversized Toilet Seat 800 lbs. Weight Capacity

Call it the oversized tool designed for the obese, Big John 6-W Oversized Toilet Seat is a massive choice that should leave all your concerns addressed. Right from the word go, the seat’s design was thoughtful.

Crafted for use on both oval and round toilets, you’ll learn that it’s only one among the few toilet seats with such versatile functionality. The seat comes with a cover or lid that closes whisper-soft rather than slamming and disrupting the household thanks to soft-close stainless steel hinges.

There is no denying that the accessory is built to stand the test of time. First, because it is manufactured in the U.S. and second, the ABS plastic used to make it is the highest quality with a strong resistance to both stains and chemical effects.

There are stabilizing bumpers that will keep the seat in its place. You won’t be shifting in the seat.

The seat is large and accommodates the weight up to a massive 800 lbs., which is an absolute cracker for the heavy individual.

Big John 6-W Oversized Toilet Seat with Cover – For Round Or Elongated Toilet Bowls – Weight...
327 Reviews
Big John 6-W Oversized Toilet Seat with Cover – For Round Or Elongated Toilet Bowls – Weight...
  • Big john toilet seat closed front with cover 800 pound capacity - 109826


  • Durable construction
  • Comes with a whisper-soft lid
  • Oversized


  • Front opening is smaller
  • A bit expensive

Overall, a good massive pick. Without a doubt, it is one of the best toilet seat for heavy person with underlying obese issues.

2.     BEMIS Heavy Duty Oversized Toilet Seat 1,000 lbs. Weight Limit

BEMIS Heavy Duty Oversized Toilet Seat is set to support the weight of the heaviest guys in your household with its 1000-lb. capacity. You never know who visits next, so BEMIS offers that opportunity to solve seat issues for good.

The seat is equipped with chrome hinges with two positions such that you can either mount it on the round bowl or elongated bowl without a fuss.

Once installed, BEMIS keeps intact; this is due to the excellent STA-TITE fastening system aided by the non-corrosive stainless steel posts. As a result, your seat is fitted without a sign of loosening or wiggling.

The entire seat itself boasts a stainless, anti-chip and wear-resistant body. This demonstrates why the unit is going to serve you in many seasons to come.

Ring bumpers at the bottom of the seat ensure that you are secure as you release your weight on it. In case you experience issues in the function of this unit, be sure to forward them to the manufacturer for correction or replacement.

BEMIS offers a one-year warranty for this seat.


  • Massive weight support
  • Chrome hinges
  • Versatile


  • The lid has no soft close

Overall, this is a perfect option for older adults and those who are sick. The unit is exceptionally spacious to assure them comfort.

3.     Big John 1W Oversize Toilet Seat 1200 lbs.

Big John 1W comes as the largest and the correct obese toilet seat in this list. And so does it require a splurge of the bucks to acquire it.

If you have all the money to spend on an extremely heavy-duty seat for your toilet, then this one ticks all the boxes of your issues. It is large and poised to carry the heavy load from the go.

With 19-inch width, the seat is designed to handle you comfortably. This seating surface is also contoured to make sure that your comfort is in check.

Big John 1W is built from ABS plastic material. This is the industry-standard plastic used by many brands across the industry.

It is characteristically solid, sturdy, and displays resistance to stains and chemical reactions. Still, on durability, the seat’s hinges that secure it are stainless steel.

As it is with other models shown above, this also is a universal fit. You can fit the elongated or round toilets.

Security and safety are essential. In this unit, you get large rubber bumpers that make the seat immovable irrespective of how much weight is exerted on it.

Big John Toilet Seat 2445646-1W Closed Front with Cover Oversize Toilet Seat, White
  • LARGER AND MORE LUXURIOUS SITTING: Our oversized 1-W toilet seat features a contoured, 19-inch wide sitting surface that...


  • Extremely heavy duty
  • Ergonomic design
  • Durable materials


  • Expensive
  • Hard to install

Overall, this toilet seat is the ultimate option you can have for you. Although it’s costly, the value you will get is worth the splash.

4.     KOHLER K-4636-0 Cachet Elongated White Toilet Seat

KOHLER is a renowned brand worldwide, not just for making toilet products like these seats but also ventures in furniture, cabinetry, engines, and more.

KOHLER K4636-0 Cachet is designed for the elongated toilet. The seat packs plenty of features with emphasis on high-quality construction, the comfort of the user, and durability.

It might be one of the cheapest extra-large toilet seat options on the market, but the seat can deliver quite the performance.

Unique Grip-Tight bumpers ensure that the seat is tightly fit in the place. Meanwhile, you get a soft-close seat feature that’s entirely instrumental when it comes to easy installation of the seat, cleaning, and, more importantly, prevents the plastic seat from hitting hard on the bowl.

This setup, plus the Quiet-Close lid, helps to preserve your seat for long. And it brings peace in the household as almost no noise comes out.


  • Quiet-close lid
  • Durable
  • Affordable


  • Not well made
  • Not versatile

Overall, it is an affordable catch if you are not planning to spend lots of bucks soon.

5.     BEMIS 7800TDG 000 Commercial Heavy Duty Closed Front Toilet Seat

If you are looking for an unbreakable toilet seat for commercial application, then the BEMIS 7800TDG 000 is here to finish the job. The toilet seat is heavy-duty, and it’s crafted to last through seasons.

The seat is constructed from a high-quality plastic material. It comes with a cover, and its front is closed.

STA-TITE Seat Fastening System lessens the installation work you are supposed to undertake on this unit. It makes the unit fit tightly and securely.

This seat is a universal type that readily fits on the different round and elongated bowls in the industry. The plastic used in the craft is easy to clean and doesn’t catch stains easily, all thanks to the duraguard antimicrobial protection injected into the plastic.

To ensure that you are comfortable, the seat displays a contoured shape.


  • Cheap
  • Easy to install
  • Versatile
  • Durable


  • Not slow-closing

Overall, this is a good product that comes as an affordable option.

Buying Guide for the Best Toilet Seat for Heavy Person.

Just keep in mind how the marketplace is flooded with these items. You need some kind of guidance on how to buy a good seat.

Here are things that you should put into perspective when buying the best toilets for heavy people.

  • Size Of The Toilet

The first thing to think about is the size of your toilet. The seat you are looking forward to buying must fit the toilet just fine.

You need to be aware of your toilet style, elongated or round. Then go ahead and see what fits the bill.

  • Weight Capacity 

From the reviews above, you can see toilet seats that weigh over 1000 lbs. Always go for the highest capacity to avoid some absurd situations.

The best solution is to have a heavy-duty seat in place that will accommodate users comfortably and without any worries.

  • Ease of Cleaning

Consider buying toilet seats that are easy to clean. Some of the seats come injected with an antimicrobial agent on their surfaces for easy cleaning and to remain new all the time.

So be careful with the material the seat was made. It must be stain-resistant and anti-germs.

In Conclusion

You are now in the best position to have a proper toilet seat for heavy person added in your toilet. The options described in the reviews should be an excellent place to start your search.

Make sure that you take enough time to find out which one among those works the magic for you. All the best!

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