Bike safety tips for a bicycle vacation: 8 Best tips

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Bike safety tips for a bicycle vacation: we’ll talk about accessories, how and where to cycle and the importance of headgear.

Bike safety tips for a bicycle vacation: 8 Best tipsIf there’s one thing we don’t understand when traveling by bike, it’s safety.

This is the only real negative of a bike trip.

This is especially true when riding on roads with traffic.

And it’s really not pleasant. But with a few tips and a lot of common sense, you’ll be OK.

Bike safety tips for a bicycle vacation: Introduction

After traveling by bike, I have found a few tricks to deal with irresponsible behavior.

This might help you to have the right reflexes from the start.

Riding is meant to be a great experience; you don’t want to end your day stressed and drained.

Tip: If you also want to make sure you don’t end your day with a sore bum, check out these reviews of bike seats for plus-size people.

Our 8 best bike safety tips for a bicycle vacation

Have a mirror on your bike

A mirror is a good investment for your bike trip.

With the mirror, you can better anticipate the driver’s behavior and move more to the side of the road if needed.

Clearly, this little mirror will be very useful, even if it can sometimes be a little more stressful having to constantly monitor with it.

Dress as brightly as possible

The yellow vest may be ugly, too warm, and  certainly not glamorous, but it saves your life!

Safety before style should be your philosophy at all times

You must remain completely aware of your surroundings especially on the main roads and cycle routes.

The good thing about being a cyclist is that you can be badly dressed, dirty and smelly, people still like you.

If you slow down the traffic, you’ll find you have less of a fan club.

Have the lights on, even in broad daylight

When you are on the road, you must be noticed. This is not enough to appease some people’s behavior, but it helps.

You can see that people will be more aware of you.

Traveling with the lights on is a real plus, especially when you pass through a shaded area.

Have a spacer | Bike safety tips for a bicycle vacation

Having a spacer can really make a difference.

Your main concern may be that a car will hit it and throw you off balance. A fall on a road can be fatal.

You can create your own spacer with a telescopic walking stick that extends out laterally.

You can enlarge it if cars are coming too close! A flexible pool float or pool noodle also works well.

This really is a game changer, we promise.

It seems that guiding the driver naturally leads him away.

They may be more concerned about any damage the stick might cause on their cars but that’s ok for us.

And psychologically, having the distance of the spreader in mind reassures us when a car passes too close.

Tip: If you don’t particularly like this idea, you could also pack your bags, tent or other longer items in such a way that they stick out sideways and will naturally make you occupy more space on the road.

Ride a little in the middle of the road

This is one of the best solutions I have found.

To put it simply, let’s say you are on the road, on the side of the road. There is a car coming in front of you, another one coming behind you. What do you think the car will do in the back?

If it’s supposed to slow down, it will probably just overpass you. Except that often it doesn’t have room.

And what does it do in this case? What any person might do instinctively.

He or she falls back on the cyclist to avoid a collision. That’s not very good news for a cyclist.

The solution is to be in the middle of the road. Especially on the long straights where people often go faster.

The car brakes, the driver may be a little unhappy at not being able to pass, but he or she will have to wait.

Of course, you don’t have to be in the middle of the road all the time.

At the end of a curve, when there is nobody in front of you and when cars are overtaking you, it is to be avoided.

Pretend to turn left | Bike safety tips for a bicycle vacation

When cars are coming really fast and you’re anticipating dangerous behavior, raise your arm.

Pretend to make a left turn or make a small gesture to signal to slow down. It works almost every time.

If the hand doesn’t work, playing the cyclist who can’t control anything because of his load works pretty well.

Basically, when the car arrives too fast, zigzag a little. The driver will be afraid to pass you, may even honk at you, but will at least slow down.

With several people, stay together or rather far enough apart

If you are riding as a couple, do not leave any distance between the two bikes on the road. If one moves too far away, the one in front will no longer be safe.

The cars pass the first one and then start to fall back on the one in front. They didn’t see it or anticipate that it would take so long to pass.

Leave enough space between you so that the cars have enough room to make two passes.

That is, they must be able to move to the side before they pass the one in front.

Otherwise, be close enough to not take too long to overtake.

Wear a helmet

Bike safety tips for a bicycle vacation always include safety as a matter of principle.

I think a helmet is really useful if you fall while biking alone, or on a sidewalk, in the city.

Or if you’re going at speed.

When traveling by bike, it is too warm and bulky, so you really have to push yourself a bit.

Of course, if we get hit by a car I doubt that the helmet will be enough to save our lives.

Nevertheless, if you slip, if you get stuck, if the strap of your pannier gets tangled in your wheel, you’ll be glad you had it.

You should definitely invest in a quality headset for your next trip. It’s not optional.

Bike safety tips for a bicycle vacation: Conclusion

No one wants to get hurt, and especially more so when on a trip, with all the logistical nightmare it could provide.

Here we have provided some tips that should guide you to better safety management.

Headgear, road tricks and accessories and clothing all play a major part in keeping safe while having a great trip!

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