Can adults go on swings?

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A swing is a very desirable piece of playground equipment for children and adults alike. Yes, adults can also go on swings but not all swings are made equal!

Can adults go on swings?Most adults are only too happy to try out a swing. That’s not a problem at all. As long as the swing is sufficiently sturdy in terms of anchoring and carrying capacity.

And for obese adults, the seat should also be wide enough.

Are all swings suitable for adults? In short: No!

What is a swing?

The swing is a much sought-after piece of playground equipment.

A swing consists of several parts. First of all, these are a swing frame and swing seat.

In addition, it also consists of materials and accessories such as:

  • a swing rope or chain,
  • swing hooks,
  • anchoring, and so on.

Whether an adult can also use a swing depends on all the materials used in a specific swing.

Swing frame for adults

A swing that is entirely suitable for adults should have some specific features.

Consider sturdy swing legs, a solid and thick horizontal swing beam, a durable and high-quality swing seat, and solid anchoring in the ground.

A swing with such features is a true powerhouse that is strong enough to carry adults and obese people.

Swing seat for adults

However, what good is a sturdy swing frame if the swing seats are not strong enough?

Then suddenly, a swing frame can cause a severe fall and/or injury…

Fortunately, there are also swing seats that can handle a little more: a little more weight and also a bit more width.

It may be wise for adults with a larger size to opt for a swing seat with a chain.

Such a seat usually also has a metal plate which makes for a sturdy whole.

These swing seats with chains are, therefore, really for adults and adults with a size more.

Buy a swing seat for adults: Criteria

In your search for a swing seat, the following points are essential:

  • The width of the swing seat: you want to be able to sit on it comfortably and adequately, so the swing seat itself should not be too narrow. If you suffer from a few pounds too many, then a wide swing seat is a must.
  • Safety! You want to be able to swing carefree without fear that the ropes are rotten or worn out. The material of the swing should be strong and sturdy. You want to be able to swing with peace of mind without fear that somewhere halfway up in the air, the rope or swing hooks will snap, and you fall badly.
  • Preferably, the swing seat/board should also be weatherproof. Only a minority of people have the time and inclination to unhook the swing seats from the swing when the weather is terrible. It is more interesting to get swing seats that can withstand rain, sun, and freezing temperatures.
  • Low maintenance: A solid swing for people who weigh a lot (adults and obese people) is one that requires no or little maintenance.
  • Neutral look: A swing should not stand out and should look natural in the garden. Hence, many people opt for a wooden swing construction.
  • Tip: Plus-size people should read more about metal versus wood swing sets regarding their weight load capacity.
  • Do-it-yourself packages are available. A swing for adults costs a bit more than a swing for children. So, if you do not wish to pay much more by having the swing installed by a professional, opt for a swing that is available as a DIY kit. So the requirement is that it should be easy to put together, and you should receive a comprehensive assembly plan.

Swing adults: good for your health

Swinging is good for a healthy life! Research shows, among other things, that:

  • Swinging is good for your blood pressure
  • It calms your breathing
  • It calms you down when you’re stressed
  • It’s good for your coordination
  • After swinging for a while, you can concentrate better again
  • Swinging brightens up your mood
  • Moreover, swinging is also good for your abs and torso. That’s also a good thing if you want to burn some excess fat! So swinging can help you lose weight!

To conclude: Is a swing set a good investment for your health and body? Without a doubt it is!

Swing hooks for adults

An adult swing seat is hung from the adult swing frame. That’s right, with “adult” swing hooks.

There is also a sound recommendation for these: swing hooks with ball bearings.

Certain types of these swing hooks have a high maximum user weight per piece.

Swing for people with disabilities

In this story, let’s definitely not forget the people with disabilities or handicaps!

Many disabled people, sometimes with a hefty stature and some excess weight, enjoy swinging immensely.

A very frequently asked question is whether an adult son or daughter with a disability can safely use the swing….

Well, if you opt for a decent swing for adults, this usually is no problem at all!

As a parent or carer, you should, of course, determine and assess whether the person in question is capable of swinging.

Tip: When buying a swing set, make sure that everything is suitable for an adult: the swing frame, the swing seat (preferably with a chain), and the swing hooks.

Bucket seat for the disabled

There are also bucket swings explicitly made for the disabled.

These bucket swings for the disabled are even available in various colors: red, green, yellow, and blue.

Specific models are available with ropes and a safety belt or with chains and safety chain.

Conclusion: Can adults go on swings?

Is it responsible for an adult to swing? We can answer this question with a resounding YES!

In fact, we would recommend it to all adults. In any case, do follow the advice above.

And then go and enjoy an excellent swing in the garden, even as an adult (overweight or not)!

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