Can swinging on a swing help lose weight?

Megan Smith
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Can swinging on a swing help lose weight? Yes, in fact it’s one of the easiest ways to remain healthy and in shape.

can swinging on a swing help lose weightNo matter your gender or size: you’re never too old to swing! It’s not just fun to swing on a swing set as it comes with health benefits too.

Did you know that you burn up to 220 calories every hour you’re actively swinging on a swing set?

Swinging is one of the easiest workout programs out there.

And it also allows you to live (the fun times of) your childhood again!

In this article, we’ll prove to you what a fantastic exercise swinging is.

So get ready because we’ll convince you to swing daily!

We’ll discuss the weight loss benefits of swing sets in order to encourage yourself to live a happier and healthy life.

All of this can be achieved by simply installing your own durable, sturdy swing set in your yard.

Health benefits of exercising on a swing set

Working out on a swing can help you lose excess body fat.

And that’s why buying a swing set is a great idea for plus-size adults and children.

As a result, you also reduce the pain and problems connected to joints, ligaments, tendons, and muscles.

In fact, working out on a swing set will improve and help most of your body parts.

Don’t worry, though… Swinging is for both professionals and beginners!

So even if you are a plus-size beginner, you can easily adjust the exercises to fit your level.

Whenever you’re ready, you can slowly increase the level of your program.

Is it a fun holiday activity, or an intense workout? Well, working out on a swing is both!

In other words, burning calories on a swing isn’t dull.

With a sturdy swing set, you can do a full-body workout in 30 minutes (it helps to fight childhood obesity).

With a great training program and a strong swing set, you will be saving time on exercise sessions.

Numerous methods and exercises to lose weight on a swing set

The possibilities are endless when it comes to workouts on a swing.

Even if you need a sturdy one with a high weight capacity.

Swing set workout 1: Lower body leg dominant exercise

You can use the swing set to reinforce your legs.

An example is the old rear-foot elevated split squat. “How does that even work?” you ask. Allow me to explain.

You put your rear foot in the swing seat and you let it rest on/in the swing seat.

You don’t put a lot of weight/pressure on the rear foot. It’s only there for assistance and balance functions.

Then use the other leg (that’s moving and positioned in front of the metal or wood swing set) to lower your body.

Do this by flexing your front knee and lower it until the thigh of your moving leg is parallel to the ground.

Ideally, keep your front knee behind the toes of your working leg at all times.

As soon as your thigh is parallel to the ground, extend the knee again.

At the same time, get back up in your initial standing position.

Repeat this several times. Once completed, repeat the very same workout with your other leg as the moving leg.

Here’s a suggestion: Try to balance most of your body weight on your working leg. This makes the exercise a little more challenging.

Swing set exercise 2: Abs

Another swing set workout is to rest on the swing like you’re about to swing.

Instead of pushing off your body, bend your knees towards your body.

At the same time, draw your knees into your chest.

Increase the pressure. After that, release your legs again to relax your body.

Repeat those actions a few times. You’ll quickly feel why this is a good ab exercise for overweight beginners!

You’ll definitely feel the contractions in your stomach muscles once they actually start working.

This is a strong workout to maximize the fat burn in your belly.

Swing set workout 3: Push-Up with Pull-In

Another interesting exercise for weight loss on a swing set!

Put your feet in the seat and get in the push-up position with your hands on the ground in front of you.

Do a push-up while keeping your legs straight. Do a pull-in with your knees.

Bring them under your body, into your chest as soon as you are up once again.

Keep your feet in the swing seat and move the swing seat towards your chest! Then push your legs back again.

This last part of the exercise focuses on using your abs and arms to keep the balance.

You’ll do this automatically to prevent falling on your face.

Exercise programs on swing sets: Can swinging on a swing help lose weight

Swinging is a very trendy and nice activity for plus-size people. Mainly to work out and burn calories.

Fitness workouts on a swing are not something brand-new to this world.

It’s an old trend resurfacing from back in the days (when you were a kid and could play in the playground on tools like swings).

If you wish to lose weight, swinging on a swing can be an extremely effective exercise.

You use different muscles while swinging. So you’re burning calories and strengthening your body at the same time.

Regularly using a heavy-duty swing set can help you slim down and gain strength.

Swinging fitness is back, especially for adults. Some indoor gyms even started swing workouts on sturdy swing sets.

Combining traditional exercise with swing exercise makes it way more interesting.

Swinging on a swing set is one of the most fun fitness activities for plus-size adults and children.

Especially if they want a workout program in the long term.

Invest in a safe, heavy-duty, and protected swing set

Are you looking for a fun way to lose some weight? Then installing a sturdy swing set in your garden will probably help you lose weight.

Always choose a swing set that’s safe, stable, and in excellent condition.

And always make sure the swing set is safe, secure, and stable enough.

Specifically if you want to use it for a workout instead of a regular swinging session.

Are you planning on buying a durable swing set? Read our guide on how to buy the very best sturdy swing set on the marketplace.

Of course, a swing set with high weight capability is important and crucial for plus-size adults who want to go on a swing.

Tip: Swinging provides benefits for overweight children too (a swing set can help you lose weight, no matter your age or size).

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