Cellulite Acceptance and Reduction Tips + Fact or Fiction Quiz

We decided to write up these cellulite acceptance and reduction tips because one of the questions readers of the Plus Size Zeal Blog regularly ask is "How do I get rid of my cellulite?"

Most of us discover these pesky pits and dimples (like the peel of an orange) during adolescence. 

In retrospect, it was probably not all that bad at the time...

But as a child in adolescence, it seemed to some to be the biggest problem in the world...

Cellulite Acceptance And Reduction Tips Fact Or Fiction Quiz

Read on to learn all about cellulite and cellulite acceptance and reduction tips. Then, you can take a quick quiz to test how much you've learned! Or, go to the quiz straight away if you like.

Cellulite is a problem for almost all women | Cellulite acceptance and reduction tips

Continuous battle against cellulite with varied results

There Is No Escape From It Because Almost Every Woman Has To Deal With It

Almost all readers (predominantly female) have tried everything to fight against dimples and orange peel skin.

And almost everyone, unfortunately, has also concluded that you never get rid of it completely.

All those expensive treatments produce only temporary or sometimes no results at all. 

But there is indeed hope!

It turns out that healthier living combined with regular exercise produces the best results in the fight against cellulite in the long run. 

Acceptance of your body is important

Acceptance Of Your Body And Cellulite Is Important
Acceptance of your body is essential to feel good about yourself. 

Of course, you are much more than a body with some cellulite on the buttocks, thighs, upper arms, abdomen, etc.

The majority of all women in the world suffer from cellulite. And yet we all know how insecure it can make you feel...

And that's precisely why we wrote this information page about cellulite for our readers.

This page with cellulite acceptance and reduction tips and all our other cellulite articles are no-nonsense reference works with all the facts and fables about cellulite. 

No pain, no gain

Voluptuous Lady Who Struggles With Cellulite On The But Thighs But Accepts Her Body And Poses For Camera In Bikini

Suppose you combine sport with a healthy diet and possibly connective tissue massages.

In that case, you can rest assured you will get pleasing results. 

Beware: It's not easy. To get the best result, you will have to sacrifice things. Pay the price, no pain, no gain. 

You will have to watch your diet, you will have to avoid alcohol and fatty foods, etc.

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Don't overdo it and accept your body

Don'T Overdo Fighting Cellulite And Accept Your Body As Work In Progress

Finally, we would like to give you the following advice:

Go for it if it makes you feel confident but don't obsess about fighting your cellulite! 

Enjoy your body (with or without cellulite) and believe you are beautiful just the way you are. 

One of the best cellulite acceptance and reduction tips is being positive about yourself and taking things one step at a time will give you much more energy to ultimately achieve your goals.

Basic information about cellulite

What is cellulite anyway?

Basic Information On Cellulite And This Typical Skin Problem Of Women
Cellulite, also known as orange peel skin, is a subcutaneous fat accumulation in which the connective tissue is disrupted by fat. 

Fat is stored in tiny chambers underneath the skin whose connective tissue forms the wall of these chambers. 

Consequently, with excessive or irregular fat storage, accumulations occur that are simply too much for these subcutaneous chambers for fat storage.

The fat is then pushed outward against these walls, causing them to pull the skin downward.

Unfortunately, the visible result is increased skin relief such as bumps, dimples, pits, and dents on the hips, legs, buttocks, abdomen, arms, and breasts. 

Indeed, in some women, cellulite also occurs on the abdomen, breasts, and arms. This, in turn, has to do with your body type. 

Cellulite and cellulitis are not the same

Cellulite should not be confused with cellulitis!

Namely, cellulitis is a subcutaneous inflammation caused by a bacterium and is characterized by fever, redness, and swelling.

Skin slackening and cellulite

Consider Anti Cellulite Treatments As An Optional Supplement To Healthy Eating And Sufficient Exercise

In addition to deep pits and dimples in the skin, some women also often suffer from horizontal streaks on the back of their legs.

This phenomenon is caused by sagging skin and is therefore not cellulite. 

The solution starts with your diet, healthy living, not smoking, exercising regularly, and stimulating your circulation. 

Sometimes, these skin ailments can even be entirely resolved and prevented.

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Causes of cellulite | Cellulite acceptance and reduction tips


Smoking Can Also Produce Orange Peel Skin Apart From Risk Of Cancer And Severe Lung Disease

Smoking is terrible for your health. We all know that by now.

Moreover, smoking also causes skin problems!

Smoking causes poor blood circulation in the skin, making it more difficult for our lymphatic system to remove waste products.

The result is an accelerated breakdown and a reduced production of collagen, resulting in a greater chance of cellulite.

Factors that influence the development of cellulite

List Of Factors That Influence The Development Of Cellulite
African Woman With Cellulite On Buttocks Who Poses Without Shame In Front Of Camera Body Acceptance

Cellulite on the skin can develop as a result of various causes:

  • Taking in too many sugars through food and drink
  • Hormone fluctuations
  • Smoking of cigarettes/cigars
  • Sagging skin (first stage of cellulite)
  • Excessive strain on the liver due to lifestyle
  • Eating and drinking too much dairy
  • Taking the contraceptive pill
  • Medical causes
  • Having genetic predisposition (does your mother suffer from cellulite too?)
  • Alcohol consumption or alcohol abuse
  • Moisture accumulation
  • Consuming too many soy products
  • Suffering from deteriorated blood circulation
  • Poor sleep (possibly due to being overweight or obese)

In addition, stress, diet, and weight also have a tremendous influence on cellulite. 

Stress makes the hormone cortisol. This hormone causes your body to store fat, so stress is also one of the causes of cellulite.

Read more about it in this article:

If you are overweight, you may also suffer from cellulite.

Beware: This does not mean you can't suffer from cellulite if you are not overweight. 

Quickly losing weight and gaining it again can also cause more cellulite formation. This is because this yo-yo effect with your weight in a short time causes your skin to sag. 

Regardless, this is not desirable anyway because you probably prefer to maintain a stable body weight after losing weight.

Hereditary predisposition and genetics: 3 body types

Hereditary Predisposition And Genetics 3 Body Types In Terms Of Cellulite Development
Numerous scientific studies have shown that as many as 80-90% of all women suffer from cellulite. 

Let's look at the different body types of these women. For example, it is fair to say that body type 1 suffers the least from cellulite. Body type 1 is the so-called ectomorphic body type.

This body type has a faster metabolism and genetically just has firmer legs than body type 2, the mesomorphic body type. 

This is because the mesomorphic body type has rounder shapes and is thus more likely to have cellulite. 

The body type most likely to develop cellulite is body type 3: the endomorphic body type.

All you can do about this is accept it for what it is. No matter how difficult it is. After all, you can't change your body type; it was genetically predetermined... 

Of course, you can always try to reduce or prevent your cellulite...



Women'S Hormone Estrogen Has Major Impact On Cellulite And Buttocks Of Women Also Of This Surfer
The female hormone estrogen has a significant impact on cellulite. This hormone is strongly present in the female body during puberty and pregnancy. 

Estrogen causes fat storage in women, and the levels of this hormone weaken during menopause. 

Good to know: The extra cellulite that shows up during pregnancy usually disappears the year after the pregnancy (dropping back to about the level you had before the pregnancy).

As stated earlier, the majority of women struggle with cellulite. And, of course, the visibility of this cellulite varies from woman to woman. This has to do with different body types, lifestyles, and living standards.

In any case, cellulite is nothing to be ashamed of and is even partly hereditary! So also those impossibly beautiful models, your female colleagues, and your neighbors suffer from it.

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Chemical estrogens

With An Anti Cellulite Cream You Can Reduce The Appearance Of Cellulite Fact Or Fiction

Want to minimize cellulite? Then you should absolutely avoid chemical estrogens. 

These are also called xenoestrogens. These chemical constituents will attach themselves to estrogen receptors in the body and affect the body the same way the female estrogen hormone does. 

For example, soy does this as well! But these chemical estrogens are found in many more products and materials. 

Consider plastic bottles or day creams, for example. Therefore, always look very closely at the packaging and make sure it does not mention any ingredients such as phthalates, DEHP, or BPA.

Tip: Do not heat food in the microwave that is wrapped in plastic. In other words, choose food and water packaged in glass or paper as much as possible. 

Additional tip: Do not store food and dishes in plastic containers and cups. Today, storage boxes and drinking bottles are available without BPA and other plasticizers. 

Regarding personal hygiene and skin care, it is best to use natural skin care products such as deodorant, shower gel, shampoo, and creams. And if possible, eat mostly organic produce.

All these things can help limit your intake of chemical estrogens (thus minimizing your cellulite).

Less healthy lifestyle

Adopt Healthy Lifestyle With Regular Cycling Workouts Fo Fight Cellulite

Many would have to completely change their lifestyle to truly enjoy a life free from cellulite. 

The main thing is to maintain that healthy lifestyle, so it's not something temporary. 

Good to know: Losing weight and then gaining it again increases the likelihood of cellulite. 

So always try to focus on sustainable weight loss strategies combined with exercise and a new, healthier diet

In the following articles, you will discover even more practical tips and advice on how to naturally combat cellulite as well as how to accept your body and cellulite:


Plus Size Woman In White Bikini With Cellulite On Her Legs

The decline of collagen is also one of the causes of cellulite on the skin. 

A reduction in collagen levels causes the skin to become saggy and more likely to develop cellulite. 

By exposing the skin to intense and/or prolonged sunlight and UV radiation from the tanning bed, you also cause premature skin sagging

Sunlight has a significant impact on the breakdown of collagen. 

So good advice is to always use a decent sunscreen with a high factor and just avoid the sun between 12pm and 3pm.

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Quiz on cellulite: Facts and Fiction analyzed

Take our quick quiz below and test how much you've learned from the cellulite acceptance and reduction tips on this page:

Quiz About Cellulite Facts And Myths Analyzed

[Spoiler Alert] Open Here to View Quiz Answers

1/11 - Cellulite is the same as cellulitis


These two terms are often confused with each other. Yet they are 2 completely different conditions.

Cellulitis is an inflammation of the underlying skin tissue.

But when we talk about cellulite, we're talking about the infamous orange peel skin. This can occur as bumps, lumps, and dimples in the buttocks, legs, and possibly on other body parts.

2/11 - Cellulite is our mother's fault


Ok, this is perhaps a bit too simplistic. However, whether we get none, a little or a lot of cellulite is indeed genetically influenced to a large extent.

3/11 - Race plays a role


White women are not significantly more likely to develop cellulite than Asian women.

Read more info about origins and skin care in general in the following article:

4/11 - Hormones are the culprit


In addition to our genetic predisposition, hormones also play a significant role in the development of cellulite.

It is mainly the estrogen hormone that causes an increase in cellulite.

5/11 - The majority of men do not get cellulite


Cellulite is primarily caused by the collagen in the skin becoming weaker over the years.

Collagen is an elongated protein that covers about 70% of the skin. It is responsible for both the firmness and elasticity of the skin.

Women are much more likely to get cellulite because their skin is built differently.

In women, the elongated collagen proteins are stacked side by side (the walls of the fat storage chambers are like planks standing next to each other).

In men, collagen is piled up like bricks in a house (criss-cross).

This makes men's skin much firmer, making them less likely to get cellulite.

In addition, women also have a higher fat percentage than men (this is genetic, unfortunately).

6/11 - With an anti-cellulite cream, you can reduce cellulite


There is no scientific evidence that collagen molecules applied to the skin can penetrate the skin and replenish a lack of collagen in the deeper skin layers.

Also, there is still no scientific evidence that a cream can actually burn fat.

7/11 - Cellulite is caused by eating unhealthy foods

Fact and Fiction 

Being overweight is one of the causes of cellulite. 

And being overweight and plus size often results from eating unhealthy or too much.

But this does not mean that all people who eat reasonably unhealthy fatty foods automatically suffer from cellulite.

8/11 - Strength training helps to fight cellulite


Strengthening subcutaneous muscle layers through strength training helps to reduce cellulite.

This is because flabby muscles cannot hold on to the overlying skin, creating an uneven skin texture more easily.

In addition, working out also helps to eliminate waste products and improve blood flow.

9/11 - Only plus-size women suffer from cellulite


It's not just women of larger size who suffer from cellulite! Cellulite can also appear in slim and even skinny women!

Cellulite is a complex condition involving multiple factors.

10/11 - Losing weight with a diet makes cellulite disappear


Weight loss can help reduce cellulite, but it is by no means a certainty!

On the contrary, weight loss can also negatively affect cellulite.

The skin can sag with weight loss, which often gives the effect of horizontal stripes on the back of the legs.

So the best strategy is to exercise regularly and follow a sustainable diet.

11/11 - The only way to get rid of cellulite is through cosmetic surgery


The battle against cellulite is a continuous, permanent, and lasting one.

No surgical treatment provides a lasting effect.

They are often expensive and temporary solutions that do not provide a long-term sustainable solution.

So focus mainly on adequate exercise and a healthy lifestyle!

Treatments for cellulite are not the holy grail

There are many treatments offered against cellulite. 

Unfortunately, these anti-cellulite treatments are often costly and often have no or only temporary positive results. 

And as soon as you stop the treatment, that devilishly stubborn cellulite simply returns...

It's discouraging!

But you need to accept that it's just the way it is, no matter how hard that is. 

Of course, you can always try to reduce your cellulite with the help of intelligent eating habits and specialized treatments, massages, and exercises.

You can read more about massages in the context of fighting cellulite in the following articles:

Cellulite Treatments Like Deep Tissue Massage Are Not The Holy Grail Nor The Magical Cure
Dietary Advice For Fighting Cellulite In A Clever Way

Dietary advice for fighting cellulite

There are several foods you can eat to reduce cellulite: a few examples are broccoli, radishes, cauliflower, and kale.


These vegetables contain the compound Diindolylmethane. This substance is known to expel excess estrogens from the body. 

In addition, this substance also helps to remove exogenous estrogens from the body and balance the body's own estrogen when needed.

Tip: If you do not like to eat the above vegetables, this substance is also available as a dietary supplement.

Exercise advice | Cellulite acceptance and reduction tips

Suppose you get the proper nutrients and leave out the unhealthy food as much as possible.

Then we come to another important point: getting enough exercise and banishing a sedentary lifestyle by not staying in your office chair too long without standing up, for example.

When you exercise regularly, you ensure that the blood flow in your body is stimulated. 

This optimizes the elimination of waste products, which is essential in reducing cellulite.

In addition to better blood flow, your fat burning will increase, causing you to lose fat. 

Remember that in most cases, cellulite is caused by subcutaneous fat deposits due to excess fat. This does not even have to mean that you are overweight. 

Sufficient Physical Activity And Banning A Sedentary Lifestyle Is Important In The Fight Against Cellulite

It may also be that your fat percentage is high, but your weight is not too high. The solution to this is regular exercise. 

It is vital to do strength training and maintain a nutrition plan high in protein. You reduce cellulite by increasing your muscle mass and decreasing your fat percentage

Strength training not only improves blood flow and thus the elimination of waste products. In fact, you also build your muscle mass with it. This will make your skin tighter. 

This is because flabby muscles cannot hold on to the overlying skin.

Crossfit Training Session With Battleropes Strength Training To Build Muscle Mass And Burn Fat

Tip: There are also specialized leggings to fight cellulite. Use your common sense though when it comes to using these. Read more about them in the following articles:

Obviously, these leggings are not the magic solution to get rid of all your cellulite lazily sitting on the sofa! 

You should always combine this with adequate exercise and healthy eating habits.