Cocoa butter benefits for your skin health & beauty

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Cocoa butter benefits are not just for vegans.

Cocoa butter benefits for your skin health & beautyCocoa butter is a vegetable material used in the production of chocolate, and is also a natural cosmetic for the skin and hair.

Cocoa butter is the ultimate go-to for skin and hair, and has a great soothing effect on frayed nerves after a long hard day. It’s versatile, anti-aging, anti-cellulite and hydrating for both skin and hair. It also has a great shelf life if stored properly, and is completely natural!

Good for the skin and hair, cocoa butter has many beauty benefits.

If this is news to you, then read on because you’re in for some very pleasant surprises!

Cocoa butter benefits for your skin health & beauty: Introduction

Cocoa butter, a product of cocoa beans, is of 100% vegetable origin. The cocoa bean is roasted, crushed and pressed.

By pressing the beans, we obtain vegetable oil, and by cooling, this oil is transformed into cocoa butter. The color of the finished product varies between brown and ivory.

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This 100% vegetable fat from cocoa beans was used in the composition of certain medicines until the middle of the 20th century and today it is found in lip balms and sun oils.

If you keep the cocoa butter away from light and in a dry place, you can benefit from the properties of the product for more than 4 years.

This fat is very stable and very nutritious.

This beauty ally does not leave a greasy film on the surface of the skin, as it liquefies as soon as the temperature approaches 95 degrees Fahrenheit.

Benefits of cocoa on dry skin

Cocoa butter for soft lips

Are your lips dehydrated?

Give them a beautiful look and a good dose of hydration thanks to cocoa butter.

Anti-aging virtues

Even more effective than shea butter, cocoa butter has two major advantages for keeping skin young:

  • Phytosterols: these are powerful active ingredients that help the skin to regenerate.
  • Polyphenols: under this name are actually antioxidants, unstoppable to fight wrinkles.

This combination makes cocoa butter a shock weapon to delay skin aging.

And, in addition, it protects the skin from external aggressions. What’s not to like!

A natural anti-cellulite

Cocoa butter is also an ally in the fight against cellulite and contains theobromine.

This name probably does not tell you anything, but this vegetable molecule is very effective to destock fats and erase orange peel skin.

A delicious treatment for dry hair

Nourishing and moisturizing, cocoa butter can restore health and shine to your dry hair.

No more little complexes

Natural slimming care

Cocoa butter is also known to be an effective slimming agent because it is rich in theobromine.

It attacks the fat cells facilitating the destocking of fats and is even recommended for pregnant women because it helps prevent stretch marks and prevents cellulite formation.

Gourmet anti-aging care

Cocoa butter is an antioxidant thanks to its natural content of minerals and vitamins (A, B, C and E), and can bulletproof our skin.

It slows down the aging process of our skin by neutralizing free radicals and stimulating collagen production.

Anti-aging care par excellence, cocoa butter helps us fight wrinkles.

An anti-stretch mark boost

Thanks to its moisturizing and softening properties, cocoa butter can also help prevent the appearance of stretch marks if you are pregnant.

Simply massage daily with this product during and after pregnancy to preserve your skin from stretch marks.

Ideal for dry, damaged or dehydrated skin

Cocoa butter has an intense moisturizing effect thanks to the stearic, palmitic and oleic acids it contains.

Used on devitalized skin, cocoa butter soothes and nourishes and can relieve certain irritations such as eczema.

It contains phytosterols which give it a healing power.

Cocoa butter is 100% natural and is the source of softness for the most sensitive skin around.

How to use cocoa butter?

To enjoy the beauty benefits of cocoa butter, you can simply buy products that made from this wonderful ingredient.

Cocoa butter is found in shampoos, shower gels and creams for the body and face.

You can also make your own skincare products very easily at home.

Melt a small amount of cocoa butter in a double boiler, then let it cool so as not to burn yourself. It will take on an oily texture.

You can then apply it as a mask to your hair and leave it on for at least an hour before rinsing, or use it to massage your face or body.

For even more results, you can mix it with shea butter or a vegetable oil of your choice (argan, olive, castor, sweet almond). Hydration effect guaranteed!

How to apply cocoa butter?

To take advantage of the benefits of cocoa butter, we start by melting it in a bain-marie so that it becomes liquid.

You can then apply it on your skin, and you can also apply some cocoa butter shavings, in a solid form, which will turn into oil in contact with the skin.

Slow, circular movements are used to ensure that the fatty substance penetrates the skin.

It is possible to use the cocoa butter in a face mask: apply it in a thick layer, let it dry for 15 minutes and remove the surplus with a cotton pad.

You can apply melted cocoa butter on the hair lengths and ends, cover your hair with a towel and leave it on for 30 minutes.

Double shampooing and rinsing with clear water will leave your hair shiny!

5 benefits of cocoa butter

Moisturizes the lips

Most of our body’s surface has the ability to self-hydrate. Our lips, however, are not one of those. This is why we need to constantly moisten our lips or put on lip balm throughout the day.

Choose a 100% cocoa butter balm. Thanks to its creamy texture, the cocoa butter moisturizes the lips perfectly.

It’s relatively easy to melt some cocoa butter, add an essential oil of your choosing and even your preferred color to make your own lip balm.

The caffeine contained in the cocoa butter makes the lips plump. Your beautiful smile with soft, plump and beautifully tinted lips. All natural!

Makes you happier

It is well known that chocolate makes you happy. But we don’t necessarily know why, beyond the obvious pleasure of eating chocolate.

The cocoa butter in chocolate increases endorphin and serotonin levels in the brain, which improves overall mood.

Moreover, magnesium (found in chocolate and therefore in cocoa butter) prevents the drop in progesterone responsible for emotional fluctuations.

Therefore, eating cocoa butter is a good way to put a smile on your face.

Cocoa also contains phenylethylamine which acts as a stimulant that promotes mental alertness and greater endurance.

Two qualities that work together to promote a sense of satisfaction.

Improves heart health

It is often said that fats are bad for your heart health, so you really should use healthier fats like cocoa butter in our diet.

The antioxidant (polyphenolic) components of cocoa butter lower the inflammatory markers that make arteries harder.

It therefore naturally reduces the risk of a heart attack.

Relaxes mind and body

Did you have a hard day? How about a nice hot bath with cocoa butter? Not only will you love its relaxing scent of vanilla and chocolate, but your bath will bring you all the softness and calmness you need. Simply put 2 tablespoons of cocoa butter in the water.

The melted butter forms a moisturizing film on the entire body. You can of course add a few drops of your favorite essential oil. All you have to do is relax.

Goodbye stress! And if your feet are dry, soak them in a bowl of water with a tablespoon of cocoa butter. Add a few drops of your favorite essential oil.

Strengthens the immune system

Researchers have shown that cocoa butter strengthens the immune system. It could suppress the activity of T-cells in our immune system which would effectively reduce inflammation. Just add a little cocoa butter to your diet to take advantage of this little-known benefit.

This will help restore your hormonal balance and is particularly recommended to limit heart disease, mood disorders, psoriasis, or even high blood pressure, fibromyalgia and arthritis!

Cocoa butter benefits for your skin health & beauty: Conclusion

Cocoa butter offers many beauty benefits, its smell is pleasant and leaves an exquisite sensation on the skin.

The beauty benefits of cocoa butter are numerous. In addition, its taste is divine and its smell irresistible. If you want to be beautiful, use cocoa butter!

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