Did you know facts about sleep: Principles & Solutions

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If you’ve ever had a bout of insomnia, chances are you’ve done some research on did you know facts about sleep while trying to find a solution.

Did you know facts about sleep: Principles & Solutions

Read on to learn more about a number of these sleep-related facts. We hope that making you aware of these may help you sleep better at night.

Sleep disturbances start during the day

Every thought, every behavior, every choice made during the day affects us at bedtime.

We carry the energy vibrations of the day into our sleep, and they resonate within us, keeping us awake or waking us up with a start, heart pounding.

Sometimes they influence our dreams, creating nightmares and night terrors, or exerting such tension on our muscles that we wake up sweaty and cold.

Sleep represents a natural healing potential

An interesting ‘Did you know fact about sleep’ is that we spend almost a third of our lives in that state, which I find fascinating.

Why are we designed this way? There must be a reason.

We still have a lot to learn about the mysterious mechanisms of sleep, but it is already clear that pure sleep has the ability to restore.

It heals and reorganize the billions of cells we are made from.

Sleep is the key to healing potential and radiant energy.

Sleep has nothing to do with the poor quality sleep so common nowadays, which is only a rest disturbed by the noises and stimuli of the day.

On the contrary, pure sleep is clean, pure, deep and restful sleep.

We need this sleep. Today’s world is fast-paced, constantly pushing us around.

So when we go to bed, we need to be able to connect to this healing potential to recover from the demands of our day.

Similarly, a lack of sleep can cause all kinds of problems such as obesity. More info here: Can lack of sleep cause weight gain?

Sleeping pills are not a solution

Your relationship with sleep is unique, it belongs to you and you alone.

Your body is designed to produce the right amount and quality of sleep for your needs – the right proportion of REM sleep, light sleep and deep sleep.

Your needs are different from those of your partner or anyone else.

Your body secretes a unique cocktail of hormones, neuropeptides and neurotransmitters, in proportions that are unique, to give you the perfect sleep.

Also, when we talk about the hours of sleep needed, it is only a general average, but have you adapted it to your personal needs?

Sleeping pills are a bulldozer approach, a way of treating sleep disorders as if everyone had the same needs.

As a result, they can’t provide the sleep you need.

More importantly, they are definitely unable to provide you with the energy you need to live fully, joyfully, with purpose, and in consciousness.

After all, what else do we ask of our sleep?

There is nothing more delicious than a good night’s rest, but what we are really looking for is the potential it gives us the next day.

Sidenote: While sleeping pills may not be a solution, these top portable beds for you or your guests to sleep on can definitely help to sleep better at night.

Did you know facts about sleep: Having sleep problems is rarely the real problem

If you’ve been experiencing sleep problems for a while, chances are they are related to other issues in your life.

This is rarely looked up as a ‘Did you know facts about sleep’ but taken for granted.

Of course, you may think that the real culprits are the 8 cups of coffee you drink every day, which, of course, do keep you awake at night.

But why do you drink 8 coffees a day? Why do you need 8 coffees to keep your energy up? Why is your energy deficit so high?

This is the real work. And that’s why superficial sleep hygiene methods, like sleeping pills, don’t work.

A bath with lavender essential oils, may be pleasant.

But it will not treat the real causes of your sleep problem, any more than a medication designed to put you in a state of artificial numbness.

It is often because of this that chronic sleep disorders cause people to go from one doctor to another, from one method to another.

They rarely if ever find a permanent solution to their insomnia problems.

Did you know facts about sleep: Turn your sleep problems into an opportunity

At the root of any nighttime disorder is not only sleep, or the lack of it.

To discover the origin of our problems, real work is necessary.

An unfamiliar ‘Did you know’ fact about sleep which will help you heal (and sleep even better).

If you can’t see your sleep problem as an opportunity at the moment, keep it in mind, perhaps as a remote but pleasant possibility.

Did you know facts about sleep and safety: You sleep better when you feel safe

You only sleep well when you feel safe.

True intimacy, love and trust are the surest ways to achieve this.

It influences our metabolism, our brain, our ability to be confident, to let go, to relax and to sleep.

By creating new ways of relating, technology has biochemically given rise to a new form of loneliness.

The neocortex pushes us to systematically seek connection, except that we are going about it the wrong way.

The teenager glued to her laptop in the middle of the night to check her social networks is a perfect example.

The dopamine reward offered by a large number of likes temporarily relieves her feeling of loneliness, but leaves her under tension and unable to sleep.

To sleep well, it is also necessary to feel safe.

The crises, the attacks, our worries about our relationships, our children and our health, our professional and financial insecurity, our overflowing messengers.

All these can impact negatively on our state of mind and thus sleep is elusive.

All of this is no doubt part of the harsh reality of life.

To sleep well, and to wake up with the energy and resilience to take care of what really matters, we need to find pure, deep sleep.

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Did you know facts about sleep: Conclusion

We hope that these ‘Did you know’ facts about sleep will help you, not only for general knowledge, but so they may also lead you towards a good night’s sleep.

It is nothing less than you deserve. Hopefully, this helps you rest, recover and get up ready to face the challenges brought on by a fresh day.

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