Disadvantages of traveling by bicycle: Cons of cycling vacations

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Disadvantages of traveling by bicycle? Think fatigue, weather issues, a sore bum and literally keeping an eye on your bike 24/7.

Disadvantages of traveling by bicycle: Cons of cycling vacations

We’ve already discussed why you should travel by bike.

We thought it only fair to point out the disadvantages as well.

Indeed, the bicycle trip has its own little fallacies.

Disadvantages of traveling by bicycle: Introduction

Even if we managed to find some disadvantages very quickly, these do not prevent us from enjoying cycling.

They give us some bad moments in a pinch, quickly caught up with the good ones.

In fact, let’s not dwell too much on the disadvantages and let’s also arm you with some Bicycle camping trip tips for beginners

Here are the 10 small disadvantages that we find in bicycle travel.

Our list of 10 disadvantages of traveling by bicycle

Danger on the road

Bicycle safety is a difficult issue to deal with psychologically.

The dangers of the road are real, especially on certain roads where drivers are less than respectful.

Motorists are sometimes not to cyclists. To them, we may be a disturbing element that has no business being on the road.

I don’t know what has caused this hatred (even if it does sound extreme), but they do put cyclists in danger.

But if these inconveniences are part of bicycle travel, the good still outweighs the bad.

The freedom brought to cyclists doesn’t even compare to other methods of transport.

Disadvantages of traveling by bicycle: Weight

Lighten your bags.

You have 50 pounds to start with and you still have to add the food.

We won’t be able to ditch everything, but you can try to renew your entry-level camping equipment.

This will allow you to remove a few pounds. Still, after a while, the bags feel heavy.h

Even if you have less weight, it’s still something you feel and can sometimes hinder a ride, especially in hills!

Small mechanical problems

Of course, when you ride your bike a lot of miles, it happens that the bike gets broken.

If you don’t know how to fix it, a minor setback can quickly turn into a big problem.

Disadvantages of traveling by bicycle: Fatigue

I won’t lie – after a while even I  feel tired on the bike. It all depends on the level of fitness of the individual.

You may stop and sleep for a whole day.

You need 1 or 2 weeks of rest to really recover from your bike trip.

Disadvantages of traveling by bicycle: Timing and planning

Organizing a meeting with friends on the way is a real challenge.

Traveling by bike is so full of unexpected events that it’s hard to give someone a date.

So while it’s ok to make plans, don’t allow yourself to be disappointed if changes have to be made.

Shopping every other day

You can stock up, but it depends on you the load you are willing to take.

You may stop often to restock.

Hanging around supermarkets is not the goal of a bicycle trip.

On the other hand it’s not always possible to carry produce bought directly from a farm, as much as you would like it.

Be flexible.

It all depends on where you are and where you travel! In short, we often have to stop for groceries, and that may seem like a waste of time but it’s necessary.

Disadvantages of traveling by bicycle: The bicycle

Trains are sometimes equipped with bicycle spaces, but it is not always that simple.

In the train station, you’ll have to carry the loaded bikes up the steps..

The plane is just as complicated. The airline may require you to pack the bike in a box, well-protected, parts must be dismantled, etc.

In short, before even having arrived at destination, you may have already wasted at least a day of cycling.

Preventing theft

This is one of the most annoying drawbacks of bicycle travel.

You probably have a lot of valuable items (computer, camera, smartphone, etc.).

It is irresponsible and impossible to leave your bike unattended.

Visit a monument and leave the bikes? Unthinkable.

You don’t carry your stuff on your back either. It’s too heavy.

We would need a top-case or backpack to be able to do this and over short distances.

Few places provide a secure space to leave your belongings.

In short, since you are always obliged to keep an eye on your things, there are plenty of places you don’t visit. Frustrating but necessary.

Avoiding theft when traveling by bicycle is important!

The weather

Traveling by bike is great when the weather is nice. But as soon as it rains, it gets really difficult.

Even well equipped with high performance clothing, we can get cold and have that unpleasant feeling of humidity and cold.

If there is a wind from the front or the side, we feel it right away and have to push a little more. In short, the climate is not always our friend.

Pain in the bum

We’ve already told you about it, and you probably know that biking is a pain in the butt.

You have to invest in a new saddle and it will be much better.

Check out our guide to find the most comfortable bike seat for overweight riders.

However, at the end of the day, you may be a little sore. But it is still worth the money – take it from someone who knows.

Disadvantages of traveling by bicycle: Conclusion

Listen, there is nothing as great as traveling by bike. But it would be wrong of us not to mention what could go wrong.

The bike could break down, it could rain and you’re carrying a lot of stuff which you can’t leave alone to go sightseeing – and that’s not mentioning the bike itself!

In any case, the pleasure and well-being that you get from a cycling trip is totally worth it, not to mention the many benefits, as listed in our other post Benefits of traveling by bicycle: 10 Great advantages

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