Do recliner sofas last long?

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Do recliner sofas last long or not at all?

do recliner sofas last longA recliner can last for anything between 6 to 16 years, with an acceptable average of 11 years.

Whether you’re looking for the convenience of a recliner or just a wonderfully comfortable piece of furniture, you must see which is the best one your budget allows.

Naturally, you’ll want one that lasts you as long as possible.

It’s not a cheap piece to invest in, so you’d be right in making sure you’re making the right choice.

Do recliner sofas last long? Introduction

How long your chair lasts depends, mainly, on two factors: the quality of the chair itself and how much you use it.

Recliners are usually made from the same material as sofas, and you won’t be surprised to hear that the lifespan of a good sofa and its reclining counterpart is usually the same.

A frequent user will get around 6 years of good use out of a recliner, but if it’s mainly used as a focus point, then you can enjoy it for as long as 16 years.

When buying a recliner, we recommend that you do your research.

You want to make sure that you’re getting your money’s worth.

Quality recliner couches are a good investment for the long term.

Overweight or very tall? Have a look at our quality recliner chairs list made for plus-size men.

And it’s not only that! You’ll find loads of tips on making your recliner last longer and also tips on how to avoid tipping your recliner forward.

Take into consideration how much you’re going to use it, the fabric it’s made of, and the type of recliner you’re looking at.

How reliable is a recliner chair?

So we’ve made it clear that you have to make sure that you’re choosing well and that your recliner will last throughout the years of wear and tear.

All the information you gather before buying will guide you in the right direction, which will determine its reliability.

Frequency of use of your couch reclining chair

How regularly you plan on using your recliner will also establish how long it will last.

If you’re planning on using it regularly, you’ll want to look at recliners made out of microfiber or leather. Both materials can withstand years of use.

If, on the other hand, you’re not planning on using it daily, then you can look for a more budget-friendly model and ditch the leather.

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Couch reclining chair materials

While we might be more focused on the functionalities of a recliner, we certainly don’t want to cringe every time we set eyes on it.

So make sure it looks good with the rest of the room.

Usually, recliners are vinyl, microfibre or leather; each offers different durability.

And don’t forget the cushioning as it’s just as important as every other part of a recliner.

Leather recliner sofas

Leather upholstery is going to be the most durable fabric, hands down.

This fabric will see you through the years and won’t wear out as quickly as other materials.

If it’s your daily seat and you have a dog or cat that insists on sharing your space, leather is your best option.

Yes, we know… It’s expensive. Really expensive.

But it will serve you well, and for many years too.

Leather will substantially expand the life of your couch reclining chair.

Microfiber recliner sofas

Synthetic microfibers generally hold up well throughout long years of use and are probably the most practical material.

It’s amazingly easy to clean and durable to boot.

Microfiber tends to give a more formal look.

And if there’s the chance of any kids climbing all over your recliner, or if you frequently spill your food or drink, then you can choose an upgrade that is even easier than usual to clean.

Vinyl recliner sofas

Vinyl is the ‘pretend’ leather upholstery.

This product doesn’t hold up so well and tends to tear and crack after relatively little use.

If you are searching for a quality recliner, vinyl isn’t one of the wisest choices.

Vinyl is a really inexpensive material, and there’s a reason for it.

It won’t go a long way and if you’re looking for something to last a while, just look away.

You’d be lucky to have it last for 6 years, especially if you want to get regular use out of it.

Different types of reclining couches

There are 3 various kinds of recliner couches: manual, latch, and motorized.

Each type of recliner provides its own particular sturdiness.

You’d want to check them out, and according to what you find out, you’ll know what to buy.

Manual recliner sofas

Manual recliners just recline by pressing backward on the seat.

These work the same as a lock reclining chair, just without the lock.

Their durability is comparable to a lock reclining chair and they just need more effort to use.

Besides being more budget-friendly and resilient than a motorized recliner chair, they are both fantastic choices.

Latch recliner sofas

As the name implies, these recline by pulling a latch.

They’re really popular, mainly because of their durability.

If the lock does break, it’s much easier and cheaper to fix than a motorized version.

Motorized recliner sofas

Motorized recliners work with, you’ve guessed it, a motor.

While these are simpler to use than the versions we’ve mentioned before, you could experience some electrical malfunctions.

We recommend these recliners for the elderly or obese or anyone with mobility issues since they are much easier to operate and require less effort.

These recliners can be the best choice.

However, we have to remind you that they are the more expensive option and may offer you less trouble-free years.

Do recliner sofas last long? And how long? Conclusion

Recliners are the ultimate furniture piece that combines convenience and functionality and makes a great addition to living kitchens, spaces, and verandas.

With the fantastic comfort they offer, don’t be surprised if they become the most popular piece in the house.

This could be the most expensive piece of furniture you may ever buy, so make sure that you do your homework.

Ask all the questions you need about the model of your choice, and don’t be shy at trying one out.

Suppose you take care of your recliner properly.

In that case, it can last up to 16 years or longer, certainly making them worth the financial investment!

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