Does Waist Training Flatten Your Stomach?

Megan Smith
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If you’re here, then you’ve asked yourself the question ‘Does waist training flatten your stomach?’

Does waist training flatten your stomach?The truth is that while waist training won’t necessarily flatten your stomach, it may help.

Let’s see why the answer isn’t so straightforward.

Does waist training flatten your stomach? Introduction

Contrary to what celebrities say, waist training will not necessarily reduce belly fat.

Nor will it help you lose weight, or give you the same result as liposuction.

There is no evidence that weight loss is due to waist training rather than reducing calories and exercise.

All a waist trainer does is compress your torso for a short-term change in appearance.

Consider your body as a piece of Play-Doh

Let’s make it easier to understand.

Assume you have a piece of Play-Doh. Squeeze the Play-Doh in your fist and it rises from one end and flattens from another. But, unless you pinch a lump and remove a certain amount, the volume stays the same.

Similarly, a waist trainer presses and rearranges your body in order to achieve that hourglass figure you’ve been dreaming of. It does not miraculously get rid of the excess fat.

Therefore, you only alter your shape and you do not lose weight.

Flattening your stomach also requires exercise and a healthy diet

Flattening a stubborn belly is a mix of weight loss and body shaping.

So it is highly likely that you end up with a flat tummy.

However there are some elements that go towards how much “flattening” there is.

It is possible to flatten your stomach if you are working out regularly and have a healthy lifestyle.

But it won’t be thanks to the waist trainer alone.

You have to put in the work and check your eating habits too.

No waist trainer sellers claim you can drop weight simply by using their product.

Waist trainers are merely a supplement to increase your weight loss and fitness goals.

Just wearing a waist trainer won’t get you there, though it can still have its benefits.

You’ll also have to workout regularly and keep an eye on your nutrition, and even then it might take a while until you see results from wearing a waist trainer.

Does waist training flatten your stomach? Conclusion

Whether waist training helps to flatten your stomach depends on more than just wearing the piece of fabric.

Yes, a waist trainer can help you get the desired hourglass shape.

But without exercise and a healthy lifestyle, it cannot help you lose weight or belly fat.

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If you want to give it a go yourself, you can find the best plus-size waist trainers here.

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