Effects of Low Self-Esteem on Talent Development

Megan Smith
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The effects of low self-esteem may be more complex than one thinks.

Effects of Low Self-Esteem on Talent DevelopmentThe fixation on externals is a universal fact today.

As a general rule, the effects of low self-esteem on talent development can be devastating. It stops people from exploring themselves and their capabilities, and prevents them from fulfilling their true potential, yet this can be changed by focusing on self-love and appreciation.

Unfortunately, we live in a society and culture that is incredibly focused on physicality and looks, which is highly superficial and frightening.

The judgments are ready, conclusions are often drawn very prematurely, and decisions are made purely based on how well or poorly you approach the beauty ideal.

It should come as no surprise, then, that many people, especially young people, develop immense insecurity that can sometimes have enormous consequences.

Effects of low self-esteem: Introduction

Our body appreciation and self-image can have tremendous repercussions and impact.

Many people are unfortunately stuck in a pattern full of inhibitions and self-blame.

They, unfortunately, do not find the courage to expose their exceptional, beautiful and unique talent and let everyone enjoy it. And this is particularly unfortunate because in an ideal society, everyone can be whoever they want to be.

In an ideal world, everyone can develop their talents and figure out what makes them happy.

It may be obvious: As a society and community, we miss out on countless unique experiences and advancements when we ignore these talents, skills, and vision.

Untapped opportunities resulting from low self-esteem

Low self-esteem often keeps people from spreading their wings, fully displaying their talents and developing to their full potential.

The resultant amount of talent that cannot be utilized is considerable.

Several studies have already shown that many children do not do things they would like to do. And in the end, in the long run, these are great opportunities that are being missed.

Thus, we should strive to ensure everyone can fully develop their talents.

So we should strive for a society where self-expression is possible and consequently happier.

Being more gentle with yourself is important

The overabundance of resources and trends confuses most people tremendously these days.

Infinite motivational quotes on social media make you believe you will achieve your ultimate dream if you just work hard enough for it.

Hundreds of influencers and bloggers want us to believe there are no excuses for failing to become that perfect person, as long as you want it hard enough for yourself and your intrinsic motivation is high enough.

But this trend just increases the feeling that settling down and being satisfied with what is alive now is a sign of weakness and that a slight change in things is not at all significant.

And unfortunately, this trend can also be extended to our appearance…

Waist cinchers, waist trainers, slimming pills, probiotics and prebiotics, ab toning belts, teas, shakes, diets, creams, hypnosis, audiobooks, and nutritional supplements promise us that amazing body you’ve always dreamed of…

All these things impose an ideal image on us that we have not necessarily asked for. Because maybe you love your love handles, tummy, round pooch, or firm, chunky buttocks.

Maybe you like a few wrinkles, scars, or other so-called imperfections. Or perhaps you’re blonde or rosy and hugely sensitive to the sun, so you don’t want to tan at all costs? And instead, prefer to thoroughly protect your delicate skin that burns tremendously fast.

And, of course, there’s also the chance that you’re just really happy right now with how you look and all the things you can experience thanks to your body.

Therefore, in such a scenario, you don’t feel like getting the body of a model at all. As long as you can live actively, be happy, and at the same time respect your health, nothing needs to change at all.

In short, it is really allowed to just be happy with your personal body. Just your body as it is and nothing more and nothing less and abstracting from all kinds of beauty ideals forced upon us because being skinny doesn’t mean being beautiful!

Excessive perfectionism is the enemy

Perfection is the enemy! Perfection is counterproductive in business, your professional career, or your self-image and body image.

Constantly striving for perfection trains your brain to never consider yourself good enough in the here and now. The continuous search for perfection is a hellish struggle with only losers.

Because in the end, the so-called perfect body does not lead you directly to that blissful feeling and instant joy, while the gurus and brands insinuate and make it appear so.

We tend to compare ourselves more often due to today’s beauty ideals, and our appearance plays an increasingly important role in our self-esteem and how we feel about ourselves.

In our contemporary culture, constantly improving our appearance seems almost mandatory.

And suppose we don’t do this with total dedication. In that case, we seem to lack discipline and character and are soon labeled as quitters or losers.

It’s possible to change with a focus on self-love

Evolving and taking care of yourself is obviously exciting and eye-opening.

But coming at the expense of your self-love? You are actually taking a step backward instead of a step forward.

Obviously, you can work on yourself, develop your talents, face your shortcomings, take care of your body, maintain your fitness and keep your health up with exercise, a healthy diet, and enough sleep.

We can also put a lot of energy into forming a beautiful foundation for our children, friends and family.

Moreover, we can also look for advice and tips to find nice clothes and outfits to highlight our strongest points a little more.

And we can watch videos, share our opinions, listen to podcasts, read books, adjust our vision and avoid stress to improve our self-image.

But beware: If you choose to change, always do it with respect for yourself. And don’t try to change because your excessive personal perfectionism or your environment constantly forces it.

Loving your body is a choice

Why is it so challenging for many people to like their bodies?

Well, often, it is social, personal and cultural reasons that underlie this.

Who we are, the people we surround ourselves with, what we experience, and the kind of society we live in all impact us.

Self-acceptance and accepting and liking your body is a difficult task (and many struggle with a lack of self-acceptance and self-esteem troubles). The sour and severe self-criticism often continues to dominate our lives very stubbornly. Real shame!

Unfortunately, the habit of constantly self-criticizing can take on a central role in your life (which is why you should silence your inner critic). Your decisions are influenced by it, and you often never reach your full potential.

Loving yourself, including your talents and flaws, is the ultimate goal because of this and to banish the effects of low and/or vulnerable self-esteem!

By accepting yourself and by being your own best friend, you will again take control of your life and no longer be distracted by an endless and exhausting pursuit of perfection.

In other words, you need to make the decision to like yourself. You can train yourself to see and appreciate beautiful things.

Beware: The habit of thinking negatively about yourself is usually relatively persistent. So it will not be simple to change this. On the contrary, it is a difficult task (but it is definitely possible)!

So start the change now and treat your body with gentleness and a whole heart.

Choose to emphasize living happily in your body rather than living happily with your body.

Loving yourself is an ongoing process

Self-love is not an ultimate destination; it is not an individual goal you can achieve after all your problems are solved…

To like yourself, in other words, is a continuous process with no final destination and no end goal.

The beauty of this is that you can focus on the process and development and feel and experience the change, just as real life is a similar process.

There are always new things you can discover about yourself. You will undoubtedly get to know unprecedented edges of yourself that will keep the whole change process alive.

Your body value and self-esteem are thus challenged and strengthened again and again. Through each phase, your body love demands a reset, and you can give it!

Finally, a tip: Pay attention to your posture when you are tired. It often happens then that people let their shoulders hang a little. But this is not desirable for feeling good! Keeping yourself straight and having an upright posture can give you a mental boost (subconsciously).

Effects of low self-esteem: Conclusion

The human body and mind are primal. It is amazing how resilient and strong we can be as human beings.

After stressful moments, frustrating days, prolonged anxious periods, and moments of complete hopelessness or deep sadness, most of us endeavor to get it right again and again!

And remember that time heals all wounds! For example, what once seemed impossible as effects of low self-esteem becomes doable at its own pace and over time (thanks to fluctuating from low to higher self-esteem).

Feelings of sadness find their place, and eventually, you find strength again to make positive decisions.

We are all different and face different difficulties, sabotage and obstacles.

Our origins, genetics, living conditions, and the kind of upbringing we enjoy make the difference between different people.

At the same time, we are all just the same because we all want to feel happy and have plenty of opportunities to develop our talents.

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