Embarrassed to go swimming because I’m fat

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I’m embarrassed to go swimming because I’m fat… Unfortunately, this is a common problem among countless people with a plus size.

Embarrassed to go swimming because I’m fatI, too, used to be embarrassed to go swimming because I was overweight.

I’ve wasted many years in hiding and now regret not enjoying life to the fullest.

And I have genuinely made my peace with it and learned that it is so not worth giving in to that tiny voice in my head.

The battle is hard but you can get there.

Embarrassed to go swimming because I’m fat: Introduction

A problem in your own head is probably the hardest to resolve.

People are at the pool to have fun, and they have better things to do than look at you.

Wearing a robe or t-shirt right until you get into the water probably attracts more attention than you’d like.

And that is not exactly what you’re looking for.

It all boils down to combating a lack of self-acceptance and feeling good about yourself.

Try to find something that helps you get into that frame of mind and go for it!

What to wear swimming if you’re plus-size

If you can’t get yourself to accept yourself as you are, and you really don’t have any idea what to wear on the beach, here’s something for you to mull on:

Get your size right: Ashamed to go swimming because I’m overweight

It may seem silly, but it’s a frequent mistake by many: Buying oversized clothing won’t make you look slimmer.

So get the right size and you’ll look better.

On the other hand, you shouldn’t try to squeeze into a smaller size: Just go for what fits you.

The shoulders should sit, well, on your shoulders, and yes, your gut might be a little noticeable, but that’s because you have one, and there is no point in hiding it.

Whether it’s shorts or T-shirts, bathing or a tankini suit, they just have to fit right.

You do not want your shorts to be so big that they’ll come off in the water, and girls don’t want their tops coming off either.

Don’t be “that a person” with his/her shirt always on

Why? Because you might actually have some fun and learn to live a little.

Ashamed of your man boobs while your friends are tossing the frisbee on the beach?

It’s ok to leave your shirt on, but do take it off if you’re getting into the water.

There’s no surer sign that you’ve got body issues than the token chubby swimmer in drenched shirts.

Hawaiian shirts

Hawaiin shirts are appropriate for walking around in, but not for swimming,

They’ve gone hand in hand with portly people forever, and that hasn’t changed.

You simply need to make sure to get one in a contemporary fit that doesn’t look like it was a hand-me-down from your great uncle Ben.

Many brand names offer a range of fits and materials that come in truly cool prints (and they’ll look good in the city too).

Stand up straight (Embarrassed to go swimming because I’m fat)

Yeah, stand up straight! You’ll look way more confident, and there isn’t anything more attractive than that.

Great posture does marvels for the body.

You don’t just look better, but you’ll be working those core muscles.

And it makes you look thinner!

Consider a longer inseam and avoid elastic waistbands

This is something to definitely consider as you’ll look a bit taller.

Avoid swimming trunks with an elastic band.

Look for a proper pair of shorts with a longer inseam, but no longer than above the knee as you don’t want to look old-fashioned.

Try out a print with horizontal stripes

Because they can make you look slimmer, even if you’ve heard different.

If you’ve never tried them on, consider these horizontal stripe board shorts.

Ladies: Think about a tankini

Tankini could well look more flattering on you, rather than the usual two-piece suit, especially if you’re overweight.

Using a “bathing dress” or tee shirt isn’t going to hide your body.

It’s only going to make you look worse and stand out even more.

I definitely love my tankini and didn’t even go for a dark color! Why?

Because I didn’t want to be like everyone else! I got a great purple print.

And I felt good and proud of going in the opposite direction.

Whatever I’m wearing, I’m still overweight, so I don’t see the point in looking dull.

Guys should avoid tank top undershirts

Guys, please, save yourself the embarrassment.

Do yourself a favor and simply don’t even buy one. They only look good on guys with fantastic muscle definition.

Just accept that right now, it wouldn’t be your greatest choice and get on with your life.

Welcome it or struggle forever

You need to accept your body, whether you exercise or not.

There might be some tricks to make you look slimmer, but once that t-shirt comes off, it’s just you and your bathing suit, with nowhere to hide.

On the one hand, you choose to run a few laps every day, eat clean and work towards a body you’re more comfortable with.

Or you could simply do you, pop open a couple of beers, grab a hamburger off the grill, and just chill and have a good time at the beach or by the pool.

There is no physique meant to help you enjoy yourself.

So stop being embarrassed by your obese body and enjoy life. And start burning calories (read more about it in our article Does swimming burn belly fat?).

Use dark colors: Embarrassed to go swimming because I’m fat

Dark colors can draw attention away from your stomach area. Dark, strong colors are your friend.

Does that mean you need to constantly wear black? No.

Choose navy and tones of gray and charcoal.

Subtle, solid colors will not be enough to turn your muffin top into a cupcake, and you don’t want to draw so much attention as to feel uncomfortable.

Go with a V-neck t-shirt

Whoever came up with this invention deserves an award .

Nothing is so effective at drawing away attention from a chubby jaw.

Think about changing your crewneck tees for a more slimming V-neck. Not too deep in order to keep it stylish.

Stock up on white or navy and gray.

Embarrassed to go swimming because I’m fat: Conclusion

I understand what you’re talking about. The best thing I can tell you is to take pride in yourself, irrelevant of your size. Ignore the judgments.

Obese men and women can be stunning just the way they are, without losing weight.

If you want to lose weight to be healthier or drop a dress size, feel better about yourself, or anything else sensible, go for it.

Just don’t let it hold you back from putting going swimming because you’re too embarrassed to be seen in a swimsuit!

Instead, find a good fitting one that fills you with self-confidence and start to enjoy life!

Don’t mind spending that little bit more for one that offers you the self-confidence you need.

Embarrassed to go swimming because I’m fat: Final tip

Remember: Ignoring the voices in your head will make all the difference.

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