Endurance exercise to keep the gut healthy and help your digestive system

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Endurance exercise to keep the gut healthy: if you’re thinking that it’s really hard, we promise you it’s not.

Endurance exercise to keep the gut healthy and help your digestive systemJust discover your most preferred cardio exercise and there you are!

The moderate practice of an endurance sport restores and ensures the harmony between the upper brain and the belly.

Ever heard of the vagus nerve? It’s the nerve that connects the two brains.

Harmony between the two means favorable consequences on the whole body.

An endurance sport is a sport or physical activity that can be practiced without straining.

With a constant heart rate, avoiding acceleration and jerks, for at least 45 minutes.

Endurance exercise to keep the gut healthy: Sport is health

No functional disorder of the belly such as constipation, bloating, painful periods, etc. is resistant to a regular endurance sport activity.

Regular, balanced, endurance sports activity reduces the risk of serious illness.

Which sport to choose?

The answer is simple: the one you are most attracted to, the one that you enjoy the most.

All endurance sports, practiced in moderation yet regularly have beneficial consequences.

Not only on our moods and general well being, but particularly on our gut.

The belly undergoes a natural massage in the action that will activate its functions.

The connection with the upper brain is then switched on.

The fact that we are more relaxed after sport also helps both brains simultaneously.

Choose a pleasant setting for your new sporting activity.

Try to practice the sport in the open air, in an attractive environment where all the senses will be solicited.

Avoid crowded, noisy and polluted places. It is really important to enjoy the whole experience.

It’s necessary for the higher brain to function in a relaxed and happy state.

Even if you live in the city, it is always possible to find a park or, if possible, silent wooded area not far from your home.

The brain and the belly, which can be out of sync, can be brought back into harmony by doing endurance sports.

In conclusion: Sport is the best medicine.

The 7 commandments about endurance sports

These 7 commandments will show you of the importance of this form of activity in the quest for belly health.

  1. Swimming is probably the most effective sport to harmonize your brain and belly.
  2. It should be practiced smoothly in preferably warm or, even better, salty water, twice a week for 25 to 35 minutes.
  3. After two to three weeks, go for longer and harder, depending on your pleasure.
  4. Jackpot is at 45 minutes. 45 minutes is the threshold that must be reached to release endorphins.
  5. Endorphins are essential to the harmony, or the return to harmony, of the stomach and the brain.
  6. Regardless of the sport you choose, start slowly to stimulate the hepato-biliary tract.
  7. This will help you avoid a stitch, a warning signal from your neuro-vegetative system that is not prepared to follow your activity.
  8. If this happens to you, don’t force it, walk slowly and breathe deeply. If the side stitch persists, stop for the day.
  9. For walking and running, wear shoes with cushioned soles. Don’t cover up too much, hydrate constantly.
  10. Drinking too fast or feeling too hot or cold triggers hyperacidity in the stomach, opens the pylorus and can cause pain and fatigue.
  11. Breathe in on two steps or strides, breathe out on three.
  12. Stand up straight, chest clear, shoulders supple and don’t tense up.
  13. Shoulders and arms should remain flexible.
  14. You can walk after a meal, but never run: walking after a meal speeds up digestion, running stops it. To be practiced every day, at least 25 minutes.
  15. Never force it. You are not aiming for an Olympic medal. Your goal is fitness and good health.
  16. If you prefer cycling training, pay close attention to your choice of bike and your position.
  17. No belt around the belly, to let it breathe. Don’t pedal on an empty stomach.
  18. For a long ride, eat and drink every 20 miles. Beware of the cold on your stomach and don’t forget a windbreaker.
  19. If you have never exercised or have not exercised for more than a year, start with short sessions (10 or 15 minutes).
  20. Stop at the first sensation of fatigue, pain or shortness of breath.

Endurance exercise to keep the gut healthy: Conclusion

I mentioned the need to reach and exceed 45 minutes for endorphin release and this will allow you to find your second breath.

It is a matter of reaching what sportsmen call the second breath, a privileged moment when endorphins are widely distributed.

It generates a state of grace in which all organs, glands and systems function at their maximum potential.

For the first twenty minutes, I consider it a neuromuscular warm-up (the first brain relaxes).

During the next 25 minutes, all organs, glands and systems are stimulated, resulting in improved circulation and energy.

And there you go, you’ve got your second breath!

Without this, you’ll fail to harmonize your two brains.

At an endurance level of 45 minutes you’ve got everything on track!

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