Fat phobia: Why the summer is cruel and difficult for overweight people

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Fat phobia: fat phobes are people who discriminate overweight people though the etymological meaning would be that of a fear of overweight persons.

Fat phobia: Why the summer is cruel and difficult for overweight people

In any case, in the eyes of a fat phobe, anyone who’s overweight is somehow less human or less worthy and often made fun of or shamed.

In summer, when temperatures rise, clothes fall off. And for overweight people, it can be a struggle.

Most overweight people don’t even bathe anymore.

Not to the sea, not to the pool, not even to the river, even if abandoned.

However, they love swimming. But in their head, it’s like hell on earth.

Some would much rather remain seated fully dressed in their sturdy beach chairs for over 300 lbs.

Fat phobia: Fear of overweight people get worse in the summer period

When temperatures rise, you need to wear the right clothes to cope with the heat. Summer is a time of exposure that makes overweight people vulnerable.

As soon as summer arrives, we have to strip off our clothes. To some, this means losing some kind of protection from the gaze of others.

In other words: we are no longer protected by clothes. And everything that we usually find ugly is exposed to everyone’s eyes. It is a test.

Some overweight people fear the return of summer and having to be in a bathing suit in front of others, even their loved ones.

Being thin has become a social trait

Today, the blockage is less present compared to a decade ago. There was a real liberation of the curves.

Especially for women, who are always more singled out than men on these issues.

However, overweight people remain excluded, and skinny has become a social marker.

Everyday fat phobia

Fat phobia is defined as the stigmatization and discrimination towards obese and overweight people. Sometimes this also includes body shaming to qualify this.

But sadly, this body shaming is also the case for people too thin, too black, too small…

Etymologically, the word fatphobia is very close to the fear of fat people. Fat-phobic people often tend to point the finger at overweight people to make fun of them.

Rather than pointing out the stupidity of these behaviors, we prefer to advise these fat phobes to question the causes of obesity or overweight.

But also to ask ourselves what impact this may have on the person who has it.

Unfortunately, fat-phobic people are fat-phobic all year round. During the summer, this behavior is multiplied. It’s necessary to strip off, so one cannot hide anymore…

Bikini syndrome

As usual, the record temperatures of summer encourage many to go to the beach. To go there, you must first get a bathing suit. And this is often an obstacle course for overweight people.

But to buy a swimsuit in a store, you still need to have large sizes available in the store. The worst are brands that make large sizes but do not sell them in-store for pure aestheticism.

So there’s no other way than ordering the articles on the site without knowing if it will fit.

We can even talk about bikini syndrome: as summer approaches, it’s as if the fat body has to disappear.

Fat people are encouraged to lose weight before going to the beach and go on diets to put on a swimsuit. This is a recurring topic in women’s magazines.

If the body will be exposed to all eyes, it must first lose its curves…

Fat phobia: Conclusion

Fat phobia is not just a summer thing, overweight people unfortunately have to deal with this all year round though it is often worse for them in summertime when temperatures are higher and they are wearing less clothes.

The fact that overweight or obese persons can’t easily find proper swimwear doesn’t help their plight either.

For those who aren’t overweight or obese: please don’t be one of those who point the finger at the rest of us, we also have feelings and are humans too.

Rather, think of us as courageous for coming out and enjoying the summer in our bathing suits like everyone else, regardless of what others might think!

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