(Faux) leather leggings: A must-have for every woman’s wardrobe

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(Faux) leather leggings are the ultimate fashion statement.

(Faux) leather leggings: A must-have for every woman's wardrobeWe all have a particular garment in our dressing room that reflects our style or personality. It can be a fur coat, an evening dress, or simply a blazer that you put on at work.

Faux leather leggings are a must-have for every woman’s wardrobe. They are supportive, practical, and usually durable.  Faux leather leggings can be adapted to any outing and allow for experimenting with shoes and accessories. The perfect garment to adopt a casual yet professional look.

We all have pieces we prefer to wear on a daily basis. And if this piece was the legging in (imitation) leather?

At the time, leather leggings were considered atypical and even frowned upon. However, today, they have redeemed themselves and have become essential in many wardrobes.

Read on to see why faux leather leggings are a must-have for every woman’s wardrobe.

(Faux) leather leggings: Introduction

The leggings have become an essential and a basic of our wardrobes. There are all kinds of colors, patterns, and materials.

This article will introduce you to the (imitation) leather leggings and give you a series of tips on wearing them well.

The advantages of (faux) leather leggings

(Faux) leather leggings have many advantages. Here are some of them:

(Faux) leather leggings are comfortable

One of the advantages of this type of legging is the comfort of its stretch leather, smooth or velvet to the touch.

It is so comfortable thanks to a smooth skin and an elastic textile containing cotton.

If it’s not imitation or faux leather, lambskins are generally used for their softness and flexibility.

Once processed, lambskin leather perfectly conforms to the body’s shape and acts as a second skin with the power to transform any body into a shapely and sensual silhouette.

The leather leggings promise a smooth silhouette and incomparable support.

(Faux) leather leggings are durable

The stretch leather used for the leggings is non-deformable and ensures a very long life to your model.

(Faux) leather leggings are practical

Not only is this garment comfortable, but it is also practical. Indeed, it can be put on quickly thanks to a system of elastic gusset in the back or discreet zips on the side.

How to choose your (faux) leather leggings?

Here are some tips for choosing your leather leggings according to your morphology.

Are you relatively thin and slender?

The legging is the ideal ally to sublimate your long side.

Avoid tops that are too tight, and think about playing with volume contrasts.

For example, combine your tight leather leggings with flowing tops and other loose knits. Thanks to these associations, you will emphasize the curve of your legs.

Your silhouette allows you all the fantasy in terms of colors and other details studded or fringed as long as you remain sober with your top.

Concerning the shoes, choose between the flat or the heel according to your mood.

Are you a larger person with a taller waist?

First of all, forget about preconceived notions! Because yes, leather leggings are also allowed and even recommended.

Indeed, the smooth stretch leather is your ally: no folds will weigh down the silhouette, and it guarantees good support.

Preferably, choose leather leggings in dark colors to erase minor defects. Wear them with light-colored shirts, tunics, and/or blouses with lightness and fluidity.

To get a “slim” effect, choose boots with small heels in which you can slip your leggings.

Leather leggings: which looks?

Before composing your future looks with your leather leggings, it is essential to follow these tips to avoid any fashion faux-pas:

  • Go for volume and sobriety for the top. Avoid low-cut or tight tops. Indeed, it’s all about balance and proportion.
  • Favor contrasts and play on colors. Certainly, opt for light tones on top if the leggings are dark and vice versa.
  • And the leather legging alone gives you a glamorous and very feminine look. No need to add leather thigh-high boots and other high heels.

Refined classic look

Is it possible to be elegant when wearing leggings? The answer is yes!

Indeed, leather leggings are the perfect companion to revisit the tweed jacket or to give a classic blazer a boost.

Do not hesitate to choose color tones such as burgundy, navy, plum, or khaki to match suede leather perfectly.

Complete your outfit with a light-colored blouse or flowing blouse, plain or with discreet patterns.

As for shoes, opt for slim ankle boots or derbies that will complete this look, ideal for the office.

Casual look

For a casual look with leather leggings, pair it with a fleece sweater or a soft chunky sweater.

We also opt for white sneakers or furry boots. As for accessories, don’t forget your it-bag to complete your casual and trendy outfit.

Rock and chic look

We often associate leather leggings with rock’n’roll. Twist your classic looks with smooth leather or bi-material leggings, and you’ll get a rocking style.

Wear these leggings with a tee-shirt, a loose tank top, or a checkered shirt to play it more “grunge”!

Vitamin pop look

If you’re in a daring mood, dare to wear leggings in bold, sharp colors like electric blue, bright red, neon purple, or psychedelic orange.

The fashion colorama is infinite and will adapt to your day’s mood. Pair your colorful leggings with a basic top in a neutral color (white or black).

Neo-Romantic look

We opt for leggings with light tones like cream, ivory, powder pink, or baby blue for a more romantic style.

Pair your leggings with small embroidered blouses with light lace or a lightly draped flowing dress. This will give you a baby-doll look.

For shoes, choose a pair of ballerinas or sandals in summer.

Glamorous look by night

Wear your leather leggings for your evenings. Indeed, bet on night colors such as smoky gray, charcoal gray, deep night blue, or black for these occasions.

Note: make sure the leggings are not too tight in order to avoid a camel toe in your leggings

Pair it with a silk shirt embellished with some shiny details of sequins or lurex.

As for shoes, opt for pumps or small ankle boots with heels but not exceeding 2 inches. Complete your outfit with a pretty clutch as a bag.

How to maintain (faux) leather leggings?

Your leather leggings will become a staple in your wardrobe, so it’s essential to take the utmost care of them and ensure they last a long time.

Here are some tips for perfect maintenance.

The protection

It is essential to waterproof your leather leggings with a spray can.

In fact, waterproofing should be done at least every three months to protect your leather from moisture stains.

If your leggings have been caught in the rain or any other water splash, let them dry in the open air and away from any heat source, like a radiator or hair dryer.

And finally, if your leggings are made of smooth leather, remember to nourish them regularly with a nourishing milk and a cloth to moisturize and shine the skin.


Avoid folding your leggings too tightly when storing them, as this can damage them. Ideally, you should simply lay it flat in your closet.

If this is not possible, hang them on a peg hanger while sliding a thick cloth under the pegs to not mark the leather.

Store your leggings in a dark place as the sun tends to fade the skin tone.


In case of stains, it is recommended to use a non-aggressive product. Do not hesitate to contact a specialist if you have any questions.

It is recommended to degrease your skin items regularly:

  • Every 3 years for classic leather
  • Every year for suede leather
  • And even more often for light-colored clothes.

Generally, degreasing is done by a specialized craftsman who is an expert in skin care and cleaning. This technique respects the clothing and the materials.

Good to know: It is also possible to re-pigment or re-dye certain leathers to revive their colors.

How to wear (faux) leather leggings: 20 ways to wear your leather leggings

If you have a pair of skinny (faux) leather leggings in your closet that you wear occasionally, it’s time to show you that there are many ways to wear them!

Indeed, whether it is with a fur coat, a loose top, or simply with heels or sneakers, there are many ways to combine your leather leggings with the clothes you already have in your wardrobe.

Here are some of them:

(Faux) leather leggings with an oversized sweater

This is the easiest way to wear leather leggings and even classic leggings.

To complete your outfit, pair your leggings with an oversized sweater for winter and an oversized shirt for summer.

You’ve probably seen models wearing this kind of legging with this kind of loose top. Indeed, it has become the casual look par excellence.

(Faux) leather leggings for a professional outfit

Bet on leather leggings if you want to bring a bold and fun touch to work.

However, your outfit should not be too casual or glamorous, as this is still a professional environment.

Go for black on black

Black on black never goes out of style.

Wear your leather leggings with a shirt, jacket, shoes, and accessories, all in black for a trendy look!

The sexy look is always in fashion

If you want to be sexy and glamorous, pair your leather leggings with a sheer top or a garment that falls in the middle for a seductive look.

Pair them with a denim jacket

Generally, leather leggings are associated with a sexy or glamorous look.

But if you want a trendy and casual outfit, don’t hesitate to combine them with a denim jacket.

(Faux) leather leggings with a bodysuit

The combination of leggings and bodysuits has become a massive success.

Pair a sexy bodysuit with your leather leggings for a night out with your girlfriends, and feel comfortable dancing the night away.

The ultimate glamorous outfit

The most glamorous outfit: wear a (faux) fur coat with your (faux) leather leggings. You will be chic and elegant for sure!

Try the trench coat for a professional outfit

Sometimes it can be challenging to choose what coat to wear with your leather leggings.

Bet on the trench coat to add a classic touch to a sexy style.

Add an oversized coat

Complete your outfit with an oversized coat for a casual, trendy, and timeless outfit.

As for shoes, choose either heels or sneakers, depending on your day’s mood.

Have fun with color

To bring some life and dynamism to your outfit, don’t hesitate to choose faux leather leggings in burgundy, green or yellow.

Leather leggings do not have to be black, and many stores offer more and more colorful models.

Always a little more leather

Leather on leather can give a sexy look and not necessarily a biker look. To provide a touch of glamour, accessorize your outfit with a necklace.

Play with different fabrics

You can combine your leather leggings with different materials. For example, finish your look with suede boots for a comfortable and glamorous outfit!

Combine your stand-alone pieces

Fall is the season for flannel and (faux) fur vests.

Flannels aren’t just for casual looks. In fact, you can also enhance this iconic look with a graphic tee.

Underneath your fur vest, wear a denim shirt for a refreshing contrast effect that will work well with your black leather leggings.

The look for winter

It’s winter, and it’s cold outside? Don’t worry. Pair a turtleneck sweater with your leather leggings to complete your outfit.

Your look will be trendy and comfortable.

(Faux) leather leggings with heels

How to match your leather leggings with your shoes? It’s simple, wear heels to complete your outfit.

Plus, it will give you longer legs.

Leggings with sneakers

If you are planning a long drive on the weekend, no problem! Your leather leggings are perfect with sneakers.

How about adding some leather boots?

If you want to have an ultra-sexy look and are not afraid of the cold, do not hesitate to pair your outfit with knee-high leather boots or your leather ankle boots.

Add your favorite accessories

Previously we mentioned shoes, shirts and even coats but we haven’t really talked about accessories!

In winter, pair your leather leggings with a beanie and mittens, while in fall, accessorize with a scarf and a handbag.

Fight the cold in style

For a trendy and comfortable look, especially to stay warm when the wind blows, pair your leather leggings with a scarf or a knitted sweater.

Don’t feel like going out? No worries!

Just because you’re staying home doesn’t mean you can’t wear your awesome leather leggings!

You can still kill time while staying at home and inviting friends over.

For this, wear your leather leggings and pair them with a down sweater.

Relax with your friends and treat yourself to a day out while looking fabulous and comfortable!

(Faux) leather leggings: Conclusion

Leather leggings are a must-have fashion item in your wardrobe and accompany women throughout the seasons!

It is also the perfect garment to adopt a casual yet professional look.

Not only is it comfortable and easy to put on, but it can be worn in a variety of ways, from heels and sneakers to tunics and oversized sweaters.

Finally, get away from the prejudice that leather is a biker look. With leather leggings, you can look just as chic, sexy, and glamorous.

The trick is to pair it well with appropriate tops and accessories.

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