Feeling uncomfortable in your own skin? Causes, signs & 10 tips to feel better

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Feeling uncomfortable in your own skin is something everyone experiences from time to time.

Feeling uncomfortable in your own skin? Causes, signs & 10 tips to feel betterYou are more often cranky, you sweat more, you are more emotional, and you don’t feel quite yourself.

Feeling uncomfortable in your own skin is usually due to a number of factors. It could be a general feeling of dissatisfaction, money worries, or relationship troubles. These all cause stress and with it comes lack of self-confidence. It’s time to get in the driving seat and take control.

Not feeling good about yourself can lead to physical and psychological symptoms.

But why are you not comfortable in your own skin? Because of your relationship? Or does a colleague negatively influence your state of mind? Is it your diet or do you have certain frustrations with your appearance?

We’ll explore the causes and symptoms of not feeling well in this article. We also have 10 helpful tips to feel better quickly so read on.

Read on and take the first step to a new you.

Feeling uncomfortable in your own skin: Introduction

Not feeling good about yourself can have several causes.

For example, a common cause is experiencing stress. This can be stress from your relationship or family but it can be due to your job or financial worries.

Should you be insecure about your own appearance or certain character traits, this can also create additional stress and pressure in your mind.

It is never nice to hear when those around you have made several negative comments about one or more of your traits.

This may make you doubt yourself and make you more insecure. As a result, your self-esteem will take a hit and you will not feel good about yourself.

It can also be external things that make you feel unwell. Things you have absolutely no control over. For example, you may be uncomfortable with a loss by your favorite sports team or the elimination of your favorite singer or vocalist in a singing competition.

Other hobbies can also have a strong positive or negative effect on your emotions.

Characteristics of not feeling good about yourself

For each person, this is different. Some people are uncomfortable in their own skin and do not share this with anyone and become more taciturn in gatherings.

If you notice this in someone close to you, try to get them to talk in a subtle way. Feeling uncomfortable in your own skin can also prevent you from opening up.

Another characteristic of not being comfortable in your own skin is constantly adjusting your opinions and views.

In other words, you go through a roller coaster of emotions which also affects the things you feel and say.

Other characteristics of not feeling well are as follows:

  • Not listening well to other people and not finishing your own sentences properly
  • You often apologize because you are extremely insecure
  • Physically you experience various pains and discomforts
  • Your mood can just turn, without any apparent cause
  • You often feel like you have to be available and ready at all times
  • Out of the blue you sometimes get into a crying fit, which can be very annoying in company
  • You don’t like to be alone and prefer to be in company all the time
  • You make extreme use of your smartphone and/or tablet

After covering some of the typical characteristics of sadness, it’s time to list some helpful tips that can help you feel nice and healthy and transform your bad feelings into positive vibes.

Make your feeling uncomfortable in your own skin a thing of the past.

Ten tips for feeling better

Eat healthily and dare to sin once in a while

A healthy and balanced diet is very important for your body.

Divide your meals between breakfast, lunch and dinner. Eat a variety of foods and focus on plenty of fiber, nuts, vegetables and fruits. Also, drink plenty of water!

These foods provide your body with healthy energy sources on which it can function throughout the day.

In addition to delicious and healthy meals, it is also important to sin sometimes. Dare to eat something less healthy once in a while (something you love so you can look forward to it).

Your body can sometimes crave fast food or a delicious snack immensely.

Sometimes giving in to these needs and desires will bring you blissful moments in a balanced and even-handed way.

Listen to yourself

Do you want to feel better about yourself? Then listen to yourself a little more!

Are you uncomfortable with your relationship? Then discuss with your partner what is bothering you and try to find solutions.

Have you been in a rut for months or years without improvement? You may need to consider ending your relationship.

You often know from yourself what you like and what you don’t. Do you currently have a job that you are uncomfortable with or even makes you miserable and unhappy?

Then be honest with yourself and just start looking for a new job. Even if that job makes a lot of money!

Focus on your mental well-being and let the money come second.

Would you rather be alone for an evening? Instead of constantly experiencing a busy schedule with family, friends, etc.?

Communicate this and make it happen, take control of your time.

Listening well to yourself and analyzing your feelings can make you feel calm and fulfilled.

Pamper yourself once in a while

As you gain self-confidence and build and create more self-esteem and self-respect, you will decide to indulge yourself more often.

You will have felt that need before too, but you probably gave in to it much less often.

It’s good to regularly give yourself a good treat without feeling guilty. Are you fiercely ambitious at work and constantly under great pressure?

Then seek to include moments of complete relaxation. Think about sports sessions, visiting the sauna, going swimming, going for a walk in the woods, etc.

Do you already exercise a lot and don’t want to live too unhealthy? But at the same time, do you sometimes crave a hamburger, pizza or fries?

Then feel free to indulge yourself by taking advantage of life once in a while. The important thing is simply to set certain limits.

For example, you can feel free to eat a little less healthy 3 or 4 times a month because you like it.

Worry less about things beyond your control

You are sitting on the sofa watching the news. Suddenly you are confronted with ominous reports of a global pandemic, inflation, declining purchasing power, an impending third world war, etc.

Although they are unpleasant messages, you should try to let them affect your feelings as little as possible.

In fact, you can’t have any influence on the whole thing. A war, a pandemic, bankruptcies, or the murder of innocent people is beyond your control.

As bad as such things are, try to take in these kinds of messages as little as possible because it heavily impacts how you feel about yourself.

Therefore, it is also strongly recommended that you use social media in a very moderate manner.

This medium often gives a narrow and insufficiently nuanced picture of our society. Unfortunately, this picture does not make you feel better about yourself.

Pursuing a good night’s sleep

Do you sometimes get up in the morning feeling completely exhausted and stiff? You slept but actually feel like a wreck. You feel broken, stressed and inadequately rested.

And this while your day has only just begun.

Well, it can all have to do with your sleep.

When you do not have enough hours of deep sleep, your body is not properly rested.

For example, you may sleep as much as 7 or 8 hours a night but still feel very tired. So this could be because you are sleeping too lightly or because you are disturbed by environmental noises such as neighbors or a snoring partner.

Many people do not fully realize exactly what is going on, so it is important to visit a doctor and educate yourself on ways to improve the quality of your sleep.

Try to get enough sleep and make sure you get sufficient hours of deep sleep. This will give you a lot of energy and remove plenty of stress.

Tip: You could also try to go to a sauna to relieve some of that stress, more about that here: Sauna for stress relief & other top health benefits

Go outside enough

Do you want to be more comfortable in your own skin? Enjoying the outdoors is a great way to improve your mental state.

According to several studies, spending time in nature while walking or fishing leads to improved mental health.

Just exposing yourself to nature imagery can fire up the parts of your brain associated with happiness, positivity and emotional stability.

In addition, we are exposed to sunlight in nature, which can help us produce vitamin D.

Because low vitamin D levels have been linked to depression, enjoying a little sunshine can cheer you up, both in the present and long run.

Social contacts

When you are not comfortable in your own skin, it’s important you can talk about it with a confidant.

Your partner, a close friend, parents, a group of friends or family, etc. will accept and respect your feelings.

Also, specific people around you with whom you feel comfortable can make you laugh more. Try to enjoy the positive and humorous influence of these people.

Laughter is healthy so meet regularly with friends and family who can make you feel better without pressure or expectations.

Music, books, movies, documentaries and series

Do you feel in top form thanks to certain music or a nice series? This can make all the stress fall away and make you feel good about yourself again.

If specific music genre or classical composer helps, listen to this at certain times of the day. This is perfect when you are on your way to work and this can also be done in the evening before bed.

Music, books, movies, or series often provide a certain self-reflection.

It will give you the energy to get back to it. Audiovisual content can also stimulate you and make you look forward to events with your friends.

Going to a music festival, event or movie together can make pleasant and happy memories.

Physical activity

It sounds easy, but in practice, enough exercise daily is not always easy.

Enjoying sports, experiencing yoga, meditating, walking, taking the bike to work, etc. Several healthy options can make you feel better!

In fact, exercise causes substances to be produced in your body that reduce tension and stress.

Also, physical exercise causes your thoughts to shift.

Do listen carefully to your body when you start exercising to feel better. As a beginner, you should definitely not get too overconfident. Instead, try to build up slowly to avoid injury.

Increase your self-esteem

A very important aspect for many people to feel good about themselves is increasing their self-esteem. So this means that you need to develop more self-respect.

You waste too much of your precious energy fretting over how others think of you and look at you. Just be yourself and the right people will be attracted to you for the right reasons.

Be kind to yourself and start appreciating yourself a little more. When you have a healthy dose of self-esteem, it works motivating in life. You will have a more assertive attitude and approach certain challenges with more positivity.

You will gain more self-confidence and start believing in yourself more! Having increased and high self-esteem will also make you more daring to be honest with others. When something doesn’t suit you, you will dare to speak to people about it.

You will also dare to say no to people more often. After all, you don’t always have to accommodate and please other people at your expense.

Feeling uncomfortable in your own skin: Conclusion

It’s amazing how other people and external factors, over which we have no control, can make us harbor negative feelings.

The trick is finding what calms us down, what makes us feel lighter and allows us to look towards the future with more optimism.

It could be music, a book, or exercise. Or all three of them, or something completely different. Enjoy your voyage of discovery, and train your mind.

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