Fishing for Beginners: What Type of Fishing Is Best & What to Buy?

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Fishing for beginners is something that may be rather overwhelming.

Fishing for beginners: What type of fishing is best & what to buy?For a novice angler, the range of fishing equipment in angling stores and web shops can be paralyzing. What are all these different types of fishing gear for?

As a general rule, a novice angler needs to have a good orientation before focusing on a specific branch of angling. It’s best to check out the different types of fishing and see which appeals the most before spending money on fishing equipment.

The days of a simple rod with a line and a float are long gone.

Anglers and manufacturers are pulling out all the stops to make fishing more efficient, more comfortable (think an extraordinarily comfortable and strong heavy-duty fishing chair), more enjoyable, and more fun.

Before you start spending money on fishing equipment, read on for tips on the subject.

Fishing for beginners: Introduction

There are quite a few different fish species, and you actually need different equipment if you want to fish successfully for each species.

So don’t just go fishing and hope for the best. We’ll give you a quick overview into the different types of angling.

If a particular one seems more appealing, you can delve further into it. After additional research, you can purchase the right fishing equipment.

Whitefish fishing

Whitefish fishing is defined as fishing with a fixed rod combined with a float for whitefish.

A fixed rod doesn’t have to cost much (as does the float). So for less than $50, you are already set in terms of essential equipment, and you can go fishing.

All that is needed for whitefish fishing is a fishing rod without a fishing reel.

Whitefish fishing is the most accessible way of fishing and has been the most popular branch of angling for a long time.

It is one of the cheapest ways to fish and enjoy angling.

Many anglers start fishing in this particular category precisely because it is so accessible.

Feeder fishing

Actually, feeder fishing also falls under whitefish fishing because the fish you catch are also whitefish.

But because the technology is different enough to be considered a different category.

In feeder fishing, you use a special feeder rod in combination with a feeder reel.

Feeding uses a special feeder basket filled with bait. The feed basket lands on the bottom right near a bottom line with a hook attached.

Because of the bait in the feeder, many fish come to it, so the results are often better than when fishing with a fixed rod.

Good to know: The rod’s tip acts as a bite signal. When it moves, you have a bite.

Match fishing

Match fishing is also focused on whitefish, but instead of a fixed rod with a float, a match rod is used with a match reel.

A casting rod allows you to fish further out, further from the shore.

This form of whitefish fishing costs a little more than fixed rod fishing because a casting rod and a fish reel are a more expensive.

The bait used is the same as for regular whitefish with the fixed rod.

Predator fishing with lures

One of the most popular ways of fishing today is to fish for predatory fish with lures, which uses a spinning rod with a fishing reel or a jerkbait rod with a reel.

By retrieving the lure at different speeds and directions, you can actively search for pike, zander, perch, catfish, etc., on the waterfront.

The nice thing about predatory fishing this way is that you’re not stuck in a particular spot.

This is because most predatory fish are lying around somewhere waiting for prey so you have to actively look for the predatory fish yourself.

It is crucial to recognize the spots where the predatory fish often reside and then entice them to take a bite.

Pike fishing with dead bait

Deadbait fishing is prevalent in the winter when the pike have less energy and are deeper in the water but don’t be taken by surprise by the biting cold and invest in decent winter fishing clothing for the winter months.

The pike, being less active and disinclined to chase lures are attracted to a dead fish in easy reach.

Deadbait fishing can be done by bottom fishing in combination with a float.

In addition to pike, this method can catch catfish in the larger rivers.

Drag fishing for predatory fish from a boat

If you have a boat available, you can also go trolling, where you cruise the water at a leisurely speed with your lure dragging behind you.

Because you can quickly comb a lot of water this way, it can be an effective way to fish.

You’ll need a sturdy spinning rod combined with a fishing reel or a casting rod with a reel.

Carp fishing

Most carp fishing is done by bottom fishing, where boilies are used as bait. It is not an easier way to start fishing, and you need quite a lot of fishing gear.

Nevertheless, many anglers would are more than happy to spend a whole weekend carp fishing.

Trout fishing

Trout fishing is a light fishery that should not be underestimated. Trout have excellent eyes, and you’ll have to pull out quite a few tricks to fool them.

Many trout ponds have strict rules about what (artificial) bait to use, so be sure to inquire well in advance about what you can and cannot use.

Trout fishing is mainly done with a (trolling) float with trout dough or a spinner.

The nice thing about this fishery is that trout are edible and taste good to delicious.

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Fishing at sea

Beach fishing

Fishing from the beach is a fun way to fish that, like trout fishing, has the advantage of catching edible fish.

A beach rod is used with a strong sea reel, and fishing is done for sea fish on the bottom with sea anchors and ragworms as bait.

Shore fishing

Although beach fishing is also done from the shore, shore fishing means something else.

You can fish a little further out to sea from the harbors and piers in the ocean in spots perfect for spin fishing for bass and mackerel.

This involves not static bottom fishing but active fishing with lures and shiny paternosters.

You need a sturdy sea spinning rod combined with a powerful sea reel for this kind of angling.

Wreck fishing and boat fishing at sea

The third way of fishing at sea is wreck fishing and boat fishing. When the weather is nice, boat fishing at sea is addictive.

Because most fish like to hide, wrecks of boats lying on the bottom are excellent places to fish for big cod, bass, and plenty of other fish.

You’ll need a boat rod combined with a sea reel. Because you need more lead due to the current, you need pretty heavy equipment.

Fly fishing

Fly fishing is a unique way of fishing that is not recommended for beginners and it involves fishing on the water’s surface using an artificial fly.

This type of fishing used to be primarily for salmon and trout fishing, but nowadays it is also used for other fish.

The fly is a handmade lure consisting of feathers, beads, hair, and other materials. Making these flies yourself is an art and hobby in itself.

Fishing for beginners: Conclusion

Once you have decided which way of fishing appeals to you the most, you can delve further into this and purchase the appropriate equipment.

When buying rods, always ensure that the rod has the desired casting weight. The maximum casting weight is indicated for each rod. Also, make sure that the lead or lure you buy with it does not exceed this limit.

Also, remember that it’s all about the total weight of your assembly. For example, a filled feeder basket when feeding can weigh quite a bit!

That’s why fishing for beginners deserves some research before throwing your card at a shop owner!

Tip: If you’re still unsure about starting fishing as a new hobby, these health benefits may convince you to try it out: Health benefits of fishing: Surprising physical & mental benefits

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