Flat belly without effort: 9 Tips to burn belly fat

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A flat belly without effort? Flat belly without effort: 9 Tips to burn belly fatWouldn’t we all love that!

Sorry guys and gals, but a flat stomach can only be made by working at it.

Flat belly without effort: Introduction

We all want a flat belly, but if it means putting our body through its pace, no, thank you very much.

Some of us aren’t ready to do exhausting and painful exercises every morning and evening.

So we decided to cut to the chase and give you 9 tips to lose your extra belly.

And you won’t have to break your back either.

9 Tips to burn belly fat

Here are the 9 tips to burn belly fat.

Pedal on the spot

Remember how much the pedaling sessions used to hurt in gym class?

Regular pedaling works the abs like nothing else.

It is very effective, especially if you breathe correctly.

Lay on your back with your hands behind your head.

Breathe in as you move your feet away from you and breathe out as you move them back towards you.

Your belly should be drawn in as you exhale.

Do sets of 25 or 30 rotations (no less, it wouldn’t be worth the effort).

If it’s a little challenging, don’t worry, it’s normal.

The most effective ab exercises for beginners are the most painful.

So you’ll have to suffer to get your flat stomach.

Invest in a mat and a trainer

Floor exercises are very hard on the abs but believe us when we say they are also the most effective.

For a flat and toned stomach, ab exercises are inevitable.

Always take care of your back before you start.

When you lay down, all vertebrae must rest on the floor.

Bend your legs and place your hands behind your head.

Rock gently while stretching out your back and exhaling deeply, and repeat that movement around 40 times.

Stop as soon as your back hurts, as you could risk sciatica. Don’t worry if your legs hurt; it’s normal.

Making the dolmen

This straightforward exercise teaches you how to correctly position your belly.

Get on all fours, belly in, back horizontal, and head straight;

Release your belly, then pull it in.

Exhale as you draw in your belly, count to 8, and release.

This very simple exercise will allow you to develop a reflex that pulls in your belly by working the transverse muscles.

Doing the dolmen doesn’t have to hurt. Start off by doing it no more than 3 or 4 times in a row.

Work on your abs while in transit for a flat belly without effort

You might as well make the most of this time if you’re waiting somewhere in line.

While standing, raise your leg a few inches and hold that position by locking your abs.

Lift a little higher, draw small circles with your foot, and enjoy those abs contracting.

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Stand up straight

During all your childhood, you have been told to “Stand up straight” time and time again.

Today, this phrase makes more sense than ever.

Straightening up and pulling in your stomach will considerably improve your figure.

A woman’s pelvis has a natural tendency to push forward and emphasize the belly.

Good support is therefore essential.

Check out our reviews of top waist trainers if you need some extra support to get you going.

In addition, by standing up straight, you will improve your gait and take the strain off your back and spine.

In short, stand up straight, and your stomach will flatten.

That’s a great way to a flat belly without effort!

Pulling in your belly while walking to a flat belly without effort

Walking 40 minutes a day is a minimum requirement for good health and increased fitness.

Pulling in your belly is enough to work your abs.

What better than taking advantage of your walks and contracting your abdominal muscles?

Pulling in your stomach while walking should become automatic.

Work on your abs at the office

Discreet movements to be carried out daily to lose a little bit of belly and improve your sleep quality are possible and practical.

They are also very effective.

Several mini-exercises repeated several times a day are more effective than one gym session a week.

So really, there’s no excuse not to do your mini-exercises.

While sitting at your desk, lean on the chair’s armrests, put your back against the backrest, and raise both knees simultaneously.

Count to 8 and lower your feet again; repeat this movement several times.

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Getting into endurance sports

Even if you follow all of our tips, you’ll still need to do some endurance sports to get and maintain a flat stomach.

Endurance sports such as cycling, swimming or running really affect our body shape.

They mobilize our sugar and fat reserves.

They also increase our fat-burning hormones (testosterone and growth hormone).

Remember that the more muscle you have, the more calories you burn and the thinner you get.

Ideally, you should exercise for at least 40 minutes every day.

A good walk every day and remembering to pull in your abs is a good start.

Stimulate the muscles for a flat belly without effort

You can invest in an ab muscle stimulation machine.

Of course, they won’t work miracles, but they will help you tone your abdominal area.

How does it work?

The electrical stimulation causes contractions lasting 2 to 6 seconds, depending on the intensity.

If you use it correctly, you can achieve excellent results in terms of tone.

Always seek the advice of a professional.

A little advice before buying your machine.

Make sure that the stickers that hold the electrodes will still stick after 5 uses.

Flat belly without effort: Conclusion

With these 9 easy-to-implement tips, you’ll get your flat stomach in no time!

Is it possible to have a flat stomach quickly? Well, not really.

Having a flat stomach takes a lot of perseverance, and, as always, it starts with a healthy lifestyle.

Your belly will not disappear overnight, there is no miracle cure!

To reduce bloating (and that will have an immediate effect), one thing you can do is avoid certain foods, such as cabbage and dairy products.

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