Foldable heavy duty beach chairs: Selection tips

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Sturdy, foldable heavy duty beach chairs are created and designed to give everybody a chance to enjoy a splendid day at the beach.

foldable heavy duty beach chairs selection tipsThese chairs are constructed with strengthened joints, durable materials and other details to provide a high-quality beach chair for those who weigh more or are taller than average.

But what qualifies as a durable chair for the beach? Well, a heavy duty beach chair needs to have a minimum weight capacity of minimum 250 pounds.

Some beach chair models in this classification can even support 500 pounds or more!

Many durable beach chairs are created in a similar way.

This means you can find various manufacturers and different chair designs that offer similar heavy-duty features.

Below we will take a closer look at an interesting subcategory of the heavy duty beach chairs: Folding heavy duty beach chairs.

Benefits of foldable heavy duty beach chairs

Today’s robust beach chairs are for sale with the same wonderful functions and accessories that you’ll find in every other beach chair model.

You’ll find enjoyable pockets to hold your stuff, covered containers to keep your drinks cold, and even connected umbrellas to block the sun!

Many heavy-duty beach chairs for heavy people have at least one integrated cup holder for example.

The downside of these solid beach chairs is their weight… So you can’t forget about this parameter as you need to carry and transport them to the beach…

Luckily, several producers developed strong ergonomic beach chairs with unique systems and designs.

For example, they allow you to carry the beach chair on your back, or even over your shoulder.

These methods of transportation facilitate your efforts and reduce the hassle of all the added weight.

Try to find foldable heavy duty beach chairs that either come with a comfortable carrying bag or have an attached shoulder strap to make them easier to carry.

Some stronger beach chair models are even designed to fold flat. Others have different reclining positions that can be used.

This allows you to relax in the way that suits you best… Interesting, isn’t it?

How practical are folding beach chairs?

Their smart folding designs make heavy duty beach chairs very practical for storage, carrying and transport purposes.

The chairs can unfold to specific reclining positions. Some can even lay flat, allowing you to enjoy a quick nap during a peaceful day at the beach.

Some of these foldable heavy duty beach chairs even have a hole in them!

It allows you to rest your head when you’re lying on your belly. This is called an ostrich face-down beach chair.

You can even put your book or tablet below (on a towel, resting in the sand) to read more easily.

This is tremendously helpful in relieving your neck muscles.

The design really is an added value if you love reading but don’t like the stiff neck that often comes with it!

The amount of benefits that a user of a beach chair can enjoy, depends on the type of frame used for the chair.

Many sturdy beach chairs are made from anodized aluminum. But steel and even wooden frames are also available. Canvas materials are often used as well.

A wooden frame isn’t ideal when it’s rainy. The chair might change its shape from the moisture. The wood could absorb water and takes a long time to dry.

That’s why it’s essential to carefully think about the benefits and downsides of sturdy folding beach chairs before concluding a purchase.

Downsides of durable foldable beach chairs and how to avoid them

The one main drawback of owning a heavy-duty beach chair is the overall weight of the chair.

Since these chairs are typically built with strengthened elements and strong materials, they often weigh 16/17 pounds or even more.

That can make it hard to carry the chair to a beach. Especially if it might take some hiking to access.

Heavy duty beach chairs may also cost more than a standard beach chair. The cost difference is often minimal, though.

But it can still be enough to put this type of beach chair out of reach for some lower family budgets.

Durable, folding heavy duty beach chairs enable everybody to bring comfort to the beach in their own way.

With a wide range of styles and options available, there’s a good chance you can find the chair of your dreams, whether online or in a store near you!

Attributes of a reliable, sturdy beach chair

Do you want to ensure yourself that you’re buying the best possible beach chair that’s trustworthy and durable?

When searching for your dream beach chair, try to find one that has the following 4 characteristics to satisfy your particular needs:

  • Double-layered material or even triple-coated fabric that allows for faster drying
  • A frame of anodized aluminum, supported by enhanced stainless steel for extended toughness
  • Large seating dimensions (larger than 21 inches) so you don’t feel trapped in the chair and can still move easily
  • An excellent carrying capacity to safely relax on the beach (plus-size beach chairs with a high weight capacity are a necessity)

What are the best materials for foldable heavy duty beach chairs?

Many beach chairs feature an aluminum frame.

When shopping for a sturdy beach chair, you’ll want to be sure that the model is constructed with anodized aluminum, instead of a basic aluminum alloy.

Anodized aluminum has an oxide layer on the top of the exposed metal.

This makes the frame of the beach chair more resilient and resistant to the abrasion and scraping of the beach sand against the metal.

At the same time, you’ll get a higher-grade corrosion resistance with an anodized aluminum beach chair frame.

Color stability is also an advantage that comes with anodized aluminum.

This type of metal finish keeps that nice metallic reflection for a longer period of time!

Do you wonder how to keep your beach chair clean? Use a scouring pad with a moderate grain soap to remove any dirt and impurities.

This will help the beach chair stay in better shape for a lot longer, even when in storage.

In this category of folding heavy duty beach chairs, ripstop nylon or polyester is typically used as the fabric of the chair.

This type of fabric:

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