Foods that can help reduce cellulite: Start eating smarter

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Foods that can help reduce cellulite? Did you know that you can actually reduce cellulite through eating?

Foods that can help reduce cellulite: Start eating smarterCertain foods, such as celery or pineapple, are natural allies in eliminating that orange-peel skin called cellulite.

Many foods can help to reduce cellulite: certain fruits, vegetables, and animal proteins, ginger, cinnamon, and even dark chocolate. These foods can act as fat burners, drainers, or antioxidants which help the body to eliminate waste and improve blood circulation.

Read on to discover the anti-cellulite foods which you can consume freely and that will help you look good.

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Foods that can help reduce cellulite

Fruits and vegetables

In general, all fruits and vegetables are good for your body. However, are better than others to fight cellulite.

Berries and red fruits

Red fruits are often recommended to stimulate blood circulation.

In addition, they help fight against cell aging thanks to their antioxidant properties.

Berries are rich in flavonoids and prevent the risks of obstruction in the blood and lymphatic tracts. That’s why they help for better blood circulation.

Black grape

Its concentration in polyphenols, exceptional antioxidants and trace elements makes it a tonic in terms of fluidification of the body. Ideal for losing cellulite!


You’ve often heard how ‘an apple a day keeps the doctor away’.

Well, the apple is full of pectin (fiber), so it gets your bathroom trips going.

Quick to eat, this anticholesterol product can be pretty filling and helps us lose weight.

Citrus fruits

Like green vegetables, these tangy fruits are essential for a healthy body.

Let us emphasize that vitamin C is the queen of anti-cellulite. It helps to produce collagen and, therefore, strengthens the skin’s elasticity.

So nothing beats a lemon or an orange to tone up your body. Moreover, lemon is often reputed to be one of the best detox and slimming foods.


It is THE star of drainage! Its anti-toxicity makes it an ideal table companion to clean your digestive system, fight sugar and eliminate fats from your body.

The onion helps to lower blood sugar levels and activates the elimination of fats. It fights cellulite and eliminates water.

This vegetable eliminates toxins and therefore helps to purify the body.


It’s rich in omega 3 and in vitamin E, and promotes good functioning of the cardiovascular system and better blood circulation.

Better circulation means less cellulite.


Among all the anti-cellulite foods, eggplant is the undisputed queen of fat burning.

This low-calorie, high-fiber vegetable acts as a sponge for moisture during cooking, and it will do the same in your stomach for fat.


Rich in iron and vitamins A, C and E, spinach is effective for the maintenance of the skin. It protects collagen fibers and skin elasticity.

Animal proteins

Think about reducing your meat consumption because it contains saturated fatty acids that are harmful to our bodies.

Choose proteins, preferably of plant origin, on a daily basis.

However, if you are a meat lover and want to reduce your cellulite, focus on the following foods:

Organic salmon

It is a food rich in good fats. But good fat doesn’t necessarily mean you should overdo it (especially if you buy salmon that isn’t organic).


Ideal in an anti-cellulite diet, eggs help improve the construction of connective tissue, but don’t overdo it.

White meat

Chicken is perfect for fueling the muscles and therefore reducing orange peel skin.

Other foods that can help reduce cellulite


It has digestive capacities and has the virtue of improving blood circulation.

This anti-cellulite food contains chromium, magnesium and zinc, all elements that contribute to better circulation.


This spice helps to control blood sugar levels and thus prevents blood sugar spikes and fat storage. Cinnamon stimulates the body to burn even more fat.

Dark chocolate

It improves blood circulation thanks to flavonoids, antioxidants found in natural plants. But that doesn’t mean you can wolf it down.

Consume with moderation, not more than 2 squares a day.

Drinks to reduce cellulite

To eliminate as much toxins from your body as possible, drink enough water, the equivalent of half a gallon of water per day.

A little tip: an infusion bottle can be a great way to consume more fruit while enjoying yourself.

Cut a few squares of apples, pears and a lemon wedge, let them infuse in the bottle in a cool place overnight and enjoy.

This tip will not only help you consume your recommended amount of water, but will also add a natural fruit taste.

Don’t add any sugar.

Fresh fruit juices can also be consumed but be careful not to overdo it as they contain a lot of sugar, which is perhaps one of the most surprising facts about sugar for fresh fruit juice lovers.

Other dietary advice related to foods that can help reduce cellulite

Of course, there are many foods that help us reduce cellulite. Here are some to be added to the foods that help eliminate orange peel skin:

Foods rich in iodine

Eat foods rich in iodine to regulate metabolism such as seaweed, garlic, grouper, chard, green beans, etc.

Cleaning foods

Choose “cleansing” foods such as celery, asparagus, pineapple, etc.

Basic VS acidic diet

Make sure you have a basic diet rather than an acidic one.

Avoid acidifying foods such as fried foods, meat (especially red meat), organ meats, cottage cheese, cold cuts, sugar, white flour, soft drinks, coffee, ready-made meals and refined oils.

Take your time

Chew your food well and take enough time to eat.

It is also important to eat at regular times.

Foods that can help reduce cellulite: Conclusion

Some sports coaches claim that 20% of the body’s change comes from physical activity and 80% from diet.

We agree, and cannot stress enough the importance of changing one’s diet to a healthier one.

To do this, avoid as much as possible ready-made meals that are full of sugar and salt and instead eat fruits and vegetables in season.

A varied and balanced diet, combined with physical activity is the secret to reducing cellulite.

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