Frequently Asked Questions regarding pants

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Let’s discuss frequently asked questions regarding pants and their answers, because there are so many types of pants, so many choices, so many models, styles and fits that it’s positively overwhelming.

Frequently Asked Questions regarding pants

However, a good, decent pair of pants is indispensable in every wardrobe.

So many times we end up with an annoying pair of pants which cause us stress!

Frequently Asked Questions regarding pants: Introduction

You’re also left with a lot of questions.

For example, how do you choose pants that fit you well? What should you look for when buying pants?

Logical, because you think about a decent pair of pants for quite a while.

It would be a waste of money if you needed a new pair of pants in no time.

To help you, I’ve listed the most frequently asked questions (and answers) regarding pants for you below.

Have fun reading!

How should you wash and maintain pants? Frequently Asked Questions regarding pants

Washing pants requires attention. This way they will last much longer and always look good.

Close the zipper before washing the pants.

This prevents it from being damaged during washing and from not closing nicely after a wash.

Also, always empty the pockets of your pants.

A simple paper handkerchief left in your pocket will produce white fluff everywhere that is difficult to remove.

A coin can also cause damage and, for example, clog or damage the pipe of your washing machine.

Also, be sure to turn your pants inside out before putting them in the washing machine.

This way there is less friction and the color remains more vibrant.

Do not wash other delicate clothing together with pants. You would soon get damage from the friction on the metal zipper, buttons or nails.

Do you normally hang the pants by the legs? Stop.

Because of the weight, the legs get a little longer each time after each wash. So you better hang the pants by the waistband.

Also, don’t let your pants dry in direct sunlight. The sun can also cause the color to dull quickly.

How do you prevent jeans from rubbing off? Frequently Asked Questions regarding pants

Use a special detergent for jeans

Invest in a special detergent for blue jeans laundry.

Of course, you can also use this remedy for blue T-shirts or other blue garments. It’s always handy to have this in the house.

Wash the pants only at low temperatures

Want to keep the color of your jeans as long as possible? Then we recommend that you never wash it at more than 86 degrees Fahrenheit.

Washing at low temperatures makes your jeans lose color less quickly.

Do not wash your pants at the same time as other clothing

It is best to wash your jeans together with other jeans in a similar color.

You better not stick that new white cotton T-shirt in the washing machine with your new jeans. This will in any case give off color to your T-shirt and you will not be able to get it nice and white again afterwards.

Also avoid wearing white lingerie with your new jeans. Choose a dark slip to avoid color transfer.

Use a good splash of vinegar with every wash

By using vinegar, you fix the color of the jeans so they will not shed color as easily.

We also recommend that you do this not only at the first wash but throughout the entire life of your jeans.

This way, the color will last much longer.

Do not limit yourself here only to jeans because you can also do this with other colored pants to keep the colors longer lasting.

Are your jeans really brand new? Then soak these overnight in a bucket of water with a large splash of vinegar.

This also fixes the color and will make your pants less likely to shed color.

Be careful with new furniture

Did you just buy a pricey, new sofa in a white or beige hue?

Then use a towel or blanket to put under you. Avoid having your new jeans color rub off on your new furniture!

Put your pants in the washing machine immediately after purchase

If you’ve just bought a new pair of pants, it’s always a good idea to give them a wash first.

This will prevent paint residue from transferring to other garments.

Wear dark shoes

The hem edge of your pants often touches your shoes. Do you wear light shoes?

Then there’s a good chance your new blue jeans color will rub off on your shoes. Choose dark shoes to go with a new pair of dark jeans.

What should you look for when buying pants? Frequently Asked Questions regarding pants

Choose pants that fit your figure

Your body shape should also be a determining factor in choosing the right pants.

Every body is different and unique. A pair of pants that is good for you is, by definition, not suitable for someone else.

Moreover, your figure often changes with age. You don’t lose or gain the same amount of weight everywhere on your body.

It is precisely for these reasons that different fits were created.

For example, people with heavy thighs, hips and buttocks look better with a different model than those with a belly and thin buttocks.

Pants that fit well highlight the beautiful sides of your figure while hiding problem areas (mens jeans for big thighs, for example, allow men with big thighs and/or short legs to present themselves very stylishly in spite of it).

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Take the occasion into account when buying a new pair of pants

The important thing is to decide for yourself what the pants are for.

A dressy occasion or a sporty outing? A garden party or a wedding party?

Dinner at your favorite pizzeria or at a posh restaurant?

The style of your pants will be completely different for these different situations.

Think about the fabric your pants are made of

The fabric quality also changes completely depending on the occasion for which you wish to put them on.

For example, linen pants are wonderful for summer, but wrinkle easily. For a day at the office, perhaps linen isn’t the way to go.

In addition, are all fabric pants dressy? No, definitely not! It is an interplay of elements.

Fabric pants are usually sporty in style while plain black polyester pants are ideal for a dressy occasion.

Print also plays a big role. A striking multicolored print might be better for a party than an important meeting.

In turn, an understated fine print is ideal for wearing to the office.

A plaid print is nice for a walk in the woods while a floral print will do well at a communion or spring party.

Frequently Asked Questions regarding pants: Conclusion

Buying pants requires a careful approach with a lot of expertise.

The right fit, style and size are fundamental to a good purchase.

In addition, you should not forget that you pay just that little bit more for quality and appropriate advice.

So buying your pants from a pants specialist definitely pays off.

Choose the ideal pants that you will keep wearing and just don’t get worn out from this selection of the best fitting jeans for guys with big thighs.

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