Fun camping activities for families with children: Banish boredom

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Why should you consider fun camping activities for families with children?

Fun camping activities for families with children: Banish boredomIf you are tired of the tedious routine of city life, try a short camping trip.

Just to rejuvenate yourself.

Camping is a great way to relax and escape the demands of city life, which is one of the main fun reasons to go camping.

It’s best to shared with others, rather than on your own, be they your friends or family.

Fun camping activities for families with children: Introduction

Your children and family can make a camping trip even more appealing and better.

If you are camping with children, make sure you can keep them busy with plenty of activities.

Unlike adults, children generally don’t like to laze around in a camping chair which you expertly bought after reading our guide for the best big and tall camping chairs for heavy people.

No. Kids are always energetic.

If the kids have nothing to do, they will nag and complain.

If you don’t want your trip to be a misery make sure your kids are kept busy.

Fun camping activities for families with children: Some ideas

Fun camping activities for families with children: Banish boredom

Stumped? Here are some ideas for activities:

Send them for a swim

No matter where you camp, you must have a lake or at least a stream in the immediate vicinity.

Send your children swimming to explore the riches of nature for themselves.

If you are camping at a commercial campground, you might be lucky enough to find a pool.

But whether it’s a natural or artificial lake, as long as your kids can swim in it you know they’ll stay busy.

Take them for a bike ride

Camping is about discovering nature and engaging in physical activities.

What better way to combine the two than to ride a bike?

When cycling with your children, make sure you have a map and a first aid kit on hand.

You don’t want to get lost or injured and can thus can concentrate fully on the road.

Organize scavenger hunts

Entertain the kids by taking them on adventures and playing games.

Believe us, this plan is a surefire hit with kids of all ages.

Organize a scavenger hunt with a few riddles and clues.

That will keep them occupied for hours.

Make sure to keep to a safe area, preferably free of plants such as poison ivy, oak, sumac, etc.

Read up on other safety tips while camping in our other post What dangerous things can happen while camping in the wilderness?

Making a campfire

Let’s face it, no tent camp trip is complete without a few campfires.

Of course, if you’re like most parents, you’ll probably think that kids can’t handle fire.

But building a campfire together as a family can be a rewarding experience.

To deprive your children of it would be to deprive them of half the fun of the outdoors.

If you think they shouldn’t be involved in the fire, try to include them in the process.

Ask them to participate and help with easier tasks, such as collecting twigs and logs.

Once you have built the campfire with their help, you can enjoy its warmth.

They’ll love lazing around it and toasting marshmallows and hot dogs on a stick.

Planning the trip

Planning a relaxing camping trip in advance can save you and your family a lot of stress.

Assign a function to each family member so that the group effort ensures that everyone has fun.

Children under three years old

A camping trip poses challenges for children under the age of three.

Most hiking activities such as backpacking, kayaking, an overnight kayak and canoeing are not viable options for them.

No two ways about it, an adult must stay with the children and ensure that none of them are in danger.

Older children

Even if your children are older, you may wonder if they are old enough to enjoy the trip.

Find out if the campground offers any interesting activities for your children whatever their age.

You may need to reserve in advance for certain camping activities for logistical reasons.

There could possibly be a limit on the number of times you can use them or family availability.

These include boats, horseback riding, and fishing licenses.

A little effort here saves you time and effort.

It also helps you to know what you can do to have a good time with your family.

Campgrounds may be situated near a number of small towns.

These too may offer a wide variety of interests and activities for a change of scenery.

The store is a good place to get information

The small town closest to your campsite may have a rich and fascinating history.

That would be a rare treat to discover and add to your experience.

You can opt for a small local museum or a guided tour.

Fun camping activities for families with children: Traveling

Packing books, CDs and DVDs for the trip is a good option that can prevent any fighting between kids.

This way, they are occupied during the trip.

Plan bathroom breaks from time to time for both children and adults.

It gives them a chance to stretch their legs and walk around.

Fun activities aren’t just for kids.

Adults should also enjoy a good moment of relaxation.

Fun camping activities for families with children: Conclusion

We hope that this post has helped you with some practicalities.

As in everything, planning is key, and safety is a priority.

With that settled, go off and have fun!

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