Fun reasons why you should go camping: Benefits

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Below are some really fun reasons why you should go camping, even though you may think it’s totally not your thing!

Fun reasons why you should go camping: Benefits

Advantages include social benefits, flexibility, comfort and better sleeping, traveling, budgets, nature and unwinding.

I used to have a love-hate relationship with camping in tents but these days I love it.

Provided that there is sufficient comfort, of course, to suffer is not the intention.

Fun reasons why you should go camping: Social event

Camping is a social event

That may be the best part of camping.

Before you know it, you’re having a chat with the neighbor

Perhaps you’ll be having a few pints with the neighbors across the street.

Making contact at the campsite is incredibly easy!

Everyone says hello easily and is just so friendly.

If you compare it to other forms of vacation, especially in hotels and resorts, there’s a world of difference.

Flexibility is key

Nothing is required and everything is possible!

You’re basically as free as a bird, especially when you leave with your own gear.

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Going camping means you can start somewhere and then see where you’re going to end up.

If it is nice at a particular campsite you stay a little longer or just travel on.

That feeling of freedom is wonderful!

Be sure to look for a campsite somewhat early in the day because the later you arrive, the lower the odds that there will be a spot available.

It can be quite comfortable

You can purposefully choose to go back to basics.

But it may also be that some degree of comfort and luxury are still important to you.

Especially if it’s your first time camping! Don’t feel like sitting on the floor? Not to worry!

Invest in a comfortable camping chair! Have a look at the best big and tall camping chairs for heavy people.

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And you don’t feel like putting together the right tent poles yourself? No problem either!

There are quite a few interesting solutions for that these days.

You can even find tents you just throw in place and it automatically stands up.

Excellent sleep

People who spend the night at a campground generally sleep well and a lot better than they do at a hotel.

This is mainly due to the fact that a camper has much less exposure to artificial light.

A high level of artificial light causes your internal clock to be pushed back about 2 hours.

So you’ll only get tired later.

Reducing blue light from screens also helps in inducing sleep.

While camping, one does not generally appear to sleep longer but does wake up better rested.

Fun reasons why you should go camping: The sky is the limit

Worldwide camping opportunities

Camping is possible almost anywhere in the world.

The US is blessed with thousands of campgrounds but of course you can just cross the border!

Or you can even vacation to another continent like Europe for camping!

Everything is possible.

If it’s your first time, choose a somewhat upmarket campsite so that the contrast with the facilities at home is not too great.

Camping is fun

You won’t find trendy parties at the campground anytime soon (unless you are staying overnight at the campground of a music festival).

But how fun is it to play a cool board game in the evening by candlelight?

Without technology and digital things, just enjoy life the old-fashioned way together with friends and family.

Fun fact: On a campsite food and drink is usually a lot cheaper than in a restaurant, cafe, pub and club.

Something for every budget

Camping does not require very much from a budget point of view.

That is exactly why camping is so attractive and popular.

No matter how much money you want to spend on your vacation, there is always something that fits your budget.

Campsites with less facilities are a lot cheaper than luxury places that offer swimming pools and a sauna.

The same goes for your accommodation itself: the more luxurious, the more expensive!

Plus, if you bring everything yourself you only pay for your pitch, since you have your accommodation with you.

Ask yourself how many extras you really need and find a combination that suits you.

A campsite with many facilities and a luxurious place to sleep is of course a bit pricier than the basics.

Continuously in nature and the outdoors

Camping provides an exceptional and relaxing connection with Mother Nature.

One important reason to go camping is, of course, a natural environment.

Both at a campsite and during free camping you are surrounded by nature (tip: the nature reserves in Arizona are perfect for wilderness camping).

Spending time in nature leads to feeling happier, more confident and less negative thoughts and anxiety.

Your heart rate, blood pressure and muscle tension drop and so you relax faster.

During a camping vacation, you live outside, so to speak.

With a little luck, you’ll have lots of sunny weather which will get you some Vitamn D.

Vitamin D is good for your muscles, your bones and your immune system.

It also boosts your mood.

The natural environment that a campground provides is not guaranteed with hotels, resorts, apartments and vacation homes.

Campsites can always be found near nature!

It could be on the edge of a lake, forest or river, or you could walk right from your tent onto the beach.

Generally, the nearest village or town is never far away either.

In short, you can enjoy the best of both worlds if you carefully and strategically choose your camping spot and campsite.

Perfect to completely unwind

On vacation and especially when you go camping, you can completely escape from the stressful daily life.

Leave behind the responsibilities of work and home, and you can fully enjoy your camping trip.

What is a relaxing way to travel for whom varies from person to person.

Yet for many people, and even for seniors, camping seems to be the ultimate way to enjoy a vacation.

But why exactly is that? Because camping life is a lot simpler.

The lack of technology plays a big role in this.

Although most campgrounds do have Internet, you won’t take a television with you on a camping trip.

There are fewer technological distractions and therefore more time for other things.

You have more time and attention for the people in your group.

In other words, the ideal conditions to experience quality time in other words!

Because of the relatively primitive life at the campsite, you are also more dependent on each other.

When setting up the tent, cooking and washing up, a helping hand can be very nice!

Moreover, it can forge friendships for life!

Fun reasons why you should go camping: Conclusion

What’s not to like? You can choose between going back to basics and a more upmarket setting.

You can definitely stop worrying about budgets.

You can enjoy nature, and reap all the health benefits from it.

It can be a social setting or just alone with nature.

We’ve tried hard to find a downside but haven’t managed to do so.

Try it out, and feel the stress dropping away!

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