Gaming chair tips for plus-size gamers

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Are you plus-size and do you love gaming in complete peace and comfort? Then the following gaming chair tips will certainly come in handy!

gaming chair tipsSo you’ve finally decided you want to buy a gaming chair. But where to start?

Fret not, dear friend, we’ve got you covered. We know how confusing it can be, so all you have to do is read on.

We’ve done all the legwork so you don’t have to!

We’ll go through what choices are on the market, what features you need to look for, the different brands, and other pointers.

You’ll also get a checklist to use as an evaluation tool. Ready to go? Buckle up! The ride’s about to start!

Gaming chairs tips: What are they and who are they for?

As the song goes, let’s start from the very beginning.

Gaming chairs are specifically designed with the requirements and comfort of gamers in mind.

There has been a lot of thought and work invested in the whole structure of these chairs.

Designers have observed the sitting habits of gamers, their movements, and what the body needs in these circumstances.

In all honesty, despite the moniker ‘ gaming chair’, it’s not just gamers who buy them.

You’ll want to consider this type of chair if you:

  • Work sitting down and want to increase productivity levels
  • Work from home and spend long hours at your desk or table
  • Struggle with back pain
  • Have mobility concerns and need extra assistance when sitting down
  • Invest a lot of time playing games (ahem..obviously)
  • Are simply looking to be extra comfortable!

Fun fact: did you know that the first-ever gaming chairs were developed to act as car simulator seats?

They were meant to imitate sports car seats, with their high, straight backs and thick upholstery.

Over the years, gaming chairs evolved, and the market gives you a much wider choice.

There are loads of gaming chairs that fulfill the requirements of different players.

Attention points when buying a gaming chair

Right. Now you’ve been made aware of the different chairs and brands available, you’re nearly ready to start shopping around.

But before brandishing your credit card, let’s have a talk about the different functions of gaming chairs and what to search for.

We understand you’re raring to go, but we feel that this is important.

It will help you evaluate each chair to ensure that it has the most important gaming chairs features that you need and gives you good value for your cash.

Here are the most crucial things you simply must consider:

What are the recommended height and weight limits?

So many novice gaming chair buyers forget to consider this, it should be a criminal offense.

Folks, it’s absolutely essential to get your first purchase right!

Gaming chairs vary in weight capacity and recommended height limits like you wouldn’t believe.

You absolutely must make sure that yours is appropriate for your own weight and height!

Gaming chairs with the most significant weight capacity are frequently marketed as ‘big and tall’ gaming chairs.

The specifics vary, but the most heavy-duty gaming chairs can support as much as and over 550 lbs of weight.

Take a look at the weight capacity and recommended height before buying.

You want to make sure your measurements fall within the parameters.

This is one of the most important gaming chair tips if you care about value for money and if you would like to enjoy your gaming chair for a long time and in a sustainable way.

What are the measurements?

Frequently ignored are the essential measurements of a gaming chair.

So you really want to make sure that your choice will fit you and accommodate your particular shape.

Some chairs, for example, have narrower seats, which makes them less appropriate for people with larger thighs or bottoms.

Most sellers will list the measurements on their website, on the same page that the chair is being shown, but if you don’t see them you should ask!

You wouldn’t buy clothes without knowing they fit and the same goes for your chair!

Is the gaming chair compatible with your consoles?

For console gaming chairs, compatibility is essential.

Many console gaming chairs integrate seamlessly with your consoles in numerous cool ways.

Some chairs boast USB ports that enable you to charge your controllers from your armrests.

Others have actually surround sound incorporated into the headrest. In other words, you’ll hear the sound from your console right next to your ears.

Some chairs even have motion compatibility functions that make them rock, tilt, turn, shake, and vibrate, depending on your game.

Remember, though, that these sorts of functions will generally come at a premium, so you may not be able to get them if you’re on a tight budget plan.

What material is the gaming chair made of?

Most gaming chairs will be upholstered in PU leather.

Genuine leather is really pricey, and while you can get it, it’s most likely to cause a heft dent in your finances.

PU leather is usually enough for most people’s requirements, so we would advise sticking to that as for great value for cash.

Some chairs are upholstered in synthetic webbing or microfiber too.

Breathability is another factor to take into consideration. Some chairs have breathable mesh upholstery to help with heat dissipation.

The more breathable the upholstery, the comfier and less sweaty you’ll be, so if this is an issue, look for a chair with mesh products.

How good are the armrests?

For PC gamers, armrests are very important indeed.

One of the most important gaming chair tips? You need ergonomic wrist assistance to support your lower wrists and arms as required.

This allows you to react quicker, ultimately enhancing your game.

Many PC video gaming chairs include armrests, but many console gaming chairs do not.

It’s not a cause for concern if you’re trying to find a console gaming chair since you won’t use a keyboard and mouse, so arm support is lesser.

The best armrests are adjustable so that you can fit them to your body and height.

You’ll want to adjust them so that your shoulders are relaxed while your elbow is at a right angle and your arms are supported.

At the very least, armrests should be height adjustable.

Preferably, they’ll also be width adjustable so that you can maximize more wriggle room when you need it.

Some armrests will flip up and out of the way to make it easier to get in and out.

What about the build quality?

You certainly need to consider the quality of the chair structure. The better the quality, the longer your video gaming chair is likely to last.

You really don’t wish to buy a chair that breaks or becomes uncomfortable after a few weeks of use.

Quality and price go hand in hand, so don’t expect too much if you’re seeking to spend as little as possible.

Still, we recommend that you make this one of your main concerns.

High-quality frames will be made of metal, usually durable steel; wood or plastic frames are less likely to hold up well over time.

The base should ideally be broad and made of aluminum.

You should opt for wide wheels: The wider, the better (wheels, in this market, are also known as casters because of their ability to swivel).

And you will really want to consider the cushioning or type of filling.

You certainly don’t want to buy a chair whose seat goes flat after a few months! Mold shaping or cold foam is definitely recommended.

Is the gaming chair ergonomic? Gaming chair tips

Ergonomics are the ultimate essential consideration when buying a gaming chair. But what are ergonomics?

You’re probably sick to death of hearing the word but bear with us.

Simply put, ergonomics is an applied science dedicated to design study so that people and things interact safely and efficiently.

This means that something is created depending on mental and physiological principles which best fit the user.

Therefore, an ergonomic video gaming chair is built around a gamer, and is meant to enhance performance and efficiency.

Even simpler: En ergonomic video gaming chair helps you to maintain proper posture, supports your movements, minimizes back pain, and improves your video gaming response times.

Now that we’ve explained that bit…

How can you know whether a gaming chair is ergonomic?

In other words, how sure are you that your intended purchase helps you maintain proper posture, supports your movements, minimizes back pain, and improves your video gaming response times?

What should a gaming chair have? Any gaming chair that declares to be ergonomic ought to have, at the very least:

A high level of adjustability

You should be able to adjust the seat height, back angle, and armrests to match your body’s measurements.

The more modification possibilities, the better.

Lumbar support

The absolute best video gaming chairs will have adjustable back support to fit the curvature of your spine.

Cheaper chairs will have a lumbar pillow that does the job, albeit in a more basic way.

A high, curved back-rest

This comes with a great deal of upper back and neck support

Tilt lock mechanism

Tilt lock or stress mechanisms to lock your back-rests tilt in place and accommodate various postures.

We could go on forever!

For example, we haven’t mentioned breathable mesh materials, responsive movement, 4D armrests (all adjustable), and more.

But these are usually found on the most expensive models and these could go well beyond your budget.

Other gaming chair tips and ideas for purchasing a great chair

Before we finish this gaming chair tips article, we thought we’d give you some extra tips that you might not find elsewhere and that are rarely considered.

Will it be easy to install?

Some gaming chairs are bought ready, while others need assembly.

You really should consider this factor – you may not want to assemble it yourself or pay someone to do it.

Choose something relatively easy to put together if you’re not great at DIY or just don’t have the patience or time.

What is the warranty on the gaming chair?

Many gaming chairs include a manufacturer’s warranty to cover replacement parts or refund if your chair is faulty.

It’s always a good idea to have a warranty – it will put your mind at rest. Usually, the longer the guarantee, the better the quality.

Consult the reviews from other buyers

If you’re purchasing your chair online, start off by checking the reviews from other buyers.

It’s an excellent and cost-effective way of seeing if you’re getting your money’s worth.

The very best method to get an excellent idea of whether or not a chair deserves the money is to see if other individuals believe it is, so read away!

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